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Let’s Breathe Our Soul


It is your life and knowledge, enriches as you grow older and for most of the cases, wiser!

You grows across years, ages, eras, decades….. leap years. You feel the changes while your brain and behavior absorbs them! You learn how to earn a life and your ego pays your attitude!

Finally, we know few things of human life but most of the basics or ground level rules!

Lots of Aantlamo! If you are not Bengali, ‘Aantlamo’ is a unique acting quality of every human being helps you to pretend someone else, who actually is not the same from your inner life insights. Personality disguise! In simple words, Amir Khan!

No matter, what the context is, his PR team starts promoting “Satyameva Jayate!” They forget about “Incredible India!”.

What might a Non-Bollywood Follower can think? who never watched Lagaan, Darsheel Safary, Karishma Kapoor’s lips, Amir Khan’s radio fashion and many others comes in your mind… The man, who is scared about Indian fury is promoting India!

Thanks to the number of Twitter Addict Bollywood Fans, keep remembering him so many times.

For Bollywood, Twitter is a huge Investment scope! In India, people care more about Bollywood rumors than a national cause. This is how the trending page in India looks like:



We Love You Salman




4 Years Of Parineeti Chopra

9 Days For Dilwale

Love can be unconditional, but ‘Birthday Month’! Really!! Even Indian Gods have max two days reserved for the occasion. These are actually in the list of most tweeted topics in India. People in India are not celebrity influenced, they are celebrity effected!

Surprisingly these twitter users don’t change.

So when, in few days, Delhi is going to experience a different practice (Yes! #OddEvenRule) and more than half population according to a survey report is against the rule implication… Surprisingly social media is not that concerned about air pollution, new adjustments to be done, special issues and routes, Govt priorities, car pull, Special announcement from Ola and Uber on rate cutting during the pilot project to help a global cause named “Environment”, so-called social media activists are not trying to cheer up or unite Delhi people to give this initiative a chance.

Actually People are getting bored of all these political dramas. Modi started ‘Swatch Bharat’ and now the situation is, if you need a place to dispose your plastic bottle, you need to turn on your GPS and search the dustbin locator! Or keep walking next two to three kilometer, you can certainly find one bin for public use.

Mr. Kejriwal, it’s January and people are good with walking few extra miles. How Delhi will struggle with over-tempered sun of May-April? Ok! I guess, we have enough time to re-implement the public transport system accordingly.

Come on Delhi people! You have gained enough knowledge and we can do it. For the shake of our city. Let’s breathe our soul.


Hilarious World Records Ever on Guinness Book

In sports, there is a very common line, “Records are meant to be broken”. What if, the records are just to get recorded? Guinness Book of World Record has few hilarious world records listed on their page. Sometimes, you can think… Really? Is this something to try a record? I know a person who can smoke 10 cigarets on a same time. He should apply for one! No matter, it causes cancer, but before dying he will have a world record with him. I don’t know if the committee  will pay for his cancer treatment or not!

Lets check out few Guinness Book Records listed on the official website:

ImageReally, this is a record? Oh! people should practice this at home. The recycling process can be easier for the packing companies!

ImageIf this happens in India, we must call him a lucky person. Someone can say, oh this man is so irritating that God also don’t want him in heaven! Why don’t you try once. The record maker is from Germany! He may have a great passion about Cars. But! this way? Any Indian can cross the number. I think, most car density on road, is Delhi’s record.

ImageReally! In India, more than 65 DB! Purring isn’t the sole domain of domestic cats. Some wild cats and their near relatives – civets, genets, mongooses – also purr. Even hyenas, guinea pigs, and raccoons can purr. Leave everything, take the cat… If an Indian domestic cat can beat the record, next day, morning every news paper will have cat’s diet chart!

ImageApproximately 6.7 cm (2.63 in.) in diameter for a normal tennis ball! Total is more than a Baby-head! Can you imagine! Take this dog to a golf course. He can collect more than you can actually make strikes.

ImageI am sure, the pizza was awesome. Even someone ate the pics of that Pizza! I am sure the Pizza base was made by Tom Monaghan with the special formula he invented after he joined United States Marine Corps.

ImageSimon, you are wasting your talent in Germany, come to India, We have more straws!

ImageNice! Ohhh! She is looking damn hot! Come to my birthday party, I will have more balloons for you!

ImageIf you do this one more time, Istanbul will be the next investment destination for Amul! The new tagline will be, ‘From Eyes, Direct to your Glass!’






Promise, Nomination, Election and ….. “Babaji ki Thullu”



Politics was a topic of debate when I was a high-school student. ‘Should a student join politics?’. The more we spoke, the less we had knowledge about this particular topic. In those 2000-2005, for a report card focused teenager, politics was just front page coverage in news paper. I went to college, met new people and started searching my own world among them. Everyday life become more limited and suddenly I discovered, politics is the repetition of same headlines and promises. Same agenda again and again. Same people so many times and the same rate of inflation over the years! Politics became a waste of time for me. 

During post graduation, Politics seemed to be a form of corruption and a face-strategy to face all the problems. I thought it negative, because, I never got any interest; I was never interested, because, I never saw any hope with politics! Neither with the white dressed politicians. Every time the politicians are the most foolish people, who don’t know how to discuss over a topic in an organized way. The most disobedient students in their school, because after so many years they still don’t know the class room manners and always create a mesh in The House of People.

If you regularly follow the Loksabha Television, you don’t need to watch ‘comedy nights with Kapil’. Illiterates!


The Kejriwal Trend is definitely an awesome move to solve the decade old problem of India Politics. Few things have been added up to Indian Politics. 49 days or some failed promises, whatever you say, Aam Aadmi Party introduced few essentials in Indian politics.

1: Higher Qualifications: Being an IIT pass-out Kejriwal initially gathered an educated society to Indian politics.

2: Professional Mixes: Indian politicians are majorly lawyers, economists, under qualified people and Actors. Now we have media persons, Engineers, Management professionals and many more. These people will lead the India now. I think the economists in parliament are the most failure people; they had no idea about R&D and technical aspects of a nation and failure to secure the economic problems.

3: Aam Aadmi: AAP enhanced the involvement of common people in Indian politics.

4: Transparency: Visible initiatives, on-time information and availability of politicians to answer queries and answers.

5: Youth: Congress initiated the youth initiatives, AAP made that possible. More young people more fresh ideas.

6: Corporate world: AAP has a magic. It pulled the crowed. Many corporate people joined AAP just to contribute to the society, even my boss who never had any interest in Indian politics.

7: One days Branding: This was never happened in Indian history. We experienced Nano to be a brand even before launching, Flip kart took few months to become the more strong online brand. 2 days to create a mass awareness and public participation for #coolestinterviewever. AAP proved if your mission is trustworthy and vision is truthful, Indian people will make you to reach the goal.

AAP is not a buzz. Better we call it a practice. Because people are adopting this style everyday. CII, Mr. Bajaj and many people like me are still waiting for the practice to be nationalized.  

Aam Aadmi Party: Mermaid or Mirage?


Before getting into the main discussion, I want to put a relevant example. The story of political changes in West Bengal. If AAP’s story has the maximum media coverage ever counted in Indian Political history, evolution of Bengal’s politics, is the second one.

After Congress, CPI(M) was the one and only power across West Bengal. I can remember a wall-posting very prominent in my town of childhood, “A better CPI(M) is the only substitute for CPI(M)!” It was a shocking statement for everyone! A fear was there always; everyone was communists and no trace of other parties! No hope and no scope! Communists were controlling under gunpoint or by police.

Newspapers had only news about rape, murder, loot!! 

Everyone was a communist party follower! You have to be!!

Now, Mamata has changed the color of West Bengal Politics. I respect her determination power. Definitely she is a brave and kind lady. The change was very clear. Maoists stopped, Gorkhaland was peaceful. People stared dreaming Kolkata to be turned into London! That color changing night was brighter than a sunny day.

It was a Mirage. The color was changed only. After few months, local established leaders joined TMC and got the power immediately as they already had a political and crowed controlling experience. Now it’s hard to find any communist in Bengal. I hope my child will feel the same fear seeing a post on another wall “A Better TMC is the only substitute for TMC!”




Let’s check AAP! AAP achieved the same within 1 year, which took TMC almost 10 years! New CM with a changed logo in Delhi. Here we present AAM AADMI PARTY, sponsored by Congress and title sponsored by Anna Hazare!

Within a month, Delhi has seen, LPG price rise, Binni-protest and some immature steps like darbar and all. Anti-corruption helpline number has been provided and no coverage on any more corruption! Suddenly everyone in Delhi stopped taking bribes! No result! I don’t know anyone from my circle who ever called the number or know such person who complained! Do you even have the number saved in your mobile? Failed project!

Its not more than one month! AAP has all the power and I can’t understand why they are still preferring hunger strike rather using their absolute power and control of governmental facilities. A same tendency of exposing every smaller initiative to the media, just like what TMC did. Even unsuccessful industry meetings were broadcast-ed ignoring the final outcome. Today you are fighting with a police officer in-front of media. Dear CM, you know all these things. People knows how a policeman behaves and reacts to such common social issues.

Being such young in the political landscape, people had chosen you to be the CM because they have a minimum faith on you. Please stop these Darwars and mass involvement. If a policeman is not listening to you, you are not able to control such govt bodies.

Deshraj Raghav, Vishesh Ravi- some wrong selections already focused by media.

Don’t worry, India always gives time. AAP will have this facility too. In the mean time, please do the needful.



1885 to till date: The journey of Indian national congress has experienced the maximum ups and downs in India. It is the oldest political party operating successfully in India till now

1980 to till date: Bharatiya Janta Party successfully had a dream run across the country under many successful political leaders.


Now today if we remember the two above names, the first thing came into mind is the faces of leaders or few political cases, scandals. Coming to point, these older parties have left few symbols and incidents in common people’s mind.

Repeated scandals (CWG, Coal, 2G etc. etc.), inflation, lower GDP growth, poor job market secured the exit of Congress. In 2013, Assembly Election Results BJP was definitely a strong Jack especially after Modi’s nomination. Indian educated society was more interested to put Modi on national platform. Few weeks before the election, BJP was forced to bring Modi on the leading position.

When I am writing the article, as per the latest trends at 1.05 pm, out of the total 70 seats, the BJP is ahead in 33 seats, the AAP in 27 seats, Congress in just 8 seats and others in 2.

Congress is a complete failure in Delhi for sure and BJP, with major going to lead the capital. All the flash lights are on AAP. One year old Party has resulted the best ever possible in Indian history. No polls, no estimations reached the numbers and the party did all alone. How??

Aam Admi Party is an example of a successful brand. That launched with a buzz and sold out overnight like an Apple’s latest product. Take a look:


1: Clear Mission: To reach people in a proper way a newly introduced organization always need a strong mission.  Anti-corruption is the wave AAP reached every people of India with a clear and prominent message.

2: A Perfect launch: Anna’s movement was the front page coverage of every media. Maximum online engagement and India Gate crowed was the central attention of the world. Nothing could be a better launching platform than AAP.

3: Muslim Vote: “With Muslims forming 11 percent of electoral population in the national capital, any party eyeing the Delhi assembly, cannot ignore the community in the run-up to the November 2013 election. Muslims can influence election results in around eight of 70 assembly seats in Delhi. Muslims comprise 35-40 percent of the electorate in three seats in central Delhi and five in East Delhi.”

After Congress, AAP was their first choice. BJP has a Hindu identity, in-general Muslim community don’t like.

4: Educated and Young: With the maximum youth population, India has nothing to dream something new except AAP, where the major leaders are young. The movement for young and educated leaders had started many years ago. AAP is first prominent outcome of that effort.

5: Promotion tools and strategies: Ann’s Gandhi cap, Auto-rickshaw covers almost everyone has seen in Delhi. Metro stations, college campus areas were the completely covered by AAP campaigns. Recorded voice messages were perfectly distributed across all Delhights.

Yes! The second scorer of today’s Delhi, AAP; all the best! India is dreaming again, a new dream for a corruption free country, easy life and excellent growth. 

‘We are happy!’… A Daily Passenger


Somebody told me, when I was sweating in a over-crowded public bus, runs between Delhi and Noida. I knew the man for last 10 months and didn’t knew his name. We never asked. All the connection with him was a bus that runs on a scheduled time through a scheduled route. Not only the speaker, I knew every person who use that particular transport to reach their office every morning. They are the daily passengers and surprisingly these people use the same part of the bus.

That old mustached person, I found him sitting on the back-seats for last 10 months! May be the fake-leather cover has been reshaped by his weight. That sharp-eyed guy with long hair, I have seen him standing just beside the seats, reserved for ladies. It is the same scenario every morning. We all are going to the office, to earn few bucks, to have some fun! Few people are sleeping, at-least maximum of them who usually managed to have a comfortable seat, sleeps and the person standing beside him, try to pass the pressure of crowd to the sitting one! This is okay for everyone and the conductor is pushing the passenger in-front of him, while collecting the fare.

Here is the difference between a product and a service ‘the feelings of ownership’. If you are Imageusing a same-company product for your entire life, you can consider yourself as a brand-loyal person, but when you are using a service everyday for one year or more than that, you can feel the ownership more for every purchase. So, ‘My bus’.

Haan! have you ever noticed the changes in the mindset between an office goer and home returning person?

The same person, while going to the office is more concerned about himself and busy taking calls from boss or higher management, but after a day’s work, the same person allows an older person to share his seat! I have noticed the same type of openness from ladies also. They just try to enjoy the journey-period to home. It may be for 5 minutes or an hour,  people always have a tendency to share and feel the happiness. Less calls, stressed out people. Older people used to take a deep power-nap before reaching home. May be they have some more surprises waiting at home! Specially the group from same office, increase the intimacy. They share jokes to make everyone laugh. They refresh themselves with others. This time, they remember small incidents of the day and they smile.

They are Happy. The man told me, when I asked, ‘How are you?’ this evening.

Delhi Govt. a failure. Not the People

What more you can do with this Govt?

Incident: 1

A girl, gang raped, Injured. People reached their Media covered every poster. Social Media pages became over crowded. My neighbour, and old ‘Dadi’ who can not hear properly, asked, ‘Beta, how is that girl now? Is she still alive?’ and the coolest Delhi people, talking with semi-known, unknown co-passengers about the incident and protests.

Police, used tear gas, lathi-charged, Stopped the normal way to reach India Gate, closed ImageMetro station and now on TV, Blaming Media that Media is not assisting Govt and is not enough mature to handle such cases! Ohh! great….

No leader dared to give any statement and just excusing the Constitution-the Indian Rule Book, written many years ago. When people never imagined such brutal situations and the effectiveness of Social and more social media and may be never imagined such slow judicial policies! Dr. Ambedkar written it in a nice way, may be this rules guided the India to today’s moment! But this should have a life. There was a mistake, people forgot to draw a timeline with this rule-book. Indian Constitution should be re-written or modified for some special cases. 

Day-by-day increasing corruptions and violence need some strictness to be controlled. Interpretation and miss-interpretation are common when a fact is being discussed in public, Govt, can not charge any professionals for this incident. How dare they? when they are not able to punish few criminals. India has a special soft corner for criminals. Kasav!

Delhiites are just awesome, they are doing the best for their side. Comments on internet, causes, attending protests and managing teargas and lathi-charge.. 

‘Main Anna Hun’- was not possible without these people.

Each-time  Delhiites had shown their unity and willingness, not the Govt! 

Now, change this system. Delhi may need a ‘Shiv Sena’ in a active role!


Incident: 2

South Delhi to Noida. The road and Yammuna Bridge that connects Noida sector 37 and Kalindi-Kunj was a problem for passengers previously. Less number of DTC buses, over-crowded private buses and jam are the most common factors. Now blocked due to maintenance of the bridge on Yamuna river.

Result? The communication between south Delhi and Noida-Greater Noida has been disrupted totally. No transport. Only private cars are managed to pass! Why no public transport? Noida Phase II, Noida SEZ, Sector 37.. you can see huge crowed and over-crowded buses sometimes. Suggested Ashram route is over populated, costly and time taking for people based in Faridabad, Badarpur, Sarita Vihar. I travel this way and just able to manage my office timing by walking a long distance from Sector 37 to Sarita Vihar. ImageSometimes you are lucky enough to get an extra-charging auto to manage your peaceful journey to home. Nice Christmas gift for people! I was accompanied by so many people, ladies and girls! walking to reach their room safely. They are not complaining, just wanted to reach home as soon as they can! 

Delhi, anyone can demand the fast life anytime. You have one of the most expensive office places, world’s best company offices and one of the highest petrol price! Now, what you are going to give these walking-working class people in return? The same crowed I used to watch, sleeping after a working day, sleeping because they know, they have to spend time with their family after returning home or have to cook food! Four days! two working days has been passed, till now Govt is not able to settle few buses on road to serve the people. Who knows, after 9 AM their office entry will be closed and after 9 PM their family will go to sleep! So, walk. Govt. can’t help you, help yourself. 

PETITION: Delhi Bus Gangrape Case.Demanding Death Penalty

PETITION: delhi bus gangrape case.Demanding death penalty

Your voice, your values, your life and your society..

Make yourself

the girl was a normal 23 year old.

Join this page to create an environment to reduce crime in India.

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