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70th I-Day : India Must Consider Few Steps For A Sustainable Growth

India-PakistanFrom my childhood, whenever I read history, I realized one thing about nations across the world that every country needs time to grow and glow after their independence. Look at USA, they have got almost 240 years to reach the stage where they are today. I am not saying this, all my history books said all these things to my childhood. And, it also said that India is just a younger child of the independent country corridor.

The question is, should we speak the same thing again? Today when India is celebrating its 70th Independence Day, it seems a bit logical to take this few steps ahead towards sustainable growth of India. This should be the hot-cake of today’s India to discuss over a cup of coffee/Tea/Beer. Mr. PM, my request to implement few things.

  1. Solve Indo-Pak Issues via Industrialization and Business Relationships: Pakistan is well aware about their economic condition and well aware about India’s political and economical progress. So, what if India enter via business route, India will have a good market and also spending on defense will decrease further.
  2. Open-up Govt sponsored entrepreneurial cells in every top-grade colleges and region wise let the cells control region-wise schools and colleges to encourage small initiatives with a proper guidance and financial help.
  3. Introduce low-price smart phones and 1 GB 3G/4G data free or first 1 GB data @50 INR for each connection. So that basic need of Internet can be fulfilled for every user. Think about it! this can equally penetrate the smart phone market with Internet users. If possible, tie-up with Google/FB/Amazon/Snapdeal

I would like to hear back from you. Please comment your thoughts here..


India: The Name of New Hope

USA took so many years after their Independence to reach where they are now. Five years back, when I knew the concept of BRICKS Countries and their future in 2050, It seemed to me a bit impossible for few countries including India.

We Indians know, how an Airbus carrying few Taliban people and can crash the world financial condition. We have even experienced how an USA Bank went bankrupted and we got jammed into a 4 long year of job uncertainty.
We definitely had the power to get back to the British people, ‘call my secretary, if you need some money..’

Everybody says, India has no hope, go to states or EU. You can have the best version of your life. It still is, but before 2050 , India is going to have the major part of economic control and decision making power in International arena.

The main source of Indian income can be the service industry, it definitely stands for the excellence of our service quality. Satya Nedula, Sundar Pichai are the Olympic gold medals. Today we have people, who can lead the world if someone give them the opportunities to culture their expertise and develop leadership.

Few days later, we are gonna celebrate our 69th Independence day and today if I look at India, I recognize it as a land of possibilities. More than 50 percent untapped market, sustainable international relationship, young country and growing demand for business startups. Looks progressive and sounds rational.
I want to thank all the Indians for being a part of this historic time of sustainable growth and economic reliability. This 15th Aug, we are going to sleep with a confidence, tomorrow is gonna be better anyway.

The Achhe Din is all an inspiration. We all are moving towards the top of the graph.

Mr. Delhiwal and Business of Politics

aap-supporters-lThe Good News was, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal won the Delhi Election for the second time and got a huge majority, erasing all the past images of U-turn and major failure of the Loksabha Election. We thought it will be far better than the previous. Alteast CM stands for the common man! So we started to look for probable solutions for every problem via a common man’s way and thought, ok! It looks great! Go for Kejriwal.

Dilliwalon! You are just fabulous! People over here have excess money. Most of them donate a thousand bucks weekly to the religious organizations, they pay average two thousand rupees per person just to enter a late night dance bar, purchase an extra BMW/Audi just for show off! So when a highly educated common man begged the chair of CM, they considered it to give it too.

Delhi have an unconditional love for IITians as they have them in very few number. Most of the IITians are in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, USA or they are on YouTube.

Normally a Delhi student, go for a commerce graduation, continue with masters in commerce or MBA and end up with the family business. Their LinkedIn profile subheaders sound like, “International Business Professional”, “CEO of Chopra Group”, ‘MD-Dhingra Properties’ and the very next day of their swearing in the business, they publish an advertisement on Times Classified page, “Personal Assistant needed, Female, Salary 50-70K, Fresher can apply, Candidate must be beautiful and open minded, please send your Full-size photograph, CV and family details to apply at Surprisingly the most part of traditional Delhi business in done by Chartered Accountants. The young and dynamic businessmen need a hot and sexy personal assistant to attend client parties and events or they push the fresher lady for high-end account management. When these people send their PA for account handling, they never forget to leave a personal note, “I am giving you one lakh per month including all the perks, you need to bring the business of min 2 Crores per month, otherwise, we have to go to Manali to meet an old client.”

Rest of the Delhi people complete their B Com and open a franchise, purchase an executive MBA certificate from some high-end premium B-School, on the second header of the LinkedIn profile, they mention, “Entrepreneur”.

My point is, these people; who stand for 75% of our national capital’s financials are getting tripled the return on investment of India’s most premium political drama. They invested heavy on AAP prior to the election and screwed it.

So far, what Mr. Kejriwal gave to Delhi? He made all the policeman and Govt. officials highly tech savvy. Today ever policeman or Govt employees repeatedly check a person, if he is carrying any hidden electronic device, before taking a bribe. No Audio or Video recording is allowed inside or outside the office. They keep ever update on a security camera to Google glasses, and already enrolled for ADT’s Online Security classes and registered for their newsletters.

I wonder, Mr Kejriwal, what might happen if you fight an election from Patna. “Haath Sasura, Eh IIT walon ke vastab gyan nehi hota. Inko sirf computer main kutur kutur karna hi ata hain. Mishra ka bete ko hi dekhlo, saadi bhi kia hain toh ladki ke haat ki nakhun teda hain. Inse raajneeti nehi ho payega.” (Damn the IIT people, they only love to work on computers. See Mishra’s son, he got married a girl with defective nails. They can’t run politics.)

That is a different case, they thought a primary school student can run politics better.

The bad news is, Kejriwal blocked all the possible ways for common people to join politics actively. They just can write a blog.

Practical Jokes on #AAPSweep #DelhiElection

Something new happened, and people will not make fun of it? AAP’s historical wining and BJP’s under-performance kept the social media boozed.  Here are few fresh spoofs on the victory and after effect: Some one truly said, ‘there is nothing fixed in Love, Politics and Stock Market. 15838



















Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Funny Cartoon HD Best Wallpapers






Suggestions to Kejriwal

Congratulations from bottom of my heart Mr. Kejriwal. You did it! You proved it! You are the star! You just set a next level of my least understood game of life, Politics! Congratulations!

You came out from a normal family and life back-ground, took few important stands, collected funds, connected people and won the heavy battle against all the odds and experienced politicians! You set an example, if you have guts to point the truth, people will keep you in their hearts!

Politics is not a ‘Babu’s evening special wine or editor’s special column’ any more. Thank you for making this simplified. Politics is an urge to help people, in their need. Politics is something we are aware of it. An IIT student, can make this simpler only. Well done!

BUT!! Defeating Congress(Sinking hand) and defeating BJP(All in all in India) are not the same thing. We know that, you know that. First time in the history of India, two major contenders, were people’s choice and I am sure, People in Delhi gave it a second thought, ‘whom should I vote?’ The one I like more or the second one, whom I admire most? It is definitely a good sign, for Indian political history.

Dear CM-Delhi, don’t forget your promises. Do you think, people voted you cause you have done a lot great things for Delhi in you first 49 days? No, right? It is all your promises from manifesto. It’s time to keep your words! I am scared, how you are going to keep all these actually! God bless your good wishes!

And if not, I have collected a bunch of excuses:


CM = Common Man


Congrats on your historical victory.. once more. Lets here it from all of you.. ‘5 Saal Kejriwal’..

The Face of US Media: On #RDayWithObama

I was just checking the US editions for 26th Jan 2015. Here I got the top three front pages, on Obama visit to India on Republic Day. Really excited on such positive response on US media.Lots of love for Obama from India. Here are the Headlines from The New York Times, USA Today & Wall Street Journal (Asia Edition), NYT

USA Today


India: Change For A #BetterDemocracy


“Nana Bhasha Nana Mat/ Nana Paridhan/ Bibidher Majhe Dakho/ Milano Mahan.” (“We have diverse languages. We have pluralistic views. We have diverse attires but we offer unity in diversity.”)

Hundred years ago, D L Roy described India and we are still working on that unity. Today we are talking about Better Democracy and for 95% Indian, democracy means only the power of voting. Ask a chayewala, what is democracy? Ask anyone. Ask Google. Your search starts like this, ‘a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives!’ Nice! Now we know enough about Democracy. Otherwise we cannot start talking about better democracy! If Governance is by the people, for the people; until the common people involvement is at a higher rate with more process clarity, the system is not ‘of the people’ any more.

Taking on a current issue: Prime minister quoted, the original list of black money holders was never published anywhere. My bad, this should sounds like, ‘all the previous party representatives published an edited list! Either the previous list was a blunder or this time it will be!’

Exactly where is the problem?

Problem 1: We don’t know what the problem is

We join campaigns, we clap, we vote, we celebrate the results and go to sleep like other days. We don’t know our post-election duties. We don’t know rules, laws and policies! Somebody kept those matters for a particular society and we are blindfolded. An Indian can solve a harder mathematics within 14 seconds but Indian law take 14 months to hang Ajmal Kasab.

Know your rights! India should include law as a compulsory subject even in school-curriculum. What about a new subject like, ‘Indian Law and Policies’? To solve a problem, we need to know the problems.

Problem 2:  We have pluralistic views and 1759 parties

In USA the number is 2! So many representatives and so many type of responses. Sometimes a party can win with 15% of total vote! Think once, with 15% support, a party can win an election! Who cares about those 85% people tried to make #BetterDemocracy or not?

Central Govt should use post offices to expand their reach to common people, so there will be no need of any regional parties to solve issues like Telengana in future or they will not sell their candidates for huge profit margin.

Problem 3: Indian Vote Bank and power of arms, money and liquor

Still in many areas of India, these relations are still strong enough, so that people can’t decide, they will vote for their life, addiction, or #BetterDemocracy! Bahubali and criminal factors are still much prominent in Bihar, UP and many other states.

Problem 4: Media plays

Regional Media is in general a biased medium to communicate people. On different scam and bill issues media just put on few facts and the proper information flow to the readers are missing. India has maximum newspaper reader in the world doesn’t mean ever media will have a different version of a critical coverage.

These are few social issues resulting negatively to democracy. Creating awareness is obviously a good start to transform this system into a bigger and better one. Opinia 360 came up with their innovative opinion sharing mobile app which will definitely help collecting the people’s voice to create a transparent platform for #BetterDemocracy.

#BlackMoneyHolder: ‘Black Money’ is Not ‘Back Money’


Wake up India. Supreme Court, ordered the Modi Govt to disclose all the names in Black Money List! Last night you went to sleep with a doubt, if current govt is going to publish the list or not? If they reveal the full list, what will be the next scenario?

Definitely, there will be people from current Govt and people from past power and super-powers.. dead or alive! Modi Govt will declare the names and it will come as a shock to us! Oh! that man! he too?

Most popular discussions will sound like, ‘Look! I told you na! That lady… Lots of money! all black!’ 

Cartoonists will have a low investment-high profit discussion points, coz these cartoons don’t need color printing! all black! Kejriwal will gear-up for Delhi Election one more time… “BJP koi dudh ka dhula hua party nehi hain (BJP too a corrupted party).. otherwise why Mr. X, Mr. Y ….Mr. Z and Mrs. R are in the cabinet?” 


And BJP can’t claim, can’t blame… If you have dust in your hand, you can not clean a white paper just by rubbing on it! Their PR team will focus more on some other upcoming projects like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan majorly focusing on Narendra Modi! Everybody knows, Modi cannot have a Swiss Account! Gujarati people don’t like that.

Congress! they are in the silent mode for last few months. They have nothing to say actually and will remain silent. Rahul Gandhi! where is Rahul Gandhi? India needs him on TV.. Indian are getting bored with Comedy Nights with Kapil. We really need his exclusive interview on Black Money issues on Frankly Speaking. It will be a really fun!

Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Robert Bhadra everybody with an international account! Rahul Gandhi, it is a fantastic time for you to launch your own party “Chota Bheem Party(CBP)”. Start your own venture! Modi Sarkar is giving you 5 years of tax relief! Best time! Buddy!

Lalu Prasad should be in jail again and Rabri Devi must cry on national TV, “Hamara Paisa, Hamara Paisa sare leke gaye.. Kitne mehanat se kamaya tha Teja ka papa” (Every rupee they took away). 

Mamata Banerjee should focus on Chandan Basu’s account. You don’t know? Chandan Basu..Jyoti Basu’s son. Yes, buddy! A few decades ago, Mamata Banerjee claimed Chandan Basu has a huge black money. Now didi will start tagging people. ‘I said it right. Even Anil Basu. though his name is not on the list, he too has black money.’

I hope Jayalalitha’s name is not on the list. South Indians keeps there money in the form of gold, they don’t prefer it in Dollar or Euros! Secondly, she is already in Jail, what more Indian law and politics can do with her!

Enough of this fun now! If you find, the person you supported in the last election too have a Black Account, what you will do? Do you have a solution for that? If you find, among the people sitting in the cabinet, 50% have black money? Is the to be exploded bomb in a list format can change your perceptions to the Govt? or after reading this blog, you will just realize, “Sab Sala Chor Hain ( Everybody is corrupted)”. India need that amount right? It will reach India shortly. What Govt should do with that? Or what are the steps Govt need to take, to prevent the black money issues?

What about the people from the list? Whatever Court do with them, let them do… Just remember, for last 3 years you are just planning to buy a new Car or a new house, your salary is not enough to lead a happy family and all the financial restrictions you face between a buying decision are for those people, Make a note of that! Promote those names, put their pics and tag their relatives, fans, and followers.

We definitely don’t let our next generation to face the same issue. Right?

New Modi Cabinet has an ‘Apple Face’?

ImageMerging is a widely accepted corporate strategy for companies, those aim a faster growth in financial terms and market share. When merging is in Govt system, we call it a Modi Governance of promised excellence! A cabinet of 45 is going to implement a proven successful corporate governance structure in the Government! My belief, this is not the final number. The total number of cabinets can be 50-55, though the basic structure implemented by Modi is just a moderated version of his Gujarat Model. Smaller cabinet and better governance! This theory is much advanced and appropriate than Manmohan’s “Group of Minister Mechanism ((GoM)”.
Let me explain,
Centralization of Power: Less number of cabinet ministers means the power is centralized in the team. If the number increase by 10, doesn’t matter, the new model is centralizing the power of authority. This comes with a very positive phrase, “Leadership Focused Management” which may lead to a drastic change for any organization. Few things, those counts in such system I want to count on those factors too,
  • It makes life easier for the people inside the system.
  • The system don’t need more discussions, normally Indian Govt is famous for long time discussions in various issues. Coz the decision making power is with dept head or seniors. The system will be quick and can take the country on a fast-track development.
  • Involvement of Senior Executives: This is more effective than GoM mechanism. Less number of top management and more talented
  • Clear-cut and to the point model.
  • Less Error.
  • More Visibility across the process.
  • Less operational Cost and Time.
The details are available on web though the structure is not prominent yet! It seems the structure is going to be something like this:
ImageReally? Yes! this structure is justifying few things.
  1. Less Cabinet Member
  2. Merger among departments
  3. Centralized Leadership focused.
  4. Single window clearance
Surprisingly the structure resembles with a historic management structure of Apple.
ImageHistory knows the successful implementation of the structure and the performance of the organization. Modi did not tried to make the new governance structure a bit flexible.
Modi is going to rule the system and Jobs was known for his dictator characteristics. So, sometimes, this structure can confuse the end users of the system. This model can be successful ever a country can expect till Modi is with his development focused intentions and after Modi, this structure will be abolished! Anyone can not handle this structure. So, till the time Modi is leading or representing India, let us expect a fast-track Govt on the highway of development.

7 Career Options for Sonia Gandhi

Chef: Sonia Gandhi is a passionate cook. She can start her own restaurant chain. From Pizza to Pasta, the former house wife can put the most of her efforts with a royal touch!


B-School Professor: A failure knows the rules to reach success more than the successful person. When the successful person failed, the experience is more valuable for any Management student. She can deliver good lectures on Leadership, Internal politics, business laws and ethics!

ImageTranslator: She knows so many languages! She can speak nine languages including French and German. So! She has good career aspects as language expert.

ImageArt-Expert and Trader: Very few people know, she has done a course in art restoration and paintings.

ImageBoutique Shop: She keeps a great passion on handloom saris and boutiques. So, in sort, an Italian store with Indian style. Great!

ImageJoining an Embassy: I think, Modi Govt. should think about appointing her, especially in Italy. Sonia Gandhi is found of Coffee and the biggest buyer of Indian Coffee is Italy. Definitely it can boost the coffee exports.

ImageBrand Ambassador for Rahul’s Women Empowerment Project: The need of a baby, only a mother can understand better.


So Sorry: Sala Main Toh Sahib Ban Gaya Ft. Modi, Advani

Check out Modi , Advani and BJP leaders celebrating the historic Victory

So Sorry: Meri Maa Ft. Rahul Gandhi

Watch the funny video here. Political news is kind of monotonous if I consider a common people like me, easily get bored with the panel of speakers fighting on baseless points 24 hours. So Sorry, make this more easy, funny and summery based sometimes and make me more attentive towards the current issues.

Check out the latest creative note of Aj Tak(So Sorry) on the great defeat of Congress Party

#AaRahiHaiModiSarkar: A Happy & Hopeful India


16th May 2014. So many good things in India and positive vibes across India. Lets taste some positiveness on the very special day. People are excited and expecting a exponentially positive booster to Indian Economy. Today I noticed all the office boys, data-entry people, managers, executives are happy about the result. Even my mom, who never talked about politics, called me up to express her excitement about the new Govt! The Chayewala near my office building with a smiley face, “Aur Sir, Modi Ji Jeet Gaye Hain”.

Facebook, Twitter are only flashing one name, “Modi”

One of my friend posted, “Har Har Modi.. Ghar Ghar Modi.” another one I liked, “I took an Off to Support My Modi. Go Modi , GO India”


And, What about me? I am very happy. I am feeling like I can see the road to success and I can feel the speed, Modi is going to lead us to reach there. My last request to Modi Ji,

Dear MODI Ji
In your quest and eagerness to replicate Gujarat model….
Please do not make India a dry nation.
I cannot drive to neighboring countries



Rakhi Sawant on Election Troll

I know, few Sawants, who love to be flop. Rakhi Sawant. After 3 rounds of counting in Mumbai North West, Rakhi Sawant gets 15 votes. Apparently Rakhi Sawant got less votes than total no. of Teeth in her loud mouth. She is becoming a brand of India that fails again and again but never lose hope. Lets Check what people are saying about her.



Still she is trending. Wah! Social Media… Have Fun!

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