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Sorry for the Delay!

This feels odd! When there was no one, you were one of them, continuously trying to write down your ideas thinking this will definitely attract new people to read more blogs and especially your blogs! I started writing blogs when internet penetration in India was 8% and now when the pointer is above 20% I feel not so energetic to write down a nice blog after doing a proper research!

Why so?

The Internet is full of shit: Nowadays Internet is behaving like this. I don’t know how many of you seen latest viral video from Dhinchak Puja. “Maine Selfie leli hain” I can’t believe this video actually trending for 3 days. I can’t remember the name of another video, but it was about ‘how to reduce you belly fat by just drinking a homemade juice.’ and this was a repetitive narration of a less confident guy and the first comment under the video was like “Kaise Bhai Kaise!! Youtube trending pe 2 number pe kaise! Biswas uthgaya mera youtube viewers se.” (how this video can be on trending 2? Lost faith on youtube viewers). I signed off from the internet that day after like the comment!

Reliance and Airtel on a tough fight, how much data they can give consumers for free or at a fixed rental. I would say, they also need to focus on such content qualities. We like net nutrality but don’t like anyone to fart on social media!

Like this one!


Let’s Breathe Our Soul


It is your life and knowledge, enriches as you grow older and for most of the cases, wiser!

You grows across years, ages, eras, decades….. leap years. You feel the changes while your brain and behavior absorbs them! You learn how to earn a life and your ego pays your attitude!

Finally, we know few things of human life but most of the basics or ground level rules!

Lots of Aantlamo! If you are not Bengali, ‘Aantlamo’ is a unique acting quality of every human being helps you to pretend someone else, who actually is not the same from your inner life insights. Personality disguise! In simple words, Amir Khan!

No matter, what the context is, his PR team starts promoting “Satyameva Jayate!” They forget about “Incredible India!”.

What might a Non-Bollywood Follower can think? who never watched Lagaan, Darsheel Safary, Karishma Kapoor’s lips, Amir Khan’s radio fashion and many others comes in your mind… The man, who is scared about Indian fury is promoting India!

Thanks to the number of Twitter Addict Bollywood Fans, keep remembering him so many times.

For Bollywood, Twitter is a huge Investment scope! In India, people care more about Bollywood rumors than a national cause. This is how the trending page in India looks like:



We Love You Salman




4 Years Of Parineeti Chopra

9 Days For Dilwale

Love can be unconditional, but ‘Birthday Month’! Really!! Even Indian Gods have max two days reserved for the occasion. These are actually in the list of most tweeted topics in India. People in India are not celebrity influenced, they are celebrity effected!

Surprisingly these twitter users don’t change.

So when, in few days, Delhi is going to experience a different practice (Yes! #OddEvenRule) and more than half population according to a survey report is against the rule implication… Surprisingly social media is not that concerned about air pollution, new adjustments to be done, special issues and routes, Govt priorities, car pull, Special announcement from Ola and Uber on rate cutting during the pilot project to help a global cause named “Environment”, so-called social media activists are not trying to cheer up or unite Delhi people to give this initiative a chance.

Actually People are getting bored of all these political dramas. Modi started ‘Swatch Bharat’ and now the situation is, if you need a place to dispose your plastic bottle, you need to turn on your GPS and search the dustbin locator! Or keep walking next two to three kilometer, you can certainly find one bin for public use.

Mr. Kejriwal, it’s January and people are good with walking few extra miles. How Delhi will struggle with over-tempered sun of May-April? Ok! I guess, we have enough time to re-implement the public transport system accordingly.

Come on Delhi people! You have gained enough knowledge and we can do it. For the shake of our city. Let’s breathe our soul.

Prominent Voice #IndiaBuzz


Indian People are being so connected to formation of any government! The ‘By the people, for the people” things are now getting prominent in every election. People are not biased, people are not mislead by PR team and even not touched by the factual articles written by any senior journalist! The results are not even imaged by the Exit Poll Surveys. Vote count is not directly proportional to liquor distributed or bribed amount. So, over all we can say, vote bank is not equivalent to party fund! Atleast Delhi Poll proved the changing election-trend of India.

Indian Election Commission is moving to the right direction! You cannot buy vote! You can influence people, but not by your goddam money or foreign liquor.

Expenditure on Delhi Election! Front page of all major dallies turned into saffron! All the Bus-stops, public places, sky-kissing hoardings were either holding a lotus or broom! Sponsored/influenced articles, rallies and what not? In social media, we have learned a new term and kept in our easy-recall dictionary, “Trend”. After Obama’s India visit and successful Modi-Mania in international relations, BJP was definitely the trend. If it was 10 years ago, and Modi was just what he is now, it was very easy to predict the Election is on counting for BJP’s.

Delhi Election proved that like social media, the trend can change over days or even in every six hours. You win a poll, you celebrate and next morning you realize, public had thrown you from the chair. Obviously, not too fast… but much faster than previous days!

Media can find thousand reasons for BJP’s defeat and definitely many of them are true! We cannot ignore the faster change of decision taking traits of masses in a short time period. Definitely that is a very positive sign for a highly populated country like India.

Clear majority! Anyone with few important priorities and steady mentality can achieve that.

‘Jai Ho India!’

India: Change For A #BetterDemocracy


“Nana Bhasha Nana Mat/ Nana Paridhan/ Bibidher Majhe Dakho/ Milano Mahan.” (“We have diverse languages. We have pluralistic views. We have diverse attires but we offer unity in diversity.”)

Hundred years ago, D L Roy described India and we are still working on that unity. Today we are talking about Better Democracy and for 95% Indian, democracy means only the power of voting. Ask a chayewala, what is democracy? Ask anyone. Ask Google. Your search starts like this, ‘a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives!’ Nice! Now we know enough about Democracy. Otherwise we cannot start talking about better democracy! If Governance is by the people, for the people; until the common people involvement is at a higher rate with more process clarity, the system is not ‘of the people’ any more.

Taking on a current issue: Prime minister quoted, the original list of black money holders was never published anywhere. My bad, this should sounds like, ‘all the previous party representatives published an edited list! Either the previous list was a blunder or this time it will be!’

Exactly where is the problem?

Problem 1: We don’t know what the problem is

We join campaigns, we clap, we vote, we celebrate the results and go to sleep like other days. We don’t know our post-election duties. We don’t know rules, laws and policies! Somebody kept those matters for a particular society and we are blindfolded. An Indian can solve a harder mathematics within 14 seconds but Indian law take 14 months to hang Ajmal Kasab.

Know your rights! India should include law as a compulsory subject even in school-curriculum. What about a new subject like, ‘Indian Law and Policies’? To solve a problem, we need to know the problems.

Problem 2:  We have pluralistic views and 1759 parties

In USA the number is 2! So many representatives and so many type of responses. Sometimes a party can win with 15% of total vote! Think once, with 15% support, a party can win an election! Who cares about those 85% people tried to make #BetterDemocracy or not?

Central Govt should use post offices to expand their reach to common people, so there will be no need of any regional parties to solve issues like Telengana in future or they will not sell their candidates for huge profit margin.

Problem 3: Indian Vote Bank and power of arms, money and liquor

Still in many areas of India, these relations are still strong enough, so that people can’t decide, they will vote for their life, addiction, or #BetterDemocracy! Bahubali and criminal factors are still much prominent in Bihar, UP and many other states.

Problem 4: Media plays

Regional Media is in general a biased medium to communicate people. On different scam and bill issues media just put on few facts and the proper information flow to the readers are missing. India has maximum newspaper reader in the world doesn’t mean ever media will have a different version of a critical coverage.

These are few social issues resulting negatively to democracy. Creating awareness is obviously a good start to transform this system into a bigger and better one. Opinia 360 came up with their innovative opinion sharing mobile app which will definitely help collecting the people’s voice to create a transparent platform for #BetterDemocracy.

#BlackMoneyHolder: ‘Black Money’ is Not ‘Back Money’


Wake up India. Supreme Court, ordered the Modi Govt to disclose all the names in Black Money List! Last night you went to sleep with a doubt, if current govt is going to publish the list or not? If they reveal the full list, what will be the next scenario?

Definitely, there will be people from current Govt and people from past power and super-powers.. dead or alive! Modi Govt will declare the names and it will come as a shock to us! Oh! that man! he too?

Most popular discussions will sound like, ‘Look! I told you na! That lady… Lots of money! all black!’ 

Cartoonists will have a low investment-high profit discussion points, coz these cartoons don’t need color printing! all black! Kejriwal will gear-up for Delhi Election one more time… “BJP koi dudh ka dhula hua party nehi hain (BJP too a corrupted party).. otherwise why Mr. X, Mr. Y ….Mr. Z and Mrs. R are in the cabinet?” 


And BJP can’t claim, can’t blame… If you have dust in your hand, you can not clean a white paper just by rubbing on it! Their PR team will focus more on some other upcoming projects like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan majorly focusing on Narendra Modi! Everybody knows, Modi cannot have a Swiss Account! Gujarati people don’t like that.

Congress! they are in the silent mode for last few months. They have nothing to say actually and will remain silent. Rahul Gandhi! where is Rahul Gandhi? India needs him on TV.. Indian are getting bored with Comedy Nights with Kapil. We really need his exclusive interview on Black Money issues on Frankly Speaking. It will be a really fun!

Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Robert Bhadra everybody with an international account! Rahul Gandhi, it is a fantastic time for you to launch your own party “Chota Bheem Party(CBP)”. Start your own venture! Modi Sarkar is giving you 5 years of tax relief! Best time! Buddy!

Lalu Prasad should be in jail again and Rabri Devi must cry on national TV, “Hamara Paisa, Hamara Paisa sare leke gaye.. Kitne mehanat se kamaya tha Teja ka papa” (Every rupee they took away). 

Mamata Banerjee should focus on Chandan Basu’s account. You don’t know? Chandan Basu..Jyoti Basu’s son. Yes, buddy! A few decades ago, Mamata Banerjee claimed Chandan Basu has a huge black money. Now didi will start tagging people. ‘I said it right. Even Anil Basu. though his name is not on the list, he too has black money.’

I hope Jayalalitha’s name is not on the list. South Indians keeps there money in the form of gold, they don’t prefer it in Dollar or Euros! Secondly, she is already in Jail, what more Indian law and politics can do with her!

Enough of this fun now! If you find, the person you supported in the last election too have a Black Account, what you will do? Do you have a solution for that? If you find, among the people sitting in the cabinet, 50% have black money? Is the to be exploded bomb in a list format can change your perceptions to the Govt? or after reading this blog, you will just realize, “Sab Sala Chor Hain ( Everybody is corrupted)”. India need that amount right? It will reach India shortly. What Govt should do with that? Or what are the steps Govt need to take, to prevent the black money issues?

What about the people from the list? Whatever Court do with them, let them do… Just remember, for last 3 years you are just planning to buy a new Car or a new house, your salary is not enough to lead a happy family and all the financial restrictions you face between a buying decision are for those people, Make a note of that! Promote those names, put their pics and tag their relatives, fans, and followers.

We definitely don’t let our next generation to face the same issue. Right?

Facts, You Should Know about Purulia Arms Drop Case Before Watching it on #TimesNow

Times Now relaunched it! 


Purulia Arms Drop again on the point of discussion and it took no time for me at least, to remember the incident. In my childhood I had a good habit of reading out the front page and sports page at-least. I recalled the front page of Bartaman with a graphical representation of pursuits landing with boxes of guns and so many things. I am from somewhere nearer to the place, the incident happened actually.

Purulia, the land of weaker transportation system and deep forests was a base of Ananda Marg. and “The arms were intended for the socio-spiritual organization Ananda Marga”. Ananda Marga was working peacefully in Purulia and near about places, by developing the society providing better education and culture. I am talking about the CPM dominated West Bengal period, when Jyoti Bose successfully made the state a dumb-place by alms or arms! I would like to remember you one related incident with this arms drop incident,

“Bijon Setu Massacre”. Let’s check out what Wiki is talking about the incedent,

“Bijon Setu massacre refers to the killing and burning of 16 monks and a nun belonging to Ananda Marga at Bijon Setu, Calcutta in West Bengal, India on April 30, 1982. Despite the attacks being carried out in broad daylight, no arrests were ever made. After repeated calls for a formal judicial investigation, a single-member judicial commission was set up to investigate the killings in 2012. On the morning of April 30, 1982, 17 Ananda Marga renunciates (16 monks and one nun) were dragged out of taxis that were taking them to an educational conference at their headquarters in Tiljala, Kolkata. They were beaten to death and then set on fire simultaneously at three different locations. It was reported that the killings took place in broad daylight and were witnessed by thousands of people, as they were performed in public”. Ananda Marga did not have any flag; the case is just a record now.


After the massacre, the organization focused to be self dependent in-terms of power. Their life was experiencing threats every day and this was something this organization just called for a rain of arms! Unfortunately, the arms reached wrong destination. Accused for the arms drop case, Kim Davy managed a safe escape from India! The upcoming documentary is going to have a better discussion on this escape part definitely. Though this is true, after the drop-case, Mamata Banerjee saved the monks from all type of allegations and legal processes. She was associated with Congress at that time. The escape part of Davy became a series drama over decades. I am just putting directly from wiki on the recent updates of the case:


On 8 October 2008 the extradition of the key accused, Kim Davy, real name Niels Holck, was close to being finalized as the government had, in principle, agreed on giving “sovereign assurance” to the Danish authorities on their conditions, as well as bringing about some changes in the existing extradition law. One of the conditions Denmark had set included the waiving of the death penalty if Davy is convicted by a court for his involvement in the dropping of a huge cache of arms and ammunition from an aircraft in West Bengal in 1995.


On 28 April 2011 Kim Davy came forward and alleged that both the Indian government (congress party) as well as its intelligence agency R&AW were aware of the precise details of the arms drop well in advance, and that the whole operation was conducted with the implicit agreement of the Indian authorities. Both Peter Bleach and Kim Davy claimed that the aim of the arms drop was to help anti Left government dissidents and to create a pretext to impose President’s Rule in West Bengal.


On 29 April 2011 Central Bureau of Investigation denied all allegations of involvement or collusion in the arms drop. Questions have been raised if Kim Davy’s ‘sensational revelation’ was aimed to stall the extradition efforts of India. Some political analysts have also questioned the ‘timing of the revelation’ which may help the Left parties in the ongoing state government assembly elections.


On 30 June 2011 Central Bureau of Investigation has been denied to extradite Kim Davy a.k.a. Niels Holck to India for further proceedings in India. The Danish High Court, after hearing evidence from Peter Bleach who described his personal experiences in jail in Kolkata, dismissed the plea on the grounds of “torture or other inhuman treatment”.


Hope this time, Govt. will take some positive steps to solve the mystery. Enjoy watching the discussion on #TimesNow.

Deadly Roads of Delhi

Honey Sing is safe with all the blessings of his fans. The rumour was controlled by a post on a micro-blogging site.

” News of YoYo’s accident is a fake rumour must be spread by some haters. Please don’t bother and Keep blessing YoYo”

The rumour of projected misfortune turned into a reality no a sad note. India lost one of his hope in Parliament. Modi Govt. lost one contributor of their historical victory. I think, after Rajesh Pilot, such news in on media again. This time, for Gopinath Munde, everything is more unfortunate. Cause, it is not the driver, it is the Delhi Traffic, who took his life away!

Dear Government, wake up! take some serious steps. As per a 2012 study, the number of registered vehicles in Delhi is just 74.53 Lakh! Total population: 1.8 Cr (2014).


Believe it or not, Here are some Delhi road snaps for you.




The roads are booked by cars and a very little room for even bikers. Forget about the people, walking (Crossing) the streets. Red-light are their, but nobody cares! As a street walker I have met more ladies drivers, speeding up their cars ignoring red-light signals.

Lets stop complaining, here are few solutions, to control Delhi Traffic.

1. More organized public transport system with premium facilities: Delhi Metro is the only organized and publicly accepted public transport system where people turn of their car engines and take a ride via Metro! Even Delhi Girls too enjoy a Metro-ride. Oh! how can I forget Delhi Red-Bus services. People knows these buses exists and exists with few numbers. You need to do an in-depth research to understand, what the numbers mean actually and what are the routes and stops. If we talk about their frequency, No-body knows, what timetable they actually follow. Some more parallel services.  The services should touch more points with frequent services to become more affordable.

2: Proper Traffic System: A car owner can easily afford INR 200 to offer a corrupted traffic police but the same car owner can not repay for an accident. So, no more monitory amount, count the performance of traffic police counting the traffic rule breakers behind bar. Punish them, by putting into jail for 24 hours. They will start giving value to the rules.

3: Boost the pending infrastructure: Pending road/over-bridge construction work damages the transportation system by debris or other digging works. So, make it OK to use and let the people use the maximum road.

4. More smoother the road, more faster the traffic: Till now there are many vehicle populated points in Delhi, where the road is the major issue to have slower traffic speed.

5: Allow FDI: People can afford more, so for few routs, you can allow some more private companies with all the security questions for women. It will change the transportation face of India.


John Oliver On India Election: Three Reasons Why World should Notice

Ahw! John, you made it. You just proved few eternal truths. Media should go with statistics and rich content. Forget what CNN-IBN India mistaken and what Arnab Goswami repeated over and over. International Media, talks a lot of Rape in Indian subcontinent. US Media talks a lot about terrorism and end it with India or as shown. Thanks John Oliver, for taking on this big issue on such an International Platform. Last few Updates on India section of WSJ-US Edition are like, Nokia CEO, Ban over Indian Mango, Molecular Masala etc etc.

John Oliver took up many facts to make Indian Election to be more attractive. Few things, he have missed out:


45% India Depends Upon this Election:

2014 Indian Election is going to decide the future of India. Cause, people of age group between 26-55 years accounts 40.4% of Indian population, after 5 years will become a set of age group of 31-60. In next 5 years, either this 40% population will be in no condition to work or they will face a liner job-growth. A 5% population with age more than 55 years will wait for their death. People within the age bracket of 0-25, mostly will be dependable on the income of this 40.4% Indian. The performance of next Govt. matters! The nation’s ethics, mental health, growth and global relations will depend on this.


By The People for The People:

The most important thing is, Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal these people are chosen by the people months ahead of the election. Modi was not the first preference of UPA/BJP. Kejriwal was just a name and social activist. Public support made these people national leader. Party members were afraid of losing the election to design the campaign focusing on only Modi. It was the million Indians took the ‘Chayewala’ as a major contestant for the PM position.


Election Spending on #2 in the World:

The cost of marketing and promotions for election campaign! World’s second most expensive election is taking place in India. An estimated cost of $5 – $8bn! (Source: Centre for Media Studies). Who says, India is a poor country. John Oliver, you are right! After such kind of investment, Indian election is not able to attract rest of the world!


Watch the media clip of John Oliver


Shame on You: #Mumbai

Vote 2014

Vote 2014

Unexpected! Anybody can rule Mumbai. Out of 10, 3 people cast their vote. So, go for any two of them and rest 8 people don’t care. Lowest vote percentage among all major cities and Twitter is requesting them to go out and Vote. Mumbaikars had made this a holiday. Funny thing is, few days ago Raj Thackeray came on a news channel and expressed his desire to be the CM of Maharashtra. Don’t worry Mr. Thackeray it is a easy job for you. At least, Mumbai People don’t care, who comes in and who goes out.

Lakme salons offered a 50% off on haircut, for the customers cast their vote. Red FM took the buzz over everything with DDB Mudramax via “Dabaa Ke Bajaa”. Star-Tweets and selfie. Mumbai people proved one more time, they feel more heat in-front of a small screen with a dumb reality show.  Many malls and retail outlets offered discounts on products to encourage Mumbai people to cast their vote. Hopeless!

Check out some funny comments on Mumbai Voting rates..


A city shows guides the country. Towns, small cities follow your trends. Mumbai, you just painted your face with dark black. Use it on your finger.

Why I don’t Vote


‘Meet my friend; she is new in our office… Just joined’

I looked at the girl, her first appearance clears that she is a ‘bookish kind of girl’. Definitely she was a college topper and regular to classes in collage days. I had a bad allergy for such girls; normally they have nothing to talk about nightlife, wave around hot coffee or a healthy date. The only thing they are comfortable with is job profile, research techniques, more clients and all….

I started finding out some topic that can make her interested. So I started with a social issue. Vote!!

I got to know that she belongs to a town on the border of West Bengal and Jharkhand. She is staying with one of her friend in Delhi. I asked, “When you are going to Vote? Better you apply for leave from now, otherwise it will be tough to get permissions”. I said as I believe, “Everybody should Vote”.

She called up the office boy and asked two coffees. “I don’t Vote”

What happened miss topper? Don’t you know this is the biggest power you have as an Indian? I talked to myself. I think she read my expression that I am looking for some more explanation on this decision.

She took a sip of hot coffee and said, ‘Would you like to hear a story?’

I think it is going to be another boring session over coffee. Still, I can hear that as I am not Karan Johar and can’t expect Sonam Kapoor across me for a chit-chat with a coffee. I said yes!

She narrated an awesome story. I think every Indian need to know the insights of the story. I am not changing anything, just as it is:

“ My place is on border and a major chunk of the population is tribes. So, the election candidates from big parties are mostly the leaders from tribe society. They get the fund from agents and party funds, distribute bottles of local whiskey or dresses before election and the party can reach major people by such distribution process, will be the winner!

You can remember few years ago when cable lines allowed its viewers to look across the cameras of Loksabha. It was Loksabha TV that created a buzz, we can watch ‘our leaders’. It was exciting for everybody but not more than a lady, ‘wife of the MLA’. Her husband on air afterall.

We had Purnima, whose husband was the local MLA. Purnima was a primary school drop-out and had lesser time to concentrate on any other things than managing her guests and servants. She watched the channel a complete day but could not identify her husband. She called up her husband and told him to wear a colorful shirt next day (Laal aur pila wala shirt jo maine aapko pasand karke di thi, oh wala pahenke jaiega).
Mr. MLA said ok.

Next day Purnima called all of her friends and started watching the Channel. After almost three hours, suddenly a child shouted up, ‘Mamaji ko dikha rahe hain, Mamaji ko dikha rahe hain (Uncle is on air)” The searching process ends here though the realization was spell bound! Mr MLA was sleeping in the last row with few of his friends.

At night, Purnima called up her husband,

-“Ji, aapka tabiyat thik hain na?” (Are you ok?)

-Haan bilkul, kya hua? ( I am perfect, what happened?)

-Aap office main so rahe the. (You were sleeping at your working place)

– Oh! Kuch nehi pagli, etna kaam hote hain ki son eke time hi nehi milti. (Too much work, no time to sleep)”

Our coffee was about to finish. This is not a one day story; these people have a good time pass at Loksabha, taking power nap, chatting over mobile, watching porn and by so many means. And, those, who can’t speak except election campaigns, just sleep like a backbencher.

Now you tell me, should I waste my leaves and travel for two days to assure that one can sleep in a Governmental air-conditioned building.


Kolkata: EMU local derails, Worst ever railway track

An EMU local train on Saturday derailed at Dum Dum station. Six coaches of Naihati-Sealdah EMU local derailed this morning immediately after it left the platform at 6.05 AM. Nobody was injured in the incident. The main line from Sealdah was normal.

Here is some pics of the track taken by Santanu Chanda.









I never imagined such poor condition of on-use railway track condition ever. Mamata Banarjee, not expected from an experienced Rail Minister like you! Slow-Local train, so obviously the passengers are safe. Such track can be a very dangerous for any express trains. Enough lucky, media missed a ‘blood-and life’ coverage today. 

Aam Aadmi Party: Mermaid or Mirage?


Before getting into the main discussion, I want to put a relevant example. The story of political changes in West Bengal. If AAP’s story has the maximum media coverage ever counted in Indian Political history, evolution of Bengal’s politics, is the second one.

After Congress, CPI(M) was the one and only power across West Bengal. I can remember a wall-posting very prominent in my town of childhood, “A better CPI(M) is the only substitute for CPI(M)!” It was a shocking statement for everyone! A fear was there always; everyone was communists and no trace of other parties! No hope and no scope! Communists were controlling under gunpoint or by police.

Newspapers had only news about rape, murder, loot!! 

Everyone was a communist party follower! You have to be!!

Now, Mamata has changed the color of West Bengal Politics. I respect her determination power. Definitely she is a brave and kind lady. The change was very clear. Maoists stopped, Gorkhaland was peaceful. People stared dreaming Kolkata to be turned into London! That color changing night was brighter than a sunny day.

It was a Mirage. The color was changed only. After few months, local established leaders joined TMC and got the power immediately as they already had a political and crowed controlling experience. Now it’s hard to find any communist in Bengal. I hope my child will feel the same fear seeing a post on another wall “A Better TMC is the only substitute for TMC!”




Let’s check AAP! AAP achieved the same within 1 year, which took TMC almost 10 years! New CM with a changed logo in Delhi. Here we present AAM AADMI PARTY, sponsored by Congress and title sponsored by Anna Hazare!

Within a month, Delhi has seen, LPG price rise, Binni-protest and some immature steps like darbar and all. Anti-corruption helpline number has been provided and no coverage on any more corruption! Suddenly everyone in Delhi stopped taking bribes! No result! I don’t know anyone from my circle who ever called the number or know such person who complained! Do you even have the number saved in your mobile? Failed project!

Its not more than one month! AAP has all the power and I can’t understand why they are still preferring hunger strike rather using their absolute power and control of governmental facilities. A same tendency of exposing every smaller initiative to the media, just like what TMC did. Even unsuccessful industry meetings were broadcast-ed ignoring the final outcome. Today you are fighting with a police officer in-front of media. Dear CM, you know all these things. People knows how a policeman behaves and reacts to such common social issues.

Being such young in the political landscape, people had chosen you to be the CM because they have a minimum faith on you. Please stop these Darwars and mass involvement. If a policeman is not listening to you, you are not able to control such govt bodies.

Deshraj Raghav, Vishesh Ravi- some wrong selections already focused by media.

Don’t worry, India always gives time. AAP will have this facility too. In the mean time, please do the needful.



1885 to till date: The journey of Indian national congress has experienced the maximum ups and downs in India. It is the oldest political party operating successfully in India till now

1980 to till date: Bharatiya Janta Party successfully had a dream run across the country under many successful political leaders.


Now today if we remember the two above names, the first thing came into mind is the faces of leaders or few political cases, scandals. Coming to point, these older parties have left few symbols and incidents in common people’s mind.

Repeated scandals (CWG, Coal, 2G etc. etc.), inflation, lower GDP growth, poor job market secured the exit of Congress. In 2013, Assembly Election Results BJP was definitely a strong Jack especially after Modi’s nomination. Indian educated society was more interested to put Modi on national platform. Few weeks before the election, BJP was forced to bring Modi on the leading position.

When I am writing the article, as per the latest trends at 1.05 pm, out of the total 70 seats, the BJP is ahead in 33 seats, the AAP in 27 seats, Congress in just 8 seats and others in 2.

Congress is a complete failure in Delhi for sure and BJP, with major going to lead the capital. All the flash lights are on AAP. One year old Party has resulted the best ever possible in Indian history. No polls, no estimations reached the numbers and the party did all alone. How??

Aam Admi Party is an example of a successful brand. That launched with a buzz and sold out overnight like an Apple’s latest product. Take a look:


1: Clear Mission: To reach people in a proper way a newly introduced organization always need a strong mission.  Anti-corruption is the wave AAP reached every people of India with a clear and prominent message.

2: A Perfect launch: Anna’s movement was the front page coverage of every media. Maximum online engagement and India Gate crowed was the central attention of the world. Nothing could be a better launching platform than AAP.

3: Muslim Vote: “With Muslims forming 11 percent of electoral population in the national capital, any party eyeing the Delhi assembly, cannot ignore the community in the run-up to the November 2013 election. Muslims can influence election results in around eight of 70 assembly seats in Delhi. Muslims comprise 35-40 percent of the electorate in three seats in central Delhi and five in East Delhi.”

After Congress, AAP was their first choice. BJP has a Hindu identity, in-general Muslim community don’t like.

4: Educated and Young: With the maximum youth population, India has nothing to dream something new except AAP, where the major leaders are young. The movement for young and educated leaders had started many years ago. AAP is first prominent outcome of that effort.

5: Promotion tools and strategies: Ann’s Gandhi cap, Auto-rickshaw covers almost everyone has seen in Delhi. Metro stations, college campus areas were the completely covered by AAP campaigns. Recorded voice messages were perfectly distributed across all Delhights.

Yes! The second scorer of today’s Delhi, AAP; all the best! India is dreaming again, a new dream for a corruption free country, easy life and excellent growth. 

It Happens Only In India: Rape Festival!!!!

It Happens Only In India: Rape Festival!!!!

Madhuban Ahluwalia who heads up the annual festival told reporters why the event is so important. “This is a long time tradition in Assam dating back thousands of years,” says Ahluwalia. “We rape the evil demons out of the girls, otherwise they will cheat on us and we will be forced to kill them. So it is necessary for everyone.”


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