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You Have Campaign? I Just Have A Blog For You

Why you Should think Blog

Why you Should think Blog

If we talk about Digital Media Channels, few terms become so prominent in our mind, that always stop us to strategize something out of box.

  1. We spend a lot on Pay-per-click took the budget on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google ad-words, attractive banners or on special interest websites. We boost the visibility with framed viewers.
  2. Contribute to app advertising. Launch games or tie up to make people know the brand name of yours. A costly effort, but you can definitely make people understand the operational factors and key offers.
  3. We launch a Facebook page and wait for likes and comments. Build groups in LinkedIn and send out arbitrary requests connections to join the group.
  4. Take your brand name and top managements on Twitter and experience the slowest networking speed in general.
  5. Prepare tools, those are shareable. Like pictures with brand message, graphics designs and many more you can create or you can think out of box!

Done? In general, companies are limited into Pay-per-click, Facebook, Twitter and promotional tools! Apart from your website, what exactly speaking the story behind your brand? No one! You have to agree with me, not your Facebook posts or Twitter mentions. You do not have a story telling tool, which will fill the gap between your audience’s understanding and the words used in your website.

Dude! Your consumer is a working professional (82%), aged between 21-35 years (80%), they need proper information. This group of people goes through the review lists before downloading a free app or check first two to three comments before buffering a YouTube documents.

Plan your campaign with a proper content strategy. Whatever you are planning, its good but your digital marketing can be better and complete. In a simple way, you need few descriptive and attractive blogs that can truly engage your target audience.

Let’s talk some positive aspects of blog marketing.

True Branding / Creating Awareness:

Publishing a blog is simply creating a bigger space for the ‘About Us’ section of your official website. They read it on blog before clicking on your website link attached with the blog.

Higher Website Traffic:

A blog reader clicks on your website knowing your offerings. The conversation rate is higher if a great content can make a trip on you.

Loyal Customer Engagement:


Keyword Search Results:

Blogs has few limitations. It can’t help you in lead generation and collecting customer insights. To overcome these limitations, you need to run your Facebook efforts in an organized way. The most important thing about blogs is? the readership of blogs had increased by 49% compared to last year. Indians love reading a lot. They have good knowledge regarding business, technology, social issues and keen interests regarding politics, quality products and a weakness for something free. Even they can read your rubbish blogs with great patience and can before closing the tab; they can leave a sweet reply for your worst efforts, “LOL!”

Are you planning to do the same? Come on! If you have any requirement, contact me :




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