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Hilarious World Records Ever on Guinness Book

In sports, there is a very common line, “Records are meant to be broken”. What if, the records are just to get recorded? Guinness Book of World Record has few hilarious world records listed on their page. Sometimes, you can think… Really? Is this something to try a record? I know a person who can smoke 10 cigarets on a same time. He should apply for one! No matter, it causes cancer, but before dying he will have a world record with him. I don’t know if the committee  will pay for his cancer treatment or not!

Lets check out few Guinness Book Records listed on the official website:

ImageReally, this is a record? Oh! people should practice this at home. The recycling process can be easier for the packing companies!

ImageIf this happens in India, we must call him a lucky person. Someone can say, oh this man is so irritating that God also don’t want him in heaven! Why don’t you try once. The record maker is from Germany! He may have a great passion about Cars. But! this way? Any Indian can cross the number. I think, most car density on road, is Delhi’s record.

ImageReally! In India, more than 65 DB! Purring isn’t the sole domain of domestic cats. Some wild cats and their near relatives – civets, genets, mongooses – also purr. Even hyenas, guinea pigs, and raccoons can purr. Leave everything, take the cat… If an Indian domestic cat can beat the record, next day, morning every news paper will have cat’s diet chart!

ImageApproximately 6.7 cm (2.63 in.) in diameter for a normal tennis ball! Total is more than a Baby-head! Can you imagine! Take this dog to a golf course. He can collect more than you can actually make strikes.

ImageI am sure, the pizza was awesome. Even someone ate the pics of that Pizza! I am sure the Pizza base was made by Tom Monaghan with the special formula he invented after he joined United States Marine Corps.

ImageSimon, you are wasting your talent in Germany, come to India, We have more straws!

ImageNice! Ohhh! She is looking damn hot! Come to my birthday party, I will have more balloons for you!

ImageIf you do this one more time, Istanbul will be the next investment destination for Amul! The new tagline will be, ‘From Eyes, Direct to your Glass!’







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