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Aam Aadmi Party: Mermaid or Mirage?


Before getting into the main discussion, I want to put a relevant example. The story of political changes in West Bengal. If AAP’s story has the maximum media coverage ever counted in Indian Political history, evolution of Bengal’s politics, is the second one.

After Congress, CPI(M) was the one and only power across West Bengal. I can remember a wall-posting very prominent in my town of childhood, “A better CPI(M) is the only substitute for CPI(M)!” It was a shocking statement for everyone! A fear was there always; everyone was communists and no trace of other parties! No hope and no scope! Communists were controlling under gunpoint or by police.

Newspapers had only news about rape, murder, loot!! 

Everyone was a communist party follower! You have to be!!

Now, Mamata has changed the color of West Bengal Politics. I respect her determination power. Definitely she is a brave and kind lady. The change was very clear. Maoists stopped, Gorkhaland was peaceful. People stared dreaming Kolkata to be turned into London! That color changing night was brighter than a sunny day.

It was a Mirage. The color was changed only. After few months, local established leaders joined TMC and got the power immediately as they already had a political and crowed controlling experience. Now it’s hard to find any communist in Bengal. I hope my child will feel the same fear seeing a post on another wall “A Better TMC is the only substitute for TMC!”




Let’s check AAP! AAP achieved the same within 1 year, which took TMC almost 10 years! New CM with a changed logo in Delhi. Here we present AAM AADMI PARTY, sponsored by Congress and title sponsored by Anna Hazare!

Within a month, Delhi has seen, LPG price rise, Binni-protest and some immature steps like darbar and all. Anti-corruption helpline number has been provided and no coverage on any more corruption! Suddenly everyone in Delhi stopped taking bribes! No result! I don’t know anyone from my circle who ever called the number or know such person who complained! Do you even have the number saved in your mobile? Failed project!

Its not more than one month! AAP has all the power and I can’t understand why they are still preferring hunger strike rather using their absolute power and control of governmental facilities. A same tendency of exposing every smaller initiative to the media, just like what TMC did. Even unsuccessful industry meetings were broadcast-ed ignoring the final outcome. Today you are fighting with a police officer in-front of media. Dear CM, you know all these things. People knows how a policeman behaves and reacts to such common social issues.

Being such young in the political landscape, people had chosen you to be the CM because they have a minimum faith on you. Please stop these Darwars and mass involvement. If a policeman is not listening to you, you are not able to control such govt bodies.

Deshraj Raghav, Vishesh Ravi- some wrong selections already focused by media.

Don’t worry, India always gives time. AAP will have this facility too. In the mean time, please do the needful.


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