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Let’s Breathe Our Soul


It is your life and knowledge, enriches as you grow older and for most of the cases, wiser!

You grows across years, ages, eras, decades….. leap years. You feel the changes while your brain and behavior absorbs them! You learn how to earn a life and your ego pays your attitude!

Finally, we know few things of human life but most of the basics or ground level rules!

Lots of Aantlamo! If you are not Bengali, ‘Aantlamo’ is a unique acting quality of every human being helps you to pretend someone else, who actually is not the same from your inner life insights. Personality disguise! In simple words, Amir Khan!

No matter, what the context is, his PR team starts promoting “Satyameva Jayate!” They forget about “Incredible India!”.

What might a Non-Bollywood Follower can think? who never watched Lagaan, Darsheel Safary, Karishma Kapoor’s lips, Amir Khan’s radio fashion and many others comes in your mind… The man, who is scared about Indian fury is promoting India!

Thanks to the number of Twitter Addict Bollywood Fans, keep remembering him so many times.

For Bollywood, Twitter is a huge Investment scope! In India, people care more about Bollywood rumors than a national cause. This is how the trending page in India looks like:



We Love You Salman




4 Years Of Parineeti Chopra

9 Days For Dilwale

Love can be unconditional, but ‘Birthday Month’! Really!! Even Indian Gods have max two days reserved for the occasion. These are actually in the list of most tweeted topics in India. People in India are not celebrity influenced, they are celebrity effected!

Surprisingly these twitter users don’t change.

So when, in few days, Delhi is going to experience a different practice (Yes! #OddEvenRule) and more than half population according to a survey report is against the rule implication… Surprisingly social media is not that concerned about air pollution, new adjustments to be done, special issues and routes, Govt priorities, car pull, Special announcement from Ola and Uber on rate cutting during the pilot project to help a global cause named “Environment”, so-called social media activists are not trying to cheer up or unite Delhi people to give this initiative a chance.

Actually People are getting bored of all these political dramas. Modi started ‘Swatch Bharat’ and now the situation is, if you need a place to dispose your plastic bottle, you need to turn on your GPS and search the dustbin locator! Or keep walking next two to three kilometer, you can certainly find one bin for public use.

Mr. Kejriwal, it’s January and people are good with walking few extra miles. How Delhi will struggle with over-tempered sun of May-April? Ok! I guess, we have enough time to re-implement the public transport system accordingly.

Come on Delhi people! You have gained enough knowledge and we can do it. For the shake of our city. Let’s breathe our soul.


Suggestions to Kejriwal

Congratulations from bottom of my heart Mr. Kejriwal. You did it! You proved it! You are the star! You just set a next level of my least understood game of life, Politics! Congratulations!

You came out from a normal family and life back-ground, took few important stands, collected funds, connected people and won the heavy battle against all the odds and experienced politicians! You set an example, if you have guts to point the truth, people will keep you in their hearts!

Politics is not a ‘Babu’s evening special wine or editor’s special column’ any more. Thank you for making this simplified. Politics is an urge to help people, in their need. Politics is something we are aware of it. An IIT student, can make this simpler only. Well done!

BUT!! Defeating Congress(Sinking hand) and defeating BJP(All in all in India) are not the same thing. We know that, you know that. First time in the history of India, two major contenders, were people’s choice and I am sure, People in Delhi gave it a second thought, ‘whom should I vote?’ The one I like more or the second one, whom I admire most? It is definitely a good sign, for Indian political history.

Dear CM-Delhi, don’t forget your promises. Do you think, people voted you cause you have done a lot great things for Delhi in you first 49 days? No, right? It is all your promises from manifesto. It’s time to keep your words! I am scared, how you are going to keep all these actually! God bless your good wishes!

And if not, I have collected a bunch of excuses:


CM = Common Man


Congrats on your historical victory.. once more. Lets here it from all of you.. ‘5 Saal Kejriwal’..

#BlackMoneyHolder: ‘Black Money’ is Not ‘Back Money’


Wake up India. Supreme Court, ordered the Modi Govt to disclose all the names in Black Money List! Last night you went to sleep with a doubt, if current govt is going to publish the list or not? If they reveal the full list, what will be the next scenario?

Definitely, there will be people from current Govt and people from past power and super-powers.. dead or alive! Modi Govt will declare the names and it will come as a shock to us! Oh! that man! he too?

Most popular discussions will sound like, ‘Look! I told you na! That lady… Lots of money! all black!’ 

Cartoonists will have a low investment-high profit discussion points, coz these cartoons don’t need color printing! all black! Kejriwal will gear-up for Delhi Election one more time… “BJP koi dudh ka dhula hua party nehi hain (BJP too a corrupted party).. otherwise why Mr. X, Mr. Y ….Mr. Z and Mrs. R are in the cabinet?” 


And BJP can’t claim, can’t blame… If you have dust in your hand, you can not clean a white paper just by rubbing on it! Their PR team will focus more on some other upcoming projects like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan majorly focusing on Narendra Modi! Everybody knows, Modi cannot have a Swiss Account! Gujarati people don’t like that.

Congress! they are in the silent mode for last few months. They have nothing to say actually and will remain silent. Rahul Gandhi! where is Rahul Gandhi? India needs him on TV.. Indian are getting bored with Comedy Nights with Kapil. We really need his exclusive interview on Black Money issues on Frankly Speaking. It will be a really fun!

Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Robert Bhadra everybody with an international account! Rahul Gandhi, it is a fantastic time for you to launch your own party “Chota Bheem Party(CBP)”. Start your own venture! Modi Sarkar is giving you 5 years of tax relief! Best time! Buddy!

Lalu Prasad should be in jail again and Rabri Devi must cry on national TV, “Hamara Paisa, Hamara Paisa sare leke gaye.. Kitne mehanat se kamaya tha Teja ka papa” (Every rupee they took away). 

Mamata Banerjee should focus on Chandan Basu’s account. You don’t know? Chandan Basu..Jyoti Basu’s son. Yes, buddy! A few decades ago, Mamata Banerjee claimed Chandan Basu has a huge black money. Now didi will start tagging people. ‘I said it right. Even Anil Basu. though his name is not on the list, he too has black money.’

I hope Jayalalitha’s name is not on the list. South Indians keeps there money in the form of gold, they don’t prefer it in Dollar or Euros! Secondly, she is already in Jail, what more Indian law and politics can do with her!

Enough of this fun now! If you find, the person you supported in the last election too have a Black Account, what you will do? Do you have a solution for that? If you find, among the people sitting in the cabinet, 50% have black money? Is the to be exploded bomb in a list format can change your perceptions to the Govt? or after reading this blog, you will just realize, “Sab Sala Chor Hain ( Everybody is corrupted)”. India need that amount right? It will reach India shortly. What Govt should do with that? Or what are the steps Govt need to take, to prevent the black money issues?

What about the people from the list? Whatever Court do with them, let them do… Just remember, for last 3 years you are just planning to buy a new Car or a new house, your salary is not enough to lead a happy family and all the financial restrictions you face between a buying decision are for those people, Make a note of that! Promote those names, put their pics and tag their relatives, fans, and followers.

We definitely don’t let our next generation to face the same issue. Right?

#ISeeHope With A Refreshed India


December 2012, eve of Christmas; generally this time, India plans for a long trip, vacation or Christmas celebration. What happened this time? Media talking about a massive protest at India Gate and people are joining the protesters! No matter, if the slowest judicial system raped the Nirbhaya Rape Case! Indian common man understood the power of many.

26th Nov 2012, a common man took all the media highlights on his face with a simplest symbol of corruption-less India and massive public support; the official launch of Aam Aadmi Party. Almost within one year, the party emerged as the second largest party on its first electoral test 2013 Delhi legislative Assembly Election and formed a minority Govt. No matter, if the AAP Govt resigned within 49 days. India experienced the ultimate power of common public interest and its impact on the system.

16th May 2014 (Modi Day), India and Mr. Narendra Modi won the historical Indian General Election 2014 with 282 (51.9%) seats. Modi-led NDA broke all the statistics and forecasting. India had won, not any party or leader, pressing the same button for maximum Indian with a same hope of vibrant India was a victory for the country instead.

All the major changes in last two years in Indian political and social maps are just a simple outcome of public participation across events, discussions, social media and many more. Every positive steps of the nation are the integration of uncountable action of people with a positive desire and common interest. is trying to integrate the nation’s voice, without any political influence on an android based application which can reflect the voice of India on several issues with instant share of public interests.

We dream, we hope… but the difference is, dream needs a thought and hope needs an initiation.  The initiation process has been started. Now, India sees the hope. I see hope, India will be next center of world map.


Rahul Speaks to Arnab: Story of a Sacrifice

ImageThank you, Congress! I am really happy with the performances just done on Times Now by your VP Rahul Gandhi. It was like a Bollywood Masala Movie. I laughed, I smiled, I got emotional and angry! An awesome interview session Mr. Arnab Goswami! Thanks a lot. You just cleared a misconception I was carrying from my childhood.

The interview recalled me a very old and popular story. A boy from a village, who spends most of his time in gossiping was called for an oral examination in his school as he was unable to pass the written exams. He never read his books. Unfortunately, at the last moment, he realized that a good performance in this oral exam can promote him to the next standard. Suddenly he became so desperate to know something. He waited at the exit point of the interview hall, from where he can listen to the answers. 

Inside the hall, the teacher asked a student. 

Q. Who is the best cricket player in India?

A. Sachin Tendulkar 

Q. Who reached the moon first?

A. Laika

Q. Is there any life in Mercury Planet?

A. Scientists are researching. 

Now its turn for our student. He was asked three simple questions. 

What is your name?

What is your father’s name?

Are you mad?

unfortunately, the student repeated the answers, he managed to hear!

From the interview, I have figured out few things.

1: Rahul Gandhi is not scared of anything. (He should not be. He has nothing to lose anymore.)

2: Everything Congress has done till date, is to empower people. And now they are aiming to empower Women. It takes so many years to shift their focus.

3: Rahul hates to comment on Gujarat riot as state govt was supporting the riot at that time. But probably few Congressmen were involved in 1984 massacre. Though Govt was trying to stop the riots of 1984.

4: Rahul Gandhi wants RTI in every political party (with special control). Congress has RTI, but Press and Judiciary system don’t have it and Rahul don’t have any comment on Ashok Chavan act. He will wait for the judiciary decisions to take any action on Ashok! Cases on V Singh is also in a no-comment zone as it is not Rahul’s Job.

4: Rahul never comments on any scam cases. He just reports to the PM. He is not someone doing a party for money or power. He requests PM to take care of inflation and price hike. (Still, he will be liable if Cong got defeated)

5: To change the system by making it open, Rahul is doing things dangerous for the system. (Whose system, what system?)

6: Things Rahul want can not be discussed in 5 minutes. It is difficult (Even 10 years is not enough for Rahul). He loves to be asked about how he is going to do things. (Dream Business)

7: India and congress resulted into the fastest economic growth ever consistently for last 10 years. (Rahul Jee, please Google it.

8: AAP doesn’t have process or structure like Cong. (Quite natural. These structures were made by your grandfather and father. In comparison AAP is just a child.)

9: Rahul is choosing a candidate is a proper and transparent process.

10: Rahul is bringing in youngsters.

My Take: 

Please, Rahul, spend some time with your Mom, at least you can speak some good English.

An interview is about what you have done, and a promotional campaign is about what you are going to do. Such demands are expected from you, I know your family is quite habituated with such fake promises and promotional campaigns.

Thank you, Arnab. When I was in school, I wanted to be a journalist. Today after the interview I realized that I am lucky enough that I am not a journalist. I could have to do anything to a person sitting opposite to me and replying in such immature way. Specially when everything is about the position of PM!

End it with a Jokes….

Arnab : What is your view on Arvind Kejriwal ?
Rahul : He is the leader of an opposition party.
Hahahaha…. Comedy Night with Rahul…


Aam Aadmi Party: Mermaid or Mirage?


Before getting into the main discussion, I want to put a relevant example. The story of political changes in West Bengal. If AAP’s story has the maximum media coverage ever counted in Indian Political history, evolution of Bengal’s politics, is the second one.

After Congress, CPI(M) was the one and only power across West Bengal. I can remember a wall-posting very prominent in my town of childhood, “A better CPI(M) is the only substitute for CPI(M)!” It was a shocking statement for everyone! A fear was there always; everyone was communists and no trace of other parties! No hope and no scope! Communists were controlling under gunpoint or by police.

Newspapers had only news about rape, murder, loot!! 

Everyone was a communist party follower! You have to be!!

Now, Mamata has changed the color of West Bengal Politics. I respect her determination power. Definitely she is a brave and kind lady. The change was very clear. Maoists stopped, Gorkhaland was peaceful. People stared dreaming Kolkata to be turned into London! That color changing night was brighter than a sunny day.

It was a Mirage. The color was changed only. After few months, local established leaders joined TMC and got the power immediately as they already had a political and crowed controlling experience. Now it’s hard to find any communist in Bengal. I hope my child will feel the same fear seeing a post on another wall “A Better TMC is the only substitute for TMC!”




Let’s check AAP! AAP achieved the same within 1 year, which took TMC almost 10 years! New CM with a changed logo in Delhi. Here we present AAM AADMI PARTY, sponsored by Congress and title sponsored by Anna Hazare!

Within a month, Delhi has seen, LPG price rise, Binni-protest and some immature steps like darbar and all. Anti-corruption helpline number has been provided and no coverage on any more corruption! Suddenly everyone in Delhi stopped taking bribes! No result! I don’t know anyone from my circle who ever called the number or know such person who complained! Do you even have the number saved in your mobile? Failed project!

Its not more than one month! AAP has all the power and I can’t understand why they are still preferring hunger strike rather using their absolute power and control of governmental facilities. A same tendency of exposing every smaller initiative to the media, just like what TMC did. Even unsuccessful industry meetings were broadcast-ed ignoring the final outcome. Today you are fighting with a police officer in-front of media. Dear CM, you know all these things. People knows how a policeman behaves and reacts to such common social issues.

Being such young in the political landscape, people had chosen you to be the CM because they have a minimum faith on you. Please stop these Darwars and mass involvement. If a policeman is not listening to you, you are not able to control such govt bodies.

Deshraj Raghav, Vishesh Ravi- some wrong selections already focused by media.

Don’t worry, India always gives time. AAP will have this facility too. In the mean time, please do the needful.

India: A Tough Time Ahead

ImageTough time, India!!

Not a new thing, but who ever comes to the power has to work out a lot.
Few concerns, any govt cannot ignore, India is experiencing every day. So, if someone is dreaming a government without considering the below factors, would be beaten-up in every steps. 2014 is going to be tougher than last five years because an expectation factor is working in every segment of initiatives. Indian is by nature emotional and love to expect something more, always.

1: Public Engagement and Social Media Raj: 

With about 13% internet penetration, no one can ignore the power of web-media in India. Social media has been one of the most powerful platforms to get a higher visibility. Important thing about online media is, people are talking about the contents of social media even when offline! Everyone connected with internet are able to make a transparent society where people speak about almost everything.

Not only Facebook or Twitter, Indian small scale industries are acquiring their dependable business partners and clients across the globe through LinkedIn with minimum communication cost. Business ideas and issues are being solved through webinar. International clients are being easier and social portals are notifying the demands on time. Indian business society is taking the facilities and specially start-ups are also counting dollars from international market.

2: Educated Indian middle class society 

Who knows where to lie and where to stand! They will take money from you promising vote and will put the ballot on another’s symbol. They are experienced from their life and aware of corruption. Today a middle class person knows the local political leader better than his wife. He may forget his son’s marks in last exam; he easily remembers the amount his local leader scammed in a recent project. Now Indian people don’t forget facts, they have all the facilities to recapitulate all the incidents.

3: Aam Aadmi Identity

Aam Aadmi identity was a threat to common people. Now this factor has been more powerful. People are more interested to know about someone like them, rather than stars and political identities. Check out daily serial stories, movie-trends, entertainment series, News coverage, you can find the relevancy for the point. Even the ‘Aam Aadmi’ factor was too much important for AAP.

4: Indian job market and growing educated society: 

The difference remains between educated and employable. In a recent report CII declared that only 33% job applicants are employable. The other 2/3rd has nothing to do with all the job opportunities. Govt has to take care of these educated people. They can be lead by some intelligent politics easily. They have a clear idea about development and they know, some road-construction projects before election is not sufficient.

5: Inflation and lower GDP growth

My friend started his career with a 20K income per-month and after his income after one year is 22K. After one year he is purchasing his favourite drinks, onion, chicken and green vegetables at a double or triple price. He has stopped saving account and stopped purchasing branded jeans every month! Now this is India!

6: Hope and Failure:

This combination is too bad and repetition of these two factors can create a revolution. Just check, if you feel the same!

  • Nirbaya case, so many people, so many coverage, normal action and judgement!
  • Low increment, higher expenditure!
  • Do more get less!
  • More expectation, more depression!
  • More roads, more cars, more traffic jams!
  • Low job market growth, more candidates, more competition!
  • More FDI, Lower GDP!
  • Too less though there are so many!
  • One day @5 Rs!!!

 India is all set to take a ‘do or die’ decision on a ‘now or never’ situational background. What do you think?




1885 to till date: The journey of Indian national congress has experienced the maximum ups and downs in India. It is the oldest political party operating successfully in India till now

1980 to till date: Bharatiya Janta Party successfully had a dream run across the country under many successful political leaders.


Now today if we remember the two above names, the first thing came into mind is the faces of leaders or few political cases, scandals. Coming to point, these older parties have left few symbols and incidents in common people’s mind.

Repeated scandals (CWG, Coal, 2G etc. etc.), inflation, lower GDP growth, poor job market secured the exit of Congress. In 2013, Assembly Election Results BJP was definitely a strong Jack especially after Modi’s nomination. Indian educated society was more interested to put Modi on national platform. Few weeks before the election, BJP was forced to bring Modi on the leading position.

When I am writing the article, as per the latest trends at 1.05 pm, out of the total 70 seats, the BJP is ahead in 33 seats, the AAP in 27 seats, Congress in just 8 seats and others in 2.

Congress is a complete failure in Delhi for sure and BJP, with major going to lead the capital. All the flash lights are on AAP. One year old Party has resulted the best ever possible in Indian history. No polls, no estimations reached the numbers and the party did all alone. How??

Aam Admi Party is an example of a successful brand. That launched with a buzz and sold out overnight like an Apple’s latest product. Take a look:


1: Clear Mission: To reach people in a proper way a newly introduced organization always need a strong mission.  Anti-corruption is the wave AAP reached every people of India with a clear and prominent message.

2: A Perfect launch: Anna’s movement was the front page coverage of every media. Maximum online engagement and India Gate crowed was the central attention of the world. Nothing could be a better launching platform than AAP.

3: Muslim Vote: “With Muslims forming 11 percent of electoral population in the national capital, any party eyeing the Delhi assembly, cannot ignore the community in the run-up to the November 2013 election. Muslims can influence election results in around eight of 70 assembly seats in Delhi. Muslims comprise 35-40 percent of the electorate in three seats in central Delhi and five in East Delhi.”

After Congress, AAP was their first choice. BJP has a Hindu identity, in-general Muslim community don’t like.

4: Educated and Young: With the maximum youth population, India has nothing to dream something new except AAP, where the major leaders are young. The movement for young and educated leaders had started many years ago. AAP is first prominent outcome of that effort.

5: Promotion tools and strategies: Ann’s Gandhi cap, Auto-rickshaw covers almost everyone has seen in Delhi. Metro stations, college campus areas were the completely covered by AAP campaigns. Recorded voice messages were perfectly distributed across all Delhights.

Yes! The second scorer of today’s Delhi, AAP; all the best! India is dreaming again, a new dream for a corruption free country, easy life and excellent growth. 

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