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Delhi Govt. a failure. Not the People

What more you can do with this Govt?

Incident: 1

A girl, gang raped, Injured. People reached their Media covered every poster. Social Media pages became over crowded. My neighbour, and old ‘Dadi’ who can not hear properly, asked, ‘Beta, how is that girl now? Is she still alive?’ and the coolest Delhi people, talking with semi-known, unknown co-passengers about the incident and protests.

Police, used tear gas, lathi-charged, Stopped the normal way to reach India Gate, closed ImageMetro station and now on TV, Blaming Media that Media is not assisting Govt and is not enough mature to handle such cases! Ohh! great….

No leader dared to give any statement and just excusing the Constitution-the Indian Rule Book, written many years ago. When people never imagined such brutal situations and the effectiveness of Social and more social media and may be never imagined such slow judicial policies! Dr. Ambedkar written it in a nice way, may be this rules guided the India to today’s moment! But this should have a life. There was a mistake, people forgot to draw a timeline with this rule-book. Indian Constitution should be re-written or modified for some special cases. 

Day-by-day increasing corruptions and violence need some strictness to be controlled. Interpretation and miss-interpretation are common when a fact is being discussed in public, Govt, can not charge any professionals for this incident. How dare they? when they are not able to punish few criminals. India has a special soft corner for criminals. Kasav!

Delhiites are just awesome, they are doing the best for their side. Comments on internet, causes, attending protests and managing teargas and lathi-charge.. 

‘Main Anna Hun’- was not possible without these people.

Each-time  Delhiites had shown their unity and willingness, not the Govt! 

Now, change this system. Delhi may need a ‘Shiv Sena’ in a active role!


Incident: 2

South Delhi to Noida. The road and Yammuna Bridge that connects Noida sector 37 and Kalindi-Kunj was a problem for passengers previously. Less number of DTC buses, over-crowded private buses and jam are the most common factors. Now blocked due to maintenance of the bridge on Yamuna river.

Result? The communication between south Delhi and Noida-Greater Noida has been disrupted totally. No transport. Only private cars are managed to pass! Why no public transport? Noida Phase II, Noida SEZ, Sector 37.. you can see huge crowed and over-crowded buses sometimes. Suggested Ashram route is over populated, costly and time taking for people based in Faridabad, Badarpur, Sarita Vihar. I travel this way and just able to manage my office timing by walking a long distance from Sector 37 to Sarita Vihar. ImageSometimes you are lucky enough to get an extra-charging auto to manage your peaceful journey to home. Nice Christmas gift for people! I was accompanied by so many people, ladies and girls! walking to reach their room safely. They are not complaining, just wanted to reach home as soon as they can! 

Delhi, anyone can demand the fast life anytime. You have one of the most expensive office places, world’s best company offices and one of the highest petrol price! Now, what you are going to give these walking-working class people in return? The same crowed I used to watch, sleeping after a working day, sleeping because they know, they have to spend time with their family after returning home or have to cook food! Four days! two working days has been passed, till now Govt is not able to settle few buses on road to serve the people. Who knows, after 9 AM their office entry will be closed and after 9 PM their family will go to sleep! So, walk. Govt. can’t help you, help yourself. 


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