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Let’s Breathe Our Soul


It is your life and knowledge, enriches as you grow older and for most of the cases, wiser!

You grows across years, ages, eras, decades….. leap years. You feel the changes while your brain and behavior absorbs them! You learn how to earn a life and your ego pays your attitude!

Finally, we know few things of human life but most of the basics or ground level rules!

Lots of Aantlamo! If you are not Bengali, ‘Aantlamo’ is a unique acting quality of every human being helps you to pretend someone else, who actually is not the same from your inner life insights. Personality disguise! In simple words, Amir Khan!

No matter, what the context is, his PR team starts promoting “Satyameva Jayate!” They forget about “Incredible India!”.

What might a Non-Bollywood Follower can think? who never watched Lagaan, Darsheel Safary, Karishma Kapoor’s lips, Amir Khan’s radio fashion and many others comes in your mind… The man, who is scared about Indian fury is promoting India!

Thanks to the number of Twitter Addict Bollywood Fans, keep remembering him so many times.

For Bollywood, Twitter is a huge Investment scope! In India, people care more about Bollywood rumors than a national cause. This is how the trending page in India looks like:



We Love You Salman




4 Years Of Parineeti Chopra

9 Days For Dilwale

Love can be unconditional, but ‘Birthday Month’! Really!! Even Indian Gods have max two days reserved for the occasion. These are actually in the list of most tweeted topics in India. People in India are not celebrity influenced, they are celebrity effected!

Surprisingly these twitter users don’t change.

So when, in few days, Delhi is going to experience a different practice (Yes! #OddEvenRule) and more than half population according to a survey report is against the rule implication… Surprisingly social media is not that concerned about air pollution, new adjustments to be done, special issues and routes, Govt priorities, car pull, Special announcement from Ola and Uber on rate cutting during the pilot project to help a global cause named “Environment”, so-called social media activists are not trying to cheer up or unite Delhi people to give this initiative a chance.

Actually People are getting bored of all these political dramas. Modi started ‘Swatch Bharat’ and now the situation is, if you need a place to dispose your plastic bottle, you need to turn on your GPS and search the dustbin locator! Or keep walking next two to three kilometer, you can certainly find one bin for public use.

Mr. Kejriwal, it’s January and people are good with walking few extra miles. How Delhi will struggle with over-tempered sun of May-April? Ok! I guess, we have enough time to re-implement the public transport system accordingly.

Come on Delhi people! You have gained enough knowledge and we can do it. For the shake of our city. Let’s breathe our soul.


#IWish: What People Wish On Twitter

People talk, people meet people and share so many things via conversations, chats, songs expressions, body languages and so many ways! Still so many things remain unsaid, unexpressed. Social media made the world connected enough but still human don’t have any solution to express few wishes. It seems people are too shy or life give a little space for them to share their feelings. I never thought wishing on social media can be so interesting. I found few interesting. Here is some for you.


#AaRahiHaiModiSarkar: A Happy & Hopeful India


16th May 2014. So many good things in India and positive vibes across India. Lets taste some positiveness on the very special day. People are excited and expecting a exponentially positive booster to Indian Economy. Today I noticed all the office boys, data-entry people, managers, executives are happy about the result. Even my mom, who never talked about politics, called me up to express her excitement about the new Govt! The Chayewala near my office building with a smiley face, “Aur Sir, Modi Ji Jeet Gaye Hain”.

Facebook, Twitter are only flashing one name, “Modi”

One of my friend posted, “Har Har Modi.. Ghar Ghar Modi.” another one I liked, “I took an Off to Support My Modi. Go Modi , GO India”


And, What about me? I am very happy. I am feeling like I can see the road to success and I can feel the speed, Modi is going to lead us to reach there. My last request to Modi Ji,

Dear MODI Ji
In your quest and eagerness to replicate Gujarat model….
Please do not make India a dry nation.
I cannot drive to neighboring countries



Funny Takes/Jokes on Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt will be surprised: What these people actually want to do?

In Two States, she just acted as an IIM student and people are making jokes of her brain? Industry already started compering her with ‘newcomer’ Kareena Kapoor. Alia Bhatt left her education to make a career in Film Industry. No, I mean she can be a fashion designer any time.

The trending girl of foolishness is effecting the viral wall of social media. Let’s take a look on two-liners and jokes: Image

Fact: if you like comparing yourself to your friends.


I mean wow! stop there. Does she really have a mind to paint?





Really Funny..


A clap for this.


No matter, how many fans and official/unofficial fan pages she has.


Another one with Deepika.


Papa’s Girl factor.


Few days back, she came to ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’. Her childish behavior and a wrong tendency to comment on all situation was just awful. She should learn, where to keep herself quite.

new 1

And when her dumbness is on Coffee With Karan:


new 2


Management Blogger

Enough now…….Image


And take some from Twitter:


For More Alia Bhatt Jokes, Find the link below:

After Alia Bhatt, Social Media is trending the funny series on Tiger Shroff. Check out the trends on another blog: Funny Notes On Tiger Shroff

Shame on You: #Mumbai

Vote 2014

Vote 2014

Unexpected! Anybody can rule Mumbai. Out of 10, 3 people cast their vote. So, go for any two of them and rest 8 people don’t care. Lowest vote percentage among all major cities and Twitter is requesting them to go out and Vote. Mumbaikars had made this a holiday. Funny thing is, few days ago Raj Thackeray came on a news channel and expressed his desire to be the CM of Maharashtra. Don’t worry Mr. Thackeray it is a easy job for you. At least, Mumbai People don’t care, who comes in and who goes out.

Lakme salons offered a 50% off on haircut, for the customers cast their vote. Red FM took the buzz over everything with DDB Mudramax via “Dabaa Ke Bajaa”. Star-Tweets and selfie. Mumbai people proved one more time, they feel more heat in-front of a small screen with a dumb reality show.  Many malls and retail outlets offered discounts on products to encourage Mumbai people to cast their vote. Hopeless!

Check out some funny comments on Mumbai Voting rates..


A city shows guides the country. Towns, small cities follow your trends. Mumbai, you just painted your face with dark black. Use it on your finger.

New Face Of ‘Social Recruiting’ – #CoolestInterviewEver


Exposing in a brighter and bigger way is the basic outcome of a perfect digital marketing campaign. Buzz and viral marketing definitely makes things more bigger and better within no time.

Recruitment and Money is definitely a big thing and when the concerned organization is HCL. No doubt, HCL’s #COOLESTINTERVIEWEVER was created to be a blockbuster on social media. It happened. Along with prominent print media coverage on Business Standard, Mint and online portals like Firstbiz, etc on 12th February 2014, the campaign had gathered a major chunk of visibility from online and offline target group.


Simply participate and in addition to an opportunity to work on strategic projects with HCL, the winner will receive up to $75,000, as more specifically detailed in the terms and conditions, and access to an HCL leadership mentor in his or her particular field. One winner and 5 options to choose for the winner to explore in next one year!

Join as Ideapreneurship Evangelist, Big Data Guru, Hacker-in-Chief, Digital Voyager or Womenspiration. Such a broad aspect of exploring the world class learning facilities! So attractive!

Who can stop himself/herself participating?

The participating process was well buzzed on HCL’s twitter account.





Starting 10th February, till 17th 22.1k tweets!! What a trajectory!!

Easy participation, initially it was respond six consecutive questions and join the contest, now it is three questions. Anyhow these norms are managing the twitter feed and controlling the buzz. This ‘control’ factor is going to help measuring the campaign effectiveness.

Apurva Chamaria, director and head, global brand and digital marketing, HCL Technologies, said, “At HCL we always believe in creating ‘best in class’ or ‘first in class’ global campaigns and the #coolestinterviewever remains true to the spirit. We have pushed the boundaries of twitter as a platform and the response has been enormous. Both ITSA and Frog Ideas has done a phenomenal job of bringing the campaign vision to life.” The campaign has clocked the total global engagement of 1,13,575 (as on 17 February), including replies, tweets, re-tweets and favorites. “Organic reach of the campaign has been phenomenal. Spread across 102 countries, there was coverage of 220 million individuals. Asia has been the most responsive continent,” informed Chamaria. The number of participants has crossed 70,000  with people who were not on Twitter joining the platform to participate, he added.


Following few successful accounts in the contest, I have discovered, many of them just opened their account for only to participate this process! Now, I must say, these people are going to enjoy their twitter journey in a comfortable way. Such campaigns are definitely going to change the social media world; actually this media is meeting its ultimate concentration. I personally never felt such comfort on twitter ever, knowing my each word is going to be scrutinized well and reaching the world in seconds!

Here is the magic, HCL has done.

Now I am checking my twitter account in every 5 minutes for any updates. This is a way where interviewer is branding himself/herself. This is HCL’s ‘Employees First, Customers Second management philosophy’. Working in a big company with a dream profile and with the global leaders is a dream for everyone. Though the engaged people with this campaign are from different ages and profiles, many of them will not join HCL, or will search next company within a week, the prize money itself attracting the major population. Let’s see, how cooler it can be.

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