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‘We are happy!’… A Daily Passenger


Somebody told me, when I was sweating in a over-crowded public bus, runs between Delhi and Noida. I knew the man for last 10 months and didn’t knew his name. We never asked. All the connection with him was a bus that runs on a scheduled time through a scheduled route. Not only the speaker, I knew every person who use that particular transport to reach their office every morning. They are the daily passengers and surprisingly these people use the same part of the bus.

That old mustached person, I found him sitting on the back-seats for last 10 months! May be the fake-leather cover has been reshaped by his weight. That sharp-eyed guy with long hair, I have seen him standing just beside the seats, reserved for ladies. It is the same scenario every morning. We all are going to the office, to earn few bucks, to have some fun! Few people are sleeping, at-least maximum of them who usually managed to have a comfortable seat, sleeps and the person standing beside him, try to pass the pressure of crowd to the sitting one! This is okay for everyone and the conductor is pushing the passenger in-front of him, while collecting the fare.

Here is the difference between a product and a service ‘the feelings of ownership’. If you are Imageusing a same-company product for your entire life, you can consider yourself as a brand-loyal person, but when you are using a service everyday for one year or more than that, you can feel the ownership more for every purchase. So, ‘My bus’.

Haan! have you ever noticed the changes in the mindset between an office goer and home returning person?

The same person, while going to the office is more concerned about himself and busy taking calls from boss or higher management, but after a day’s work, the same person allows an older person to share his seat! I have noticed the same type of openness from ladies also. They just try to enjoy the journey-period to home. It may be for 5 minutes or an hour,  people always have a tendency to share and feel the happiness. Less calls, stressed out people. Older people used to take a deep power-nap before reaching home. May be they have some more surprises waiting at home! Specially the group from same office, increase the intimacy. They share jokes to make everyone laugh. They refresh themselves with others. This time, they remember small incidents of the day and they smile.

They are Happy. The man told me, when I asked, ‘How are you?’ this evening.


One response to “‘We are happy!’… A Daily Passenger

  1. C.J. Black March 23, 2013 at 9:52 p03

    Good to have found you, thanks for dropping by.


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