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Childhood Stories with a Real Plot


Blog is the perfect place to create a serious awareness about hot and happening issues or facts and definitely not for the childhood stories. Everyone must have such 5 stories still in their memory (Let us know, if you don’t have; you would see me recommending to start meeting old friends). But the stories, you heard from your mom at an age, when you started knowing your complete family and meeting them (Also, you know the name of your class teacher and your drawing miss!) and then you confirmed the same story with a few modifications from your friends! Now you have a complete plot in your mind. Actually you can visualize the building, the dark night, when the dacoits came and looted the temple. It was raining and they took away all the gold jewelries and the main sculpture.
Suddenly, you realize the century old temple is somewhere nearby your town and you asked for a visit. Your parents took you there and you found the main door is half broken as the God never wanted to come back to the old temple.
Yes! The sculpture was taken away and the dacoits preferred the nearest jungle as a hideout. You visited the jungle already and few more times with your friends! The plot was live in your mind.  You visited as they said, the God-sculpture was vanished as they entered the jungle.
Now, you have a situation. You have the place, you have the local history and you have a desire to find out the old sculpture or at least the jewelries. You easily give up because your parents had already rebuked you as you are frequently traveling the jungles.
One day you realize that so many people already scanned the jungle even before you heard about the story. Fact is! there are so many stories like this one in Jhargram with a picture perfect plot! You don’t believe this? Google it!!


Don’t Leave Your Passion


When I meet up with my old pals, they often ask me, “Are you still writing poems?”

I started writing poems too early in my life, even I was not at an age, where I can tell people the meaning of the word ‘poem’. I kept writing and realized the word, “Surprise”. Cause, I used to surprise myself with some good poems sometimes. I used to run to my neighbor’s house, whenever I wrote a good poem. Cause my neighbor, aunty, always appreciated me to write more. So, no matters it was a good poem I just wrote or published in a new magazine, I had lots of work. To meet every person I know and read out the poem from diary or magazine.

Local magazine publishers used to meet me regularly seeking new poems or short stories. What a celebrity life I had in my childhood! I wish, I had my rest of life like that. Maybe, I have a dependable career now, but nothing can beat the winning taste of reading out your own poem, from a fresh magazine.

I still miss the feeling. After joining an engineering course, followed by an MBA, I might secure my life and balance in salary slip, I lost a major part of my life definitely. Sometimes, when I feel the demand for people, I used to be someday, I still can feel the child, running towards his father with the print out of job vacancy, “Dad, I wish today I had the power to apply for this job.”

I can’t say, “Dad! You ruined my life.”

I destroyed it. Any course or anything can’t stop you to continue your passion. I neglected and now I am regretting it.

So, my suggestion from my experience is simple. If you have a passion for anything, don’t leave it.

All the best!

The Illogical India: A Date With Bihar


“One thing you must notice Pinaki, Bihari people always have a logic, whatever they speak.”

After a safe landing at Patna Airport, we preferred to take a train to reach Begusarai to attend my roommate’s wedding. My first ever trip to Bihar and it was the horny April and the sun was biting every possible exposed body-parts of mine. Due to wedding season, there is no car available for rent and surprisingly in Patna, a State Capital City doesn’t have a proper car-rental services. No Ola Cabs, no Taxi for Sure or not even a Prasad or Babua Taxi services! The city seems like, under-construction or by modern terms you can call it Developing City. The last one kilometre towards Rail-station had a broader road properly divided to make it a two-ways and one side was completely clear, while our rickshaw puller was struggling to move an inch!

Our three other friends were also travelling from Delhi. Kallol, Krishna and Ritesh. We all five in total. Karishna and Ritesh are from Bokaro city, Anshuman from Ranchi and left two, Kallol and me from West Bengal. I am just mentioning the state’s name, because I am not sure, when I will publish the blog, the names of our town can change. Whatever, Kallol, Krishna and Ritesh were supposed to catch us or we were supposed to catch them in Patna! Thanks to Indian Railway, that was pretty impossible, so Anshuman and I decided to reach the destination as soon as possible, as we can take rest for at-least two hours at the hotel.

We left Patna for the first time. Co-passengers are talkative and curious. We managed to have a red-hot semi-upper wooden seats. The typical Bihari tone is awesome! You can never realize if they are rebuking you or requesting you. “Babuji, tanik payr hathailio.” (Sir, please remove your legs)

Initially I thought, he was threatening me, “If you don’t remove your legs, I will cut it into pieces”.

We got a co-passenger who was also travelling to Begusarai, carrying a note book. His hair was completely white, tough his physique was so young! I tried to find the reason of this discrepancy in his half-open notebook. It was a class twelve standard maths problem solved by two different approach. It was initially a shock and then I realized, I am in Bihar. Where people stop struggling to get into IIT for a graduation till they die. A Bihari dictionary starts with the word, IIT, the second word is obviously Government Job then comes Dowry, Bill Gates, Contractors, Litti-Chokha, Sattu, Burbak, Sex, Hot Girls and so on. The half-aged JEE Aspirant is still struggling to prove Left hand side equals to write hand side of a class twelve standard problem.

It was 22nd April and the harvesting period was over. The world on two sides of the railway track was deadly dry and naked. The sun was working extra-time and the train was trying our patience. My expectation about Begusarai was decreasing at a faster speed than the train had.

The hotel was previously booked. We reached and ordered beer. The body was badly heated, chilled beer was working like a medicine. It was tough for the second group, who joined us two hours later, to wake us up. An Indian marriage normally made in heaven and in Bihar, marriage is made by family-persons and seniors. The senior of a Bihari family is a tougher subject than Sanskrit. For an event like marriage, they will claim all the credits without contributing to anything. For themselves, their presence is the most valuable. As expected, the total marriage ceremony was a mirage and complete disaster. Miss-Management, lack of basic planning, we started feeling like, “Is this something we travelled that much for?”

One more ill-logical thing about the marriage ceremony was, the groom and his father had least value in the crowed. The car drivers seemed to be the head of the event, the Band-Bazza team was the most important persons like, when everybody was trying to concentrate to food, we were requesting them, “Sir, please go for a happy-tuned music”. Ugly sadist music, less number of tracks. Luckily we were drunk enough to ignore all these. We left the venue early. Hotel was the only comfort-zone but to reach there, we were supposed to travel another seventy kilometre! Bhang and Weed trees everywhere was a cool reminder for us that we are actually in Bihar.  Where police means sponsored parties, Government means Lalu Prasad Yadav and everything else is virtual.

Next morning, it was time to comeback. All the drivers of reserved cars for the marriage were drunk enough not to wake up at 10 AM. Not a single train available that can help us to reach Patna by 6 PM! So we went for a bus. At the ticket counter, we were double assured that we will reach Patna by 4 PM! We were on a national highway and there was not enough space for two heavy vehicles. Patna contractors ate all the budgets! The route took us across poorest villages, damaged roads and un-expected bus-stops. A bus that travels a 200 Kilometre route every day was providing door-to-door services for the passengers. We were definitely getting late. The driver informed, it will be at least 6 PM to reach Patna. We had a reservation on 6.15 PM at Patna! Before coming here, we heard a lot about Gandhi Setu, which is another disaster for the entire state. Normally any construction is made to enrich the human life. Gandhi Bridge is the most harmful name after Lalu Prasad Yadav for Bihar. After construction, it got damaged so many times and the major construction works are still on. A ten kilometre long bridge, un-expectedly narrow. It took minimum one hour for any vehicle to cross the bridge and maximum is – you people are smart enough to imagine. It’s like asking Michael Schumacher to sit on an Old BSA cycle and ask him, Go, win the F1 race. Ask a thirsty person to pull the water from a half-filled glass of water via a ten meter long straw. A bridge, connecting half of the state to the capital city is this tiny!

I would like to interview the engineers who planned the bridge.

“Mr. Engineer, What was the difference between the budgeted cost and actual cost?”

“Mr. Engineer, How you matched right hand side with the left hand side?”

The bus, we were travelling, was three hours late and we were late by about an hour to reach the Railway station! Believe me, the train itself was 4 hours late to reach Patna station and 10 hours late to reach New Delhi!

How Govt. forgot those people? How they are lagging behind so much! Even thousand Bill Bhaiya needed for a massive change here.

I am sorry Anshuman! I can’t find any logic here..


Rishikesh Diary 8: Fudging Relationship

This is a continuation. Please find the Seventh and Last part here:


Harry joined me in five minutes with two coffee mugs.

‘So it was the end of Issabela part of your life?’ I expected something more.


‘It seems you don’t carry much regrets.’ I teased.

‘Life is too short to carry regrets. You should move-on from everything not with you anymore. Carrying past is put a burden on your future. I know sometimes that’s tough enough. It’s the trick of life, the more successful you are, as soon as you can forget the depressions. Cause, for every misshapen in your life, depression is quite natural.”

The guide is talking like a saint!

The river can create a philosopher inside any formation of human body. Cool!

Harry stood up. “Buddy it’s already late, you must need a sleep.”

3.00 AM!! OMG! I need to sleep now otherwise I will miss the fresh morning of Rishikesh.

“We will meet up here tomorrow morning. You can join us for rest of the day.” Harry just threw few ripe strawberries. I might have a chance to experience the life for one day!

“Us means, your client?”

“Yup! She is in Delhi for last one year.”



As usual I missed the sunrise and was having a late morning walk towards Shivpuri. I found Harry with his client on a bike. They were going towards the falls.

“Why don’t you join us?” asked Harry.

“I guess it’s too early for me.”

“Don’t worry we will be late” It’s not Harry. Invitation from a mid-aged lady.

“Meet Samantha! She stays in Delhi”


I joined them for a falls-bath. Samantha is from London. She had a family connection with India and took the first flight to reach India after her father’s funereal.

“My grand-pa was posted in Delhi.”

Nice! What you do in Delhi?

“I live with a late night CATI centre. Where do you stay?”


“Oh! Too close.” Specific answers!

We travelled about 3 Miles towards the next hill. Peaceful place and naturally beautiful. Samantha took of her outfit apart from bikini.

“Let’s enjoy sunbathe first.”

I smiled and walk towards the fall raising my brand-new Canon! The color of Himalaya greens looks awesome even in automatic mode. I am least interested to have sunbathe but will enjoy a small chat with Samantha.

Came back to the previous point. Harry is helping her to rub creams on her back. Looking happy much expressive and seems enjoying her companion. Or he is just used to be expressive with his client.

I was trying to check my emails on my Smartphone. Harry is preparing joints.

Samantha called my name. ‘What do you do on weekends?’


Rishikesh Diary 7: Ganges and the People

This is a continuation. Please find the sixth and previous part here:


Ganges! The river serving two countries and uncountable people, you can never imagine the number but feel it yourself. Such a refreshing bath, you can never have anywhere in the world. I dipped my bare feet into the chilled water. Best ever foot-message I ever had in my life. Today the world’s population is so high and the river still does magic with us! Indian mythology was majorly based on the River. The water is flowing since the world could figure-out the importance of society. Then people across the world came here, across the bank of the river they realized the importance of civilization. Saints came here to discover the God. Later atheists came to disapprove their realization. Tourists came take the feel of snow-shaded views, so the businessmen. Aged people came in search of good health, so the doctors and Ayurveda-experts! Everyone is connected, everybody came and the river alone served all of them across the documented and non-documented history. Wise people started realizing the importance of the river and announced it Holy River. People started worshiping it. Dear my great grand-grand-grand-grandfather, thanks a lot. Otherwise this river could be a national drainage system. Mental blockage is effective preservation system.

The entire town is sleeping. Only this river never sleeps. When all people are stepping in REM sleep state, the river is rebuilding its way. I wish I could have a bath, but it’s too cold.

I return to the ashram. Harry is instructing a foreigner traveler, how to reach Neelkanth Temple by feet. I had the experience once. No instructions needed actually, even if you don’t know the local languages, some hilly roads will guide you to places.


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Rishikesh Diary 6: Isabelle – Coolness Mistaken

This is a continuation. Please find the Fifth Part here:


I had some idea about French girls. Most of them are party freak, adorable and too much proud about their culture, heritage, styles and so many things, even the quality of toilet paper they use. They love India because of cheap marijuana and cigarettes. Romantic type of people but their romance express only via their classic movies and songs.

I took few cigarette packets and an OCB paper as a gift for Isabelle, the new girl from the Paris city.

– Bonjour!

– Bonjour!

– Vous etes Harry?

– Vous me avez reconnu !

I was so well described to her! God also stay confused about women!

Next morning I shifted to Isabelle’s Suite. She was a pure weed-girl and sometimes you need it when you have to adjust yourself with an unexpected pal. I started comparing Isabelle with Sarah.

For every moment I suddenly started remembering Sarah and every moment I stated feeling irritated with Isabelle. I started hating her designer dresses, curly hair and her louder passion of intercourse. May be she was not able to understand my mental state traits. She started continuing her style of life. In mid of our contract, I resigned.”

Harry waved a perfect ring from his Chillam. Waves started playing with the purest land and wind in the world. It seems that somebody pressed the mute button of the entire earth and only the sound of liquid energy is audible across its wires.

“That is the second and last time, I made a mistake in my Job.” Harry put a caps lock on to deliver the word, Job.

“I think this is the coolest job, anybody ever can imagine.” I wanted to tell him so many times before.

“No!” Harry stopped me. “Controlling your brain for a job is like attending a gym and controlling your heart and emotions in a relationship is like Yoga, It looks cool from outside but more tough.”

“Does all these relationships effect you now?” Maybe like the porn-stars, do they feel personal in an on-screen sex?

“I don’t feel anything, but I am supposed to hide that from my partner, otherwise, she can feel dissatisfied. When you are into this life, you have to act like a porn-star on camera every moment, when you are with your client.”

This bastard can read my mind! I stepped towards the Ghat. Badly need some fresh air in my lungs.


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Rishikesh Diary 5: Referral Expects you to Smile!

This is a continuation. Please find the 4th part here


Sarah left India to join a Paris based fashion university. The Himalayan Range started hating me. The river suddenly turned into my friend of solitude. My life seems stopped and I stopped meeting people. Life becomes a boar, when you stopped meeting new people. The entire Rishikesh seemed to be some other place, like I was never here.

I wanted to go back to my native place. I still can complete my B E. After a unexpected break-up, boys actually start behaving like an adult. I started feeling the same.

I was about to leave Rishikesh, my old friend Sebastian called me. He had another job for me. Sarah recommended me to some other girl from her university. She is now in India, wanted me as a guide. Grt! Sarah…

Initially I thought not to accept the offer. I need some time to get over the mental accident I was going through.

Sebastian smiled and said that he knows everything about my mental condition as Sarah already said everything to him before leaving India. Sebastian was carrying a note for me left by Sarah.

“Dear Harry,

I guess, I know how you are feeling right now. Life is too small to think about the past days and moving forward is the eternal meaning of it. We cannot stay together for the entire life. I hope you will remember those days as one of your happy days and I expect you to smile remembering every crazy things we have done together.

We will meet someday very soon.

Lots of love… Sarah”

I took the piece of paper and read those lines entire night. Sometimes reading something is more relaxing than just a sleep


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Rishikesh Diary 4: Sarah & The Divine Connections

Please find First, Second and Third Part here.


Harry paused for a while. He was searching his memory about Sarah. According to him, the most beautiful lady, he had met ever. Romanian girls, resembles some princes of a dreamland.

“Sarah was in India to search the basics of Gita and Hindu culture. She was just too curious. I learnt Gita from her. Probably the only Indian, learnt our about our holy-book from a European. I was aware about Gita, but not in such deep form of it. One day she gifted an Iskcon published copy of the ‘holy Indian Bible’. I started reading it and felt recovered from all my mistakes and losses. Gita has such a divine impact on any life you cannot deny once you will read it.

The best thing about Gita is, no matter who you are, where you are from, you always have many people around you and incidents in your memory. You will start relating to your life.”

“Apart from learning Gita, what else you have done with Sarah?” I asked.

“Sarah was too much moved by the Iskcon logics of life and soul. So, she asked me to travel to Mayapur and Nabadwip, where Sri Chaitanya born.”

“In West Bengal?”

“Yes! That is last time, I visited my village, my villa”

“You took Sarah to your Villa?”

“Yes, after visiting Mayapur. We had our first intercourse there. She was surprised to know I have a Villa.

Suddenly I had so many reasons to marry her.”

“Did you proposed her?”

“She was enough smart to understand the mental condition of a boy with whom she is travelling places for almost one month.”

True! Girls has the power to read a boy’s mind. Especially when the boy close enough like an open book. Sarah was a traveller in India, who came for some reasons and desired her guide’s body to satisfy her need. Now a young Indian has a by-default defect to have initial unconditional love for the lady, with whom he lost his virginity. It might be improper, imperfect, with no satisfaction or full of errors, if you are an Indian boy, you always have a deep respect for that lady.

“Though we had a lot of logical differences, I was madly in love.

I think, Sarah understood that too. She extended her returning ticket one more month, but with a condition, I have to say her good bye after one months. Till the time, let the love to blow across the river Ganges! Less understood but accepted considering a prepaid love card! Sometimes, you don’t need to find logic in a Woman’s desire and understanding.

We came back to Rishikesh and suddenly felt the difference between being and not being in love. I started loving the city completely in a new way. Those green mountains, I used consider my client’s interest, just turned into something to stare at. My whole day was engaged into Sarah’s daily life. I was amazed watching the beautiful sunrise on the way to Neelkanth Temple from where, the town looks like an enlarged google map with greener shades. I was surprised! ‘How did you found this sunrise point?’ She smiled and replied, ‘Apart from you the entire world thinks I am a Hippy.’

I stood confused like a Bengali after ducking Tamil Joke!


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Rishikesh Diary 3: Coffee Connects Better

We are on third continuation of a guide’s life-story. Please find the First & Second part of it here:


“Things were not that systematically arranged those days.” Harry passed the hot coffee. He runs a popular café come tea-shop at a walking distance from the Nilkanth Ashram.

“You are here for a longer time period, why you are not into other things, rather than this tea-shop?” I asked. Being a fresh MBA, sometimes I give more importance to prominent profits. But, experience speaks louder than anything.

“My major business is not selling tea, coffee or Hash. My business is all about networking and also people have lesser options to have a fine coffee, specially when you are into Rishikesh. You have only Tea and Coffee.” Harry is a peaceful business mind. Yes! You cannot find a wine shop at Rishikesh. “You don’t need too much money to serve your dollar earning clients.”

“People are now coming at a good number now-a-days. The so called Development took place after Uttaranchal became separate. This place is divine place since the Aryans. An inherited intellectuality and cultural mix is the key-strength of this place.”

I know. I have been in Rishikesh for many times before on personal interest.

Original owner of this location is Gadwals. Rude, when they speak or react verbally. Not at the Jaath Level, but they have a bad tone while communicating. Gadwali music is equally sweet! They can own a villa like any ITC Hotel, where it takes three days of trekking to reach the villa. I wonder, how they transport all the equipment and raw materials!

Why Ganga was so important for Indian civilization, definitely the same condition in today’s scenario, you can feel, while you travel Haridwar and Rishikesh. Uncountable number of people are earning or managing their daily meals, depending upon the river Ganga. May be someday an educated Bengali came over there and found a new source of income. Being a male-guide. Managing client’s all type of requirements to be fulfilled on time. I already said, it is a different kind of job! You have a good income and higher job satisfaction but no pay-slip and tax-submission documents. Income comes as a gift! Even sometimes, gift from past clients as an incentive, you receives late! I am being a bit jealous!

“How you became a guide?”

Harry smiled. “While selling teas and coffee, I met Sebastian, a Romanian doctor. He was working as trip manager for a trekking company. Being a general physician, he got all the advantages for being in demand.

One day Sebastian called me, he was heading a team towards Gomukh Tapovan Trek. With a French Group. He asked me to take care of Sarah, for a month. Sarah was a Romanian too. Blue-eyed, well-shaped body, simply beautiful. She had a Bi-cycle to travel the world near-by. So, I was gifted a bi-cycle too to give her a proper companion. Sarah was in-fact the first girl, I have a regular interaction in my life. The common foreigner concepts doesn’t work for her. I was not that aware about her country, so I started learning her. I think, this is the reason, he started liking about me. I shifted to her hotel room on the very first day. After my mom, the second women in my life, I shared a blanket with.”


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Rishikesh Diary 2: Remembering is Rearranging

This is a continuation, find the first part here:


“I told you that I never seen my dad in my life. Not a single memory. Everything I had in my life was my mother. My Dad left nothing but a half-destroyed villa, few jewelleries and a Zaminder logo with us. I grown-up like five other poor child. Mom was a bit educated, so I inherited some good English language from her. I was a bright student at school and started attending classes at Jadavpur University as a Mechanical Engineering student. I have started staying far away from my mom, met new people, pals and professors. Engineering life has so many things to introduce in your life. I have a long list of all these, that stated with Marijuana. I stated taking weeds, alcohol and soon I stated feeling my life so interesting even without my mom. One day I was smoking last joint of weed, Chotu, my neighbour brought me the news.. My mom was no more!!

She kept hiding her physical conditions considering my education could get effected. Suddenly I realized, my life has nothing to live for. I came to Rishikesh and this was my first face to face connection with the Himalaya and closer relation with the river Ganges! I had no money with me, so I stated staying at Nilkanth Ashram. I used to clean the dresses, floors, plates of the foreigners use to stay at that Ashram. A perfectly single person in the world, like me, the amount I used to get as a tip was just more than my expectation. So, I found a source of Income.

As a young Indian from some decent village area of West Bengal, staying with so many foreigners was definitely an excitement. I started learning different languages. Atleast the basics of it. Language as a knowledge is always an advantage, when you have an inadequate source of practicing it.

I shifted myself as a Jugadu Executive over there, you know, who manages their marijuana stock, travel guide, bike driver- specially when your client is well-doped and almost senseless. I opened a small tea-stall inside the Ashram. You can get ample amount of weed, tea and good companion round the clock.

Suddenly, I started loving my life.”

Harry talking keeping his eyes closed. The way someone is taking out few diamonds out digging his memory.

Oops! Remembering is not digging out, it is rearranging the slowed down phases of your life.


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Rishikesh Diary 1: Meet Harry over a Chillam


“Either everything was wrong or it was mine.” A semi-dark Indian at half of his age, slightly curly hair, relaxed and settled by unconscious fingers. A wooden smoky pipe half-burnt hanging from his lips. Sipped rest of the chai like the sun dropped on another side of the Himalaya. “My name is not Harry, someone changed it. My mom used to call me Haridayal. My root of Indian citizenship is West Bengal. My great-grand father was a Zaminder over there.”

We met at a tea-stall four years ago. Definitely that was not so impressive meeting. I went to Rishikesh with some of my college-friends. Harry was busy with a foreigner to give her a warm neck message. We were highly curious about the couple. We thought Harry might be a close-guide, who can touch closer body parts of a lady. Permitted with pleasure and highly paid!

I guess, it is the most desired job for any college going student. Being jealous, we passed comments, like so many Delights, college students had a tendency to touch or to comment on whatever the like. Harry turned angry, was totally unexpected even that lady approached us!

Same day, we were smoking weed on road side benches with few Babajis, a local police start screaming. First he started rebuking the Babajis and then turned to us. We were enough blank to think about a possible answer.  We saw Harry, watching us from a nearby café. He invited us to take the rest of weed at his café. Grt! So we stepped in the café and got amazed! It was just beside the Ganga and it had an open side that can take you to a Ghat of the river Ganges. There is a common coffee machine and a Shivling. People are sitting around the Ling smoking weeds Chillams and so many.. Really! It was a heaven for the people who love to smoke something 100% natural!

Harry invited us to join the team. He is so nice! It might cost some money but we were ready to pay anything to enjoy the divine smoke with chilled breeze direct from the Ganges. Dimmed light and bright skins of smokers. We were amazed! Just awesome fucking AMAZED!!

“Don’t smoke outside, on the road or Ghats. Families come here for a better reason than yours. Why don’t you join us? You have your own stuff? If you want to smoke more, you can buy directly from any Baba sitting here or I can offer my stuffs to you.”

  • No, thanks! We will purchase from Babas, if we need more.

We were obliged already. He introduced us to his girlfriend Anna. Anna was a bit confused face-girl with a sharper thinking process. We spent that night with Harry and Anna, smoking weeds and smoky coffee was enough to rest our soul with a divine feelings.

That was our first pleasant meeting with Harry.

“Call me Harry, I lost my name Haridayal with my mother in Ganga. I came to Rishikesh to fulfil her last wish, to perform her last rituals at Rishikesh Ganga. I was only eighteen at that time. I never seen my dad in my life.”

“You came all along from Bengal?” The river crosses Bengal too.

“My mother came once at her young age here and loved this place so much.”

We are chatting on the same café. Almost same type of people smoking weeds surrounding the same Shivling. After our first meeting, this is the fourth time, we are meeting each other and four times with different women.

“How you manage this?”


“Long list of girl-friends?”

“I am not a Playboy!” Harry claimed. I know that, every time he is so connected to his partner that reflects the strong bondage of relationship.

“I do it for my living.”

“Nice Hobby” I teased.

“Idiot! It’s my Job”

Really! Ahe! I thought it right. He is a guide come caretaker come yoga-trainer come source of booze and all kind of security provider to alone women come to Rishikesh.

“Are you married?”

“No, living with partners since I was 20.”

Harry is throwing bouncers. ‘I want to know your life-story.’ I really do.

“Sure!” Harry promised passing me the chillam. “Press it before you smoke.”


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Ethnic Tribal culture of India: Palas Parbon – An Initiative

Purulia is a district at south-west corner of West Bengal. A mysterious area, if we try to consider it as its cultural aspects. I hope you have seen the Satyajit Ray movie, Agantuk. A major part of Purulia’s population is ethnic tribal people.

They live in Jungle, they collect their food from Jungle,  their songs are usually on stories on Jungle or their immense love for Jungles. Their Chhau Dance, their Tusu songs are the simplest expressions towards basic love, Kanasai River and nature. Here is a Tusu Song for you:

or, when it about their love for daughters. you can find a conceptual similarity with Durga Puja with Tusu festival. Both are daughters of Bengali culture.

One is rich and famous and another is ladli of a poor farmer. The first Video is all about the mix of tribal music.

If you want to explore most of them, Here is a concept for you: Palas Parban on 5th and 6th March 2014. Don’t forget Odomos and a Torch. Spend full-moon nights in Jungle-Tent House, Have some Mahua and Tadi, lit-up a fag and just say: Incredible India.

palas parbon

10 Things to Do In Engineering Hostel Life

Engineering life is a resourceful time. Especially when you are staying in hostel. You have enough time to apart from classes. Labs, friends and whatever you want to do. Follow up classes regularly and skip, whichever you think, less important. If you currently in such a college it’s a best time to pick up few things. My suggestions only apply for those don’t have a girlfriend outside the college campus.

1: Learn to play a Musical Instrument: Pick up guitar. It will change your life. I bet!


2: Do an out-of-the-box project: Something that even your professor never imagined. It will assure your basic need of doing engineering, store something to discuss with your interviewers to have a detailed discussion.


3: Play a game regularly: Either it is a football or cricket.. no matters! A playground not only keeps you fit, but also help you to interact with your good seniors and professors. Play for the college team.

4: Organize the Annual Festival: You can have lesser chances, don’t worry pick a department you think you are comfortable with and arrange everything your festival need related to the department.


5: Make some good friends: Life is so uncertain and boring after your graduation. So, make sure, in-future you are not standing alone.

6: Go to some un-known dangerous places with your friends: Coz, if you cannot in your hostel life, you will never have the chance.


7: Be master in one computer game: Say it! roger that.


8: Be fan of your college band: Share their pics on social media, attend their practice sessions and clap for their initiatives.

9: Taste every good or bad habits once: Don’t get addicted or don’t be regular. You must experience smokes and drinks atleast!

10: Shoot a video/short film: Never you gonna get so many characters in future around you and neither you will have time to judge them.

11: Study regular: This habit will help you to manage time for the above ten habits.  

Felt the Emotion of Writing


Everyone can remember their first essay topic. Already prepared and guided by parents, family members, ref books, TV or blogs! Mostly for the catchy causes. ‘I would like to be a Doctor/Army General/ Policeman and so many cause I want to do any of the social services’

Later we started thinking, realizing the money factor, knowing the film stars and understanding the life factor. We got so busy thinking that we started to hate the initial dreams. It re-builds automatically. I was supposed to be that guy or I wished so.

Once I dreamt to be a poet. Ok! I guess every person is poet by nature. Suddenly I started understanding the worthlessness of a dream and pennilessness of chasing it! I might not land up earning good!

Now when I saw few demands for the life I imagined once. I feel the emotion. I guess, a blog takes birth on that very moment.

The Smallest Coffins Are The Heaviest


Let me tell you a story, please read carefully.

Once upon a time, a king of from Bengal-Bihar border region, thought of having tigers to stop some small scale attacks, used to come from the table-land forest area. These people were normally the tribal people in nearby area. So, the king implemented a natural security system and spread 100 royal Bengal tigers in the outskirt forest areas. The panic spread across, few tribal killed and they usually shifted towards the east.

Not only the tribal, it was impossible for any north Indian force to attack via the jungle root!

So, the king was happy having such a perfect security system with a onetime investment only!!

Everything was going good till the tribal people got back to that idea. They found a suitable place in in south and took all the tribal leaving nearby to that place. The Jungle was now empty and with less food. The tigers came back to the king area to find out easier food and started killing innocent people, living in the king land. Till the king was even aware of it, the tigers killed many people including 145 innocent child!

Now the king wanted to kill the tigers, and invited poachers across India. A very few people approached and died during hunting. The impression spread so badly across the region, no one approached the king with a proper solution. The terror was increasing at a higher rate.

The king was not able to clear the woods, cause it was a natural guard for the state.

Finally he welcomed the tribal people, because he knew that only the people, who know the woods properly, can solve the problem. He declared huge prize money for them and gave them full control over the forest region.

It is the Pakistan, implemented Taliban and terrorists to have control across the border areas. Now when, they found nothing is in Afghanistan and international political force opposing against attacking India, the ‘tigers’ are attacking back Pakistan itself.

Here are some reactions against the barbarian attack on Army School:

Horrific: The Pakistani Taliban has murdered some 126 people, overwhelmingly kids, in an attack on a school in Peshawar. The Taliban attacks schools for a simple reason–education undermines extremism–and I wish for the same reason we would do more to support global education. In the long run, schools do more to undermine terrorists than drones do………….Nicholas Kristof

Justice for #PeshawarAttack outweighs everything else. He was the ‘elected’ PM, now he has our full support, we want justice against terror.

Dear Pakistan,

I believe you have stopped giving birth to Humans anymore. And when I say that please do not misunderstand that I mean you are giving birth to Animals. No you are not. Because I firmly believe that Animals are much better than Humans. You are giving birth to some new category which I am yet to decipher. Will let you know when I will be able to….. Well, till then….. Dunno really…………..Sneha Mukherjee

Thoughts and prayers are with the families that lost their loved ones in the school attack in ‪#‎Peshawar, ‪#‎Pakistan and the siege in ‪#‎Sydney. Rest in Peace. An incredibly sad day for all. An unnecessary loss of innocent lives………..Otara Gunewardene

Deeply hurt about incident happened in ‪#‎Peshawar ‪#‎Pakistan, yesterday, it’s shocking, how can people kill innocent children..

God please help humanity………….. Kumar Taurani

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