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Promise, Nomination, Election and ….. “Babaji ki Thullu”



Politics was a topic of debate when I was a high-school student. ‘Should a student join politics?’. The more we spoke, the less we had knowledge about this particular topic. In those 2000-2005, for a report card focused teenager, politics was just front page coverage in news paper. I went to college, met new people and started searching my own world among them. Everyday life become more limited and suddenly I discovered, politics is the repetition of same headlines and promises. Same agenda again and again. Same people so many times and the same rate of inflation over the years! Politics became a waste of time for me. 

During post graduation, Politics seemed to be a form of corruption and a face-strategy to face all the problems. I thought it negative, because, I never got any interest; I was never interested, because, I never saw any hope with politics! Neither with the white dressed politicians. Every time the politicians are the most foolish people, who don’t know how to discuss over a topic in an organized way. The most disobedient students in their school, because after so many years they still don’t know the class room manners and always create a mesh in The House of People.

If you regularly follow the Loksabha Television, you don’t need to watch ‘comedy nights with Kapil’. Illiterates!


The Kejriwal Trend is definitely an awesome move to solve the decade old problem of India Politics. Few things have been added up to Indian Politics. 49 days or some failed promises, whatever you say, Aam Aadmi Party introduced few essentials in Indian politics.

1: Higher Qualifications: Being an IIT pass-out Kejriwal initially gathered an educated society to Indian politics.

2: Professional Mixes: Indian politicians are majorly lawyers, economists, under qualified people and Actors. Now we have media persons, Engineers, Management professionals and many more. These people will lead the India now. I think the economists in parliament are the most failure people; they had no idea about R&D and technical aspects of a nation and failure to secure the economic problems.

3: Aam Aadmi: AAP enhanced the involvement of common people in Indian politics.

4: Transparency: Visible initiatives, on-time information and availability of politicians to answer queries and answers.

5: Youth: Congress initiated the youth initiatives, AAP made that possible. More young people more fresh ideas.

6: Corporate world: AAP has a magic. It pulled the crowed. Many corporate people joined AAP just to contribute to the society, even my boss who never had any interest in Indian politics.

7: One days Branding: This was never happened in Indian history. We experienced Nano to be a brand even before launching, Flip kart took few months to become the more strong online brand. 2 days to create a mass awareness and public participation for #coolestinterviewever. AAP proved if your mission is trustworthy and vision is truthful, Indian people will make you to reach the goal.

AAP is not a buzz. Better we call it a practice. Because people are adopting this style everyday. CII, Mr. Bajaj and many people like me are still waiting for the practice to be nationalized.  


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