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1885 to till date: The journey of Indian national congress has experienced the maximum ups and downs in India. It is the oldest political party operating successfully in India till now

1980 to till date: Bharatiya Janta Party successfully had a dream run across the country under many successful political leaders.


Now today if we remember the two above names, the first thing came into mind is the faces of leaders or few political cases, scandals. Coming to point, these older parties have left few symbols and incidents in common people’s mind.

Repeated scandals (CWG, Coal, 2G etc. etc.), inflation, lower GDP growth, poor job market secured the exit of Congress. In 2013, Assembly Election Results BJP was definitely a strong Jack especially after Modi’s nomination. Indian educated society was more interested to put Modi on national platform. Few weeks before the election, BJP was forced to bring Modi on the leading position.

When I am writing the article, as per the latest trends at 1.05 pm, out of the total 70 seats, the BJP is ahead in 33 seats, the AAP in 27 seats, Congress in just 8 seats and others in 2.

Congress is a complete failure in Delhi for sure and BJP, with major going to lead the capital. All the flash lights are on AAP. One year old Party has resulted the best ever possible in Indian history. No polls, no estimations reached the numbers and the party did all alone. How??

Aam Admi Party is an example of a successful brand. That launched with a buzz and sold out overnight like an Apple’s latest product. Take a look:


1: Clear Mission: To reach people in a proper way a newly introduced organization always need a strong mission.  Anti-corruption is the wave AAP reached every people of India with a clear and prominent message.

2: A Perfect launch: Anna’s movement was the front page coverage of every media. Maximum online engagement and India Gate crowed was the central attention of the world. Nothing could be a better launching platform than AAP.

3: Muslim Vote: “With Muslims forming 11 percent of electoral population in the national capital, any party eyeing the Delhi assembly, cannot ignore the community in the run-up to the November 2013 election. Muslims can influence election results in around eight of 70 assembly seats in Delhi. Muslims comprise 35-40 percent of the electorate in three seats in central Delhi and five in East Delhi.”

After Congress, AAP was their first choice. BJP has a Hindu identity, in-general Muslim community don’t like.

4: Educated and Young: With the maximum youth population, India has nothing to dream something new except AAP, where the major leaders are young. The movement for young and educated leaders had started many years ago. AAP is first prominent outcome of that effort.

5: Promotion tools and strategies: Ann’s Gandhi cap, Auto-rickshaw covers almost everyone has seen in Delhi. Metro stations, college campus areas were the completely covered by AAP campaigns. Recorded voice messages were perfectly distributed across all Delhights.

Yes! The second scorer of today’s Delhi, AAP; all the best! India is dreaming again, a new dream for a corruption free country, easy life and excellent growth. 


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