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Fellini on Absinthe and LSD: Meghe Dhaka Tara (2013)

Bengali Film industry: Redefined Look!



Kamaleshwar Mukherjee who?

The name did not ring a bell at all. It did not sound like a name I had heard in the film circuit. Funnily even though I had seen his earlier works, I just could not remember who he was. Then someone reminded me that he was the guy who wrote the screenplay and dialogues for Notobor Not Out, a light comedy written in rhyme dealing with the topic of tradition versus modernity. I had enjoyed that film thoroughly. His directorial debut had been Uro Chitthi, an adult urban drama on the life and times of relationships trying to survive tough times in Calcutta. An interesting narrative it had been, extremely well shot and crisply edited. Uro Chitthi was ‘classy’ – an adjective one could never use for Bengali commercial cinema a decade back.

The Bengali entertainment industry has once again found its bearings. Both cinema and…

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