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Brand America On Safe India Way Via Retail Path

Retail in India World Share

India’s e-commerce sector is perfectly on fire. With some of the biggest retailers in the world jostling to get a piece of action in India, e-commerce companies in the country are riding a wave. We don’t even want to remember how these developed daily routine became a habit for developing country like India.

Media is talking much about Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon and so many. Indian people discovered, they are smart enough to order a product over online retail store. Even, we can’t even think of going nearby retail shop to purchase few particular products. Ask your colleague, where you can find a non-fiction story book, where you should go to purchase a newly launched handset or simply ask for company in a shopping mall. Every reaction will take you to the online retail destinations.

Look at three years back; I can remember my consumer behavior professor delivering his semi-prepared speech on Online Marketing. ‘They failed, because, Indian consumer need to touch the product before they purchase it.’

Actually so many marketing professional I had came across, said, online retailing, in India? Do you know, only 5% Indian are Internet user? 3.5% use this regularly? How can you make business out of these poor numbers!

Numbers are cool stuffs! Did you know, those 3.5% are how many in numbers? Now, this has become a case study. How the developed country habits became our own click and order process to purchase your gift, I can’t remember. In these three years the Internet penetration doubled and a new B-school student is planning to start his own venture to sell art and craft products online. Few Ex-Infy have turned into entrepreneurs to start their online retail services for medical products, service open for 24X7. They are definitely seeing the hope. The traditional retail chains are moving towards semi-urban destinations as busy city-life schedule don’t have any time to visit the malls and purchase a selection out of many.

Shopping? Go Online….

One more thing, I was a trainee in Ozone Networks during my MBA that provides Wi-Fi infrastructure to public places. So I went to pitch clients! Few people said, they don’t want their customer gossiping over hours with a single order, few said, they never considered having Wi-Fi services in their restaurants or malls. Internet speed, technical assistance and so many concerns were there we had nothing apart from promising the future aspects of the services. I went an Afghan restaurant, said your customers can send medical documents, chat with friend and so many. The owner said, ‘Ask the customers, if any of them knows what internet is actually, I will buy your service!’ The pitch we delivered to our clients seems so practical today. 

Govt is allocating special budget to promote the public Wi-Fi.

Before three years, these were new to India, but not for USA of European developed countries. Apart from these cases, there are so many business, trends, preferences India is adopting every day. It is quite simpler to have major FDI inflows from USA, especially NRIs, who knows the Indian people and USA business culture and trends, high time to come back and do something. It can take one year, but as an early entry, you can introduce a hell lot of things.

The above image is a CBRE study on Indian online market study on foreign investment share in India.


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