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#ISeeHope With A Refreshed India


December 2012, eve of Christmas; generally this time, India plans for a long trip, vacation or Christmas celebration. What happened this time? Media talking about a massive protest at India Gate and people are joining the protesters! No matter, if the slowest judicial system raped the Nirbhaya Rape Case! Indian common man understood the power of many.

26th Nov 2012, a common man took all the media highlights on his face with a simplest symbol of corruption-less India and massive public support; the official launch of Aam Aadmi Party. Almost within one year, the party emerged as the second largest party on its first electoral test 2013 Delhi legislative Assembly Election and formed a minority Govt. No matter, if the AAP Govt resigned within 49 days. India experienced the ultimate power of common public interest and its impact on the system.

16th May 2014 (Modi Day), India and Mr. Narendra Modi won the historical Indian General Election 2014 with 282 (51.9%) seats. Modi-led NDA broke all the statistics and forecasting. India had won, not any party or leader, pressing the same button for maximum Indian with a same hope of vibrant India was a victory for the country instead.

All the major changes in last two years in Indian political and social maps are just a simple outcome of public participation across events, discussions, social media and many more. Every positive steps of the nation are the integration of uncountable action of people with a positive desire and common interest. is trying to integrate the nation’s voice, without any political influence on an android based application which can reflect the voice of India on several issues with instant share of public interests.

We dream, we hope… but the difference is, dream needs a thought and hope needs an initiation.  The initiation process has been started. Now, India sees the hope. I see hope, India will be next center of world map.



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