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What BJP Needs to Win West Bengal 2019

“Although BJP stood second with mere 6 seats, TMC swept Bengal civic polls with 140 seats. In Indian general election, 2014, BJP had won just two out of the 42 Lok Sabha seats. In 2016, BJP won 6 out of the 295 seats in West Bengal Legislative Assembly election. Although BJP has been improving its presence in West Bengal a majority is a long way to go for now!”


The article is starting with a very negative Statement! Anyone can say, there is no scope for another party in West Bengal, except TMC! Which again recalls me of one of my greatest fear and concern I felt almost 20 years ago. I did mention the story of an election hoarding where it was quoted, ” Only Better CPM can replace CPM” and with 3 decades of anti-progressive frustrating obsession by CPM, I felt the fear of being dumped into a growth-less society. When Mamata Banerjee won the West Bengal Election, I felt – change is for good. Last month I visited West Bengal and found the same type of Quotation painted on a hoarding, “Only a better TMC can replace TMC”. History ridicules circumstances sometimes.

Before we suggest what BJP needs to do, first take a look at the West Bengal’s current scenario. CPM erased the word “Congress” many years ago and now, TMC deleted the word “CPM”. There is nothing called CPM in West Bengal except few people who trespassed from East Bengal or East Pakistan (Currently Bangladesh) and managed to have a national identity, Job and local business licenses with the help of CPM leaders. Officially there are no more Maoists or Jharkhand Mukti Morcha. We have only and only TMC and Anti-TMC teams in West Bengal. Election voting machines seem happy with TMC considering the 80%-20% vote share, grass-root level reach via clubs, panchayats and police. Green Cycles, Cheap Rice, better transportation, cleaner Kolkata, increasing real-estate price on paper – 22 seats in West Bengal seems tough to reach estimation for BJP.

SWOT Analysis of TMC


  1. 7 Years of togetherness – TMC has been able to change the color of blood circulating in West Bengal’s Vains.
  2. Zonal Party office transparency: This is a gift from TMC to WB. Mamata Banerjee allows TV news channels in the zonal political meetings and people can individually access the information and deadlines of CM’s promises.
  3. Focusing on Police and Govt officials to run the system than party leaders and workers.
  4. Grass root level reach.
  5. Muslim Vote bank – People have different views on this event but this is a clever decision.
  6. Re-Branding – CM is smart enough to push her image in all type of development aspects, no matter if financed by Central Govt.
  7. No prominent opposition party of people. (Mukul Roy is just a strategist)


  1. Industry and Jobs! No prominent solution for these two words.
  2. Anti-TMC wave – there are people who changed their color from CPM, Jharkhandi, Congress or other political parties. Might be they actively associated with TMC now, still, they are looking for a second force to raise in West Bengal.
  3. National Anti-Muslim wave – certainly not matching with West Bengal’s current situation.
  4. No Opposition – To be in a secure Leadership you always need a strong opposition. Otherwise, there can be anyone in opposition.
  5. Please suggest in the Comment section.


  1. Re-define the relationships with party workers and re-negotiation with Anti-TMC
  2. Industrialization – I think this needs to address urgently by TMC
  3. Take on Geographical Advantages over the north-east Indian Tourism.
  4. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section


  1. National and provincial interest conflicts: Over religion, Development, Immigration policies
  2. Modi Wave – Yes, Bengalis are a fan of Modi.
  3. Religious outrages
  4. You tell us!

There is a long list of weakness but in politics, threats and opportunities are main players. Whatever Threats or Opportunites TMC has in West Bengal, considered as an opportunity for a BJP or other opposition parties. So, if you are reading this line, please let us know few more points for these two segments.

My Observation: There is almost no chance for BJP in 2019 to win the majority, except Purulia & Jhargram. Let’s elaborate this further. It’s a fact in politics, the regions you win last, have a higher chance to lose them first. WestBengal was green except Maoist influenced regions in 2011. It took time to grasp those areas for TMC and there are more Anti- TMC still waiting for a second power.

My Suggestion to BJP:

  1. Don’t make fun of a CM when you are addressing the people of the same state.
  2. Don’t allow Mukul Roy to become a face of BJP. He doesn’t have the credibility.
  3. Need a Fresh Face in WB – Who can re-define the Bengal Dreams.
  4. Just take the reverse way how TMC won WB.
  5. Need to address a common interest, still unfulfilled.

I am concluding this faster than expected but the comment section is open for you. Please feel free to let us know if BJP will ever have a majority in West Bengal.



India’s Biggest Dance of Democracy: Left nothing for Promotions

Wisely said someone, Its positive or negative buzz, doesn’t matter, People are talking about you and that is all for a promotion. If I advice this to any organization, (except India Cement) will kill me. Indian Political parties, after spending reportedly $8bn, doing the same mesh over media like forever. I mean, what a point of view! 

You rolled over social media, You Tube. Out of every 10 feeds, 6 were political promotional content. Banners, exclusive interviews, TV-Ads, Your every tagline a one year old baby can remember. Your every message, clear, emotional and with maximum frequency ever. 

This was not enough. Development can make India beautiful, talking on the social failures are the election’s emotional inputs and parties are using it at the very end of the Dance session of Democracy.

1. Religion:


Politics in India and religion will not take any part? How can you expect? From the British Rulers, this is the most buzzed issue of India. Check the latest outcome here. 



2. Caste:

This is the major social problem from Aryans. Indian politicians are still finding a way to get some sympathetic support. Lets check the new version.


With the BJP facing tough fights in the remaining constituencies in UP and Bihar, Narendra Modi played up his caste identity by asserting that in a democracy every one has the right to be the prime minister and surprisingly Mayawati, Ex-CM Uttarpradesh made it more dirty asking Modi to reveal his caste!


3. Illegal Immigrants:  

ImageThe number is too large. Specially for a state, with an international border! Politics can not ignore their votes. See the result, Mamata said, “I will rock Delhi” as Modi said he will deport Bangladeshi migrants from India.


4: Family:

This is India, where vote bank can be screwed up if you don’t have something to say about family. 


And now the same thing is going to be repeated via some ‘borrowed Gandhi’ family. Narendra Modi targeted the Gandhi family many a times. “I haven’t sent Smriti here to create problems for the mother and son. The son anyway has enough problems of its own. I spent Smriti here to solve Amethi’s problems,” 


5. Pakistan and Kashmir:

Image I think, nothing can be compete in India without the Pakistan and Kashmir issues. Lalu Prashad Yadav wanted to send Modi to Pakistan. “Send Narendra Modi to Pakistan, then only any question of destabilization will arise. His people talk about sending others to Pakistan, we should send him instead,” 


 All these are related to Narendra Modi. My question is, if the Vibrant Gujarat Model or Economical Development factors are not sufficient to ensure the majority in election result? Unfortunately Indian society is not able to overcome these social issues. 

And The Award Goes To…. Zanjeer(2013)

Indian film industry is the source of income for few million people directly to indirectly. From the person who is the investor or producer, the person, who is the marketing head to the person who checks the tickets and assists the people to find out their seats with a torch; everyone is earning their bread and butter depending on this industry. Bollywood award giving events should take few initiatives to assure the quality and originality of Bollywood movies. What about if any film fare award introduces the below categories?

International Khiladi: For the movie, that will perform best in International market. Performing in overseas market is definitely a positive sign for any Bollywood movies. Like My Name Is Khan, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna.

ImageDuplicate: For those movies, copied from other movies and forget to paste the movie name in credits. I am sure you have seen many movies of this category.


Jodi No 1: Any two movies released on a same date and performed perfectly in the market. As an industry prospect such ‘Jodi’s are too much important to lead the industry prospects. As an example, Laggan and Gadar: Ek prem katha; did excellent business after releasing on a same date.

House full: That movie will have maximum number of house full shows. Like, Chennai Express.

ImageGolmaal: For those movies, hyped perfectly but flopped in box-office. Example: Singh Is King

Khoobsurat: For best location and camera-work. Eklavya, any doubt?

Dhoondte Reh Jaoge: When a movie get the early rejection from the people. Even critics are negative on review and you cannot find the movie after one week. As an example we can give it to Zanjeer (2013).

Bheja Fry: When a movie is unable to express its inner message clearly to the people or a boring representation. Poor direction and confused screen play or the story was tough to make people understand. Even movie like ‘No Smoking’ was a ‘bheja fry’ movie.


Would you like to vote for these nominations? Give the below buttons few seconds and let us know if you have any new idea.

Why I don’t Vote


‘Meet my friend; she is new in our office… Just joined’

I looked at the girl, her first appearance clears that she is a ‘bookish kind of girl’. Definitely she was a college topper and regular to classes in collage days. I had a bad allergy for such girls; normally they have nothing to talk about nightlife, wave around hot coffee or a healthy date. The only thing they are comfortable with is job profile, research techniques, more clients and all….

I started finding out some topic that can make her interested. So I started with a social issue. Vote!!

I got to know that she belongs to a town on the border of West Bengal and Jharkhand. She is staying with one of her friend in Delhi. I asked, “When you are going to Vote? Better you apply for leave from now, otherwise it will be tough to get permissions”. I said as I believe, “Everybody should Vote”.

She called up the office boy and asked two coffees. “I don’t Vote”

What happened miss topper? Don’t you know this is the biggest power you have as an Indian? I talked to myself. I think she read my expression that I am looking for some more explanation on this decision.

She took a sip of hot coffee and said, ‘Would you like to hear a story?’

I think it is going to be another boring session over coffee. Still, I can hear that as I am not Karan Johar and can’t expect Sonam Kapoor across me for a chit-chat with a coffee. I said yes!

She narrated an awesome story. I think every Indian need to know the insights of the story. I am not changing anything, just as it is:

“ My place is on border and a major chunk of the population is tribes. So, the election candidates from big parties are mostly the leaders from tribe society. They get the fund from agents and party funds, distribute bottles of local whiskey or dresses before election and the party can reach major people by such distribution process, will be the winner!

You can remember few years ago when cable lines allowed its viewers to look across the cameras of Loksabha. It was Loksabha TV that created a buzz, we can watch ‘our leaders’. It was exciting for everybody but not more than a lady, ‘wife of the MLA’. Her husband on air afterall.

We had Purnima, whose husband was the local MLA. Purnima was a primary school drop-out and had lesser time to concentrate on any other things than managing her guests and servants. She watched the channel a complete day but could not identify her husband. She called up her husband and told him to wear a colorful shirt next day (Laal aur pila wala shirt jo maine aapko pasand karke di thi, oh wala pahenke jaiega).
Mr. MLA said ok.

Next day Purnima called all of her friends and started watching the Channel. After almost three hours, suddenly a child shouted up, ‘Mamaji ko dikha rahe hain, Mamaji ko dikha rahe hain (Uncle is on air)” The searching process ends here though the realization was spell bound! Mr MLA was sleeping in the last row with few of his friends.

At night, Purnima called up her husband,

-“Ji, aapka tabiyat thik hain na?” (Are you ok?)

-Haan bilkul, kya hua? ( I am perfect, what happened?)

-Aap office main so rahe the. (You were sleeping at your working place)

– Oh! Kuch nehi pagli, etna kaam hote hain ki son eke time hi nehi milti. (Too much work, no time to sleep)”

Our coffee was about to finish. This is not a one day story; these people have a good time pass at Loksabha, taking power nap, chatting over mobile, watching porn and by so many means. And, those, who can’t speak except election campaigns, just sleep like a backbencher.

Now you tell me, should I waste my leaves and travel for two days to assure that one can sleep in a Governmental air-conditioned building.


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