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Love or Understanding: Key of a Successful Marriage

During my initial days, when I tried to understand the key factors and parameters of a successful relationship, It was like a law, you need to have a love to build a relationship. So, first find the love and build a relationship with your love! 🙂


Also in India, Love comes by luck, stays by luck and fortunately you can have so many feelings of love in your life, until you are grown enough and earn enough to marry someone! So, love is not something, you can trust you have when you are going to start a relationship. You cant force your heart and you cant control your mind! There is a second way, you can understand, you can share your views and impure a budding communication with truth and visibility. What more you can do, to build up a strong relationship with your partner, who has been arranged by someone in your life. You have few common and many different views, which looks even because of tendency of compromise or openness.

But! once you started thinking about commitment, I want to know from you people, how to develop a relationship so that it actually becomes perfect? Any thoughts!!

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