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India’s Biggest Dance of Democracy: Left nothing for Promotions

Wisely said someone, Its positive or negative buzz, doesn’t matter, People are talking about you and that is all for a promotion. If I advice this to any organization, (except India Cement) will kill me. Indian Political parties, after spending reportedly $8bn, doing the same mesh over media like forever. I mean, what a point of view! 

You rolled over social media, You Tube. Out of every 10 feeds, 6 were political promotional content. Banners, exclusive interviews, TV-Ads, Your every tagline a one year old baby can remember. Your every message, clear, emotional and with maximum frequency ever. 

This was not enough. Development can make India beautiful, talking on the social failures are the election’s emotional inputs and parties are using it at the very end of the Dance session of Democracy.

1. Religion:


Politics in India and religion will not take any part? How can you expect? From the British Rulers, this is the most buzzed issue of India. Check the latest outcome here. 



2. Caste:

This is the major social problem from Aryans. Indian politicians are still finding a way to get some sympathetic support. Lets check the new version.


With the BJP facing tough fights in the remaining constituencies in UP and Bihar, Narendra Modi played up his caste identity by asserting that in a democracy every one has the right to be the prime minister and surprisingly Mayawati, Ex-CM Uttarpradesh made it more dirty asking Modi to reveal his caste!


3. Illegal Immigrants:  

ImageThe number is too large. Specially for a state, with an international border! Politics can not ignore their votes. See the result, Mamata said, “I will rock Delhi” as Modi said he will deport Bangladeshi migrants from India.


4: Family:

This is India, where vote bank can be screwed up if you don’t have something to say about family. 


And now the same thing is going to be repeated via some ‘borrowed Gandhi’ family. Narendra Modi targeted the Gandhi family many a times. “I haven’t sent Smriti here to create problems for the mother and son. The son anyway has enough problems of its own. I spent Smriti here to solve Amethi’s problems,” 


5. Pakistan and Kashmir:

Image I think, nothing can be compete in India without the Pakistan and Kashmir issues. Lalu Prashad Yadav wanted to send Modi to Pakistan. “Send Narendra Modi to Pakistan, then only any question of destabilization will arise. His people talk about sending others to Pakistan, we should send him instead,” 


 All these are related to Narendra Modi. My question is, if the Vibrant Gujarat Model or Economical Development factors are not sufficient to ensure the majority in election result? Unfortunately Indian society is not able to overcome these social issues. 


John Oliver On India Election: Three Reasons Why World should Notice

Ahw! John, you made it. You just proved few eternal truths. Media should go with statistics and rich content. Forget what CNN-IBN India mistaken and what Arnab Goswami repeated over and over. International Media, talks a lot of Rape in Indian subcontinent. US Media talks a lot about terrorism and end it with India or as shown. Thanks John Oliver, for taking on this big issue on such an International Platform. Last few Updates on India section of WSJ-US Edition are like, Nokia CEO, Ban over Indian Mango, Molecular Masala etc etc.

John Oliver took up many facts to make Indian Election to be more attractive. Few things, he have missed out:


45% India Depends Upon this Election:

2014 Indian Election is going to decide the future of India. Cause, people of age group between 26-55 years accounts 40.4% of Indian population, after 5 years will become a set of age group of 31-60. In next 5 years, either this 40% population will be in no condition to work or they will face a liner job-growth. A 5% population with age more than 55 years will wait for their death. People within the age bracket of 0-25, mostly will be dependable on the income of this 40.4% Indian. The performance of next Govt. matters! The nation’s ethics, mental health, growth and global relations will depend on this.


By The People for The People:

The most important thing is, Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal these people are chosen by the people months ahead of the election. Modi was not the first preference of UPA/BJP. Kejriwal was just a name and social activist. Public support made these people national leader. Party members were afraid of losing the election to design the campaign focusing on only Modi. It was the million Indians took the ‘Chayewala’ as a major contestant for the PM position.


Election Spending on #2 in the World:

The cost of marketing and promotions for election campaign! World’s second most expensive election is taking place in India. An estimated cost of $5 – $8bn! (Source: Centre for Media Studies). Who says, India is a poor country. John Oliver, you are right! After such kind of investment, Indian election is not able to attract rest of the world!


Watch the media clip of John Oliver


Best Two-Liners For Modi Sarkar

Social media could be more boring without two-liners or ‘chutkuli’ on a featured picture. These two liners increase the visibility and engage more people by sharing and likes. Modi-Fan followers had done a great job on social media platform by creating such posts that got the maximum share.

These were on time, on current topics and a fun over the small things happening around us. Check some of the creative arts. The last one is the tricky one. You need a bit brain to understand that.


Just after the Asia Cup loss, this two liners made us laugh looking at the pic.


BAkwass!! and Meaning Less… Some says, #JustSaying


Gaddi badal leta Kejri.. So pathetic! Kejri must made a fun of this two liner.


I mean Wow!ImageImagePayar main Modi..

ImagePahela Payar main Modi

ImageClassic Movie main Modi

ImageSexy gaane pe Modi

ImageYou can find the similarity.

ImageWish from old albums


ImageKhans too came closer.

ImageI mean!

ImageThe Playing Game.


ImageFamily touch

ImageNational Issues

ImageHealth Issues. No cigg only chaye!








ImageSame one on Different pic

ImageModi On Romance and Life..

ImageThis is how Modi rocks!

ImageSimeple Calculations..ImageImageEven on Rahul’s ….




AND, here is the awaited one. Final one! the best I got ever:

Ab-ki-baar-Modi-sarkarCan you read between the pictures?


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