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Hymn For The Weekend


Finally I got something to think about fulfilling one more wish of my life.

Its my wish to attend a live performance of my favorite Music Brand. #Coldplay my true love from my college days. There was a time, I was fucked by my attitude and irrelevancy to a certain industry. Sucked by education and fucked by addictions, when I was desperately searching an escape path from all this mesh. I got something that actually promised me, take this and “I will Fix You!”

It worked like chants. Cause it had a hope. “Lights will Guide You Home” and certainly a promise, ” I will try to fix you”

The band dared!

Thank You Coldplay!

Folks! that was a private note and if you are not missing something, here is the latest video of Coldplay’s latest :”Hymn for the weekend”

This is a Culture Perfect Picture of India!

Beyoncé and my weekend wishes all over it.

Still so addictive. Still so strong, the connection I have found with my favorite band 8 Years ago.

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