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India’s Biggest Dance of Democracy: Left nothing for Promotions

Wisely said someone, Its positive or negative buzz, doesn’t matter, People are talking about you and that is all for a promotion. If I advice this to any organization, (except India Cement) will kill me. Indian Political parties, after spending reportedly $8bn, doing the same mesh over media like forever. I mean, what a point of view! 

You rolled over social media, You Tube. Out of every 10 feeds, 6 were political promotional content. Banners, exclusive interviews, TV-Ads, Your every tagline a one year old baby can remember. Your every message, clear, emotional and with maximum frequency ever. 

This was not enough. Development can make India beautiful, talking on the social failures are the election’s emotional inputs and parties are using it at the very end of the Dance session of Democracy.

1. Religion:


Politics in India and religion will not take any part? How can you expect? From the British Rulers, this is the most buzzed issue of India. Check the latest outcome here. 



2. Caste:

This is the major social problem from Aryans. Indian politicians are still finding a way to get some sympathetic support. Lets check the new version.


With the BJP facing tough fights in the remaining constituencies in UP and Bihar, Narendra Modi played up his caste identity by asserting that in a democracy every one has the right to be the prime minister and surprisingly Mayawati, Ex-CM Uttarpradesh made it more dirty asking Modi to reveal his caste!


3. Illegal Immigrants:  

ImageThe number is too large. Specially for a state, with an international border! Politics can not ignore their votes. See the result, Mamata said, “I will rock Delhi” as Modi said he will deport Bangladeshi migrants from India.


4: Family:

This is India, where vote bank can be screwed up if you don’t have something to say about family. 


And now the same thing is going to be repeated via some ‘borrowed Gandhi’ family. Narendra Modi targeted the Gandhi family many a times. “I haven’t sent Smriti here to create problems for the mother and son. The son anyway has enough problems of its own. I spent Smriti here to solve Amethi’s problems,” 


5. Pakistan and Kashmir:

Image I think, nothing can be compete in India without the Pakistan and Kashmir issues. Lalu Prashad Yadav wanted to send Modi to Pakistan. “Send Narendra Modi to Pakistan, then only any question of destabilization will arise. His people talk about sending others to Pakistan, we should send him instead,” 


 All these are related to Narendra Modi. My question is, if the Vibrant Gujarat Model or Economical Development factors are not sufficient to ensure the majority in election result? Unfortunately Indian society is not able to overcome these social issues. 


Yuva Josh: A Wrong take by Congress


Tata Nano case revised! Advertised, ‘Women Empowerment’ Except Gandhi family, next prominent woman was that lady acted in the TVC!

Congress projected their party-mantra in a wrong way. Yuva Josh, endorsed by Rahul Gandhi (The Youth Icon of Congress). ‘Josh’ is not at-all expected by the nation. India need their needs and wants.

We found few misinterpretation on congress campaign. This is the understanding of Yuva India.

People thinks


And what congress projected:

2Young India is not rural India. Young India is educated, information focused and experienced with this political promises, these people are not going to be motivated anymore. Another thing is, Rahul Gandhi. The youth factor is forcefully imposed to his image. Misplaced and creative India made some royal fun of this fact.

3Or fun on Rahul’s knowledge on policies




Congress trademark is, go to Amethi and take a walk across the crowed and wave your hands.


So many funny jokes on Rahul you can easily find on Google. Tremendous mistake for congress is, the oldest party of India is still depending on the Royal Gandhi Family. Till you are not putting on proven leaders across India, you are not targeting people with their needs, you are doing nothing.

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