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Childhood Stories with a Real Plot


Blog is the perfect place to create a serious awareness about hot and happening issues or facts and definitely not for the childhood stories. Everyone must have such 5 stories still in their memory (Let us know, if you don’t have; you would see me recommending to start meeting old friends). But the stories, you heard from your mom at an age, when you started knowing your complete family and meeting them (Also, you know the name of your class teacher and your drawing miss!) and then you confirmed the same story with a few modifications from your friends! Now you have a complete plot in your mind. Actually you can visualize the building, the dark night, when the dacoits came and looted the temple. It was raining and they took away all the gold jewelries and the main sculpture.
Suddenly, you realize the century old temple is somewhere nearby your town and you asked for a visit. Your parents took you there and you found the main door is half broken as the God never wanted to come back to the old temple.
Yes! The sculpture was taken away and the dacoits preferred the nearest jungle as a hideout. You visited the jungle already and few more times with your friends! The plot was live in your mind.  You visited as they said, the God-sculpture was vanished as they entered the jungle.
Now, you have a situation. You have the place, you have the local history and you have a desire to find out the old sculpture or at least the jewelries. You easily give up because your parents had already rebuked you as you are frequently traveling the jungles.
One day you realize that so many people already scanned the jungle even before you heard about the story. Fact is! there are so many stories like this one in Jhargram with a picture perfect plot! You don’t believe this? Google it!!

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