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India: The Name of New Hope

USA took so many years after their Independence to reach where they are now. Five years back, when I knew the concept of BRICKS Countries and their future in 2050, It seemed to me a bit impossible for few countries including India.

We Indians know, how an Airbus carrying few Taliban people and can crash the world financial condition. We have even experienced how an USA Bank went bankrupted and we got jammed into a 4 long year of job uncertainty.
We definitely had the power to get back to the British people, ‘call my secretary, if you need some money..’

Everybody says, India has no hope, go to states or EU. You can have the best version of your life. It still is, but before 2050 , India is going to have the major part of economic control and decision making power in International arena.

The main source of Indian income can be the service industry, it definitely stands for the excellence of our service quality. Satya Nedula, Sundar Pichai are the Olympic gold medals. Today we have people, who can lead the world if someone give them the opportunities to culture their expertise and develop leadership.

Few days later, we are gonna celebrate our 69th Independence day and today if I look at India, I recognize it as a land of possibilities. More than 50 percent untapped market, sustainable international relationship, young country and growing demand for business startups. Looks progressive and sounds rational.
I want to thank all the Indians for being a part of this historic time of sustainable growth and economic reliability. This 15th Aug, we are going to sleep with a confidence, tomorrow is gonna be better anyway.

The Achhe Din is all an inspiration. We all are moving towards the top of the graph.

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