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Hymn For The Weekend


Finally I got something to think about fulfilling one more wish of my life.

Its my wish to attend a live performance of my favorite Music Brand. #Coldplay my true love from my college days. There was a time, I was fucked by my attitude and irrelevancy to a certain industry. Sucked by education and fucked by addictions, when I was desperately searching an escape path from all this mesh. I got something that actually promised me, take this and “I will Fix You!”

It worked like chants. Cause it had a hope. “Lights will Guide You Home” and certainly a promise, ” I will try to fix you”

The band dared!

Thank You Coldplay!

Folks! that was a private note and if you are not missing something, here is the latest video of Coldplay’s latest :”Hymn for the weekend”

This is a Culture Perfect Picture of India!

Beyoncé and my weekend wishes all over it.

Still so addictive. Still so strong, the connection I have found with my favorite band 8 Years ago.


All India Bakchod : When We Will Grow Up? #NoCountryForFunnyMen


Indian Media Rights urgently need an up-gradation!

Dude! Its not your Chacha Nehru period! You only have some black and white papers, one day later actually it was published. You have all India Radio news readers! We only know few national personalities, and rest of the Indian Freedom Fighters!

So many influential politicians could be from that age group (another fading Indian concern!)

All Indian Saints from all possible regions and religions!! I respect your uncultivated mind and thought-process.

Fuck You! Your brain has lesser number of nerves than the total count of my hair!

Few pointless people can break down few cinema theater’s glasses and chairs… most of them never watched the movie PK! Review based provoked country lovers and party workers! I am sure most of them, after the massive PROTEST, watched the movie and clapped for the excellent acting of Amir Khan.

Share pron clips on Whatsapp! Naked women via FB Messenger, cause it is legal and subjected to common interest of two people or a group! This is cool! even an MP can relax with it in the parliament!

Don’t speak about your sexual preferences in public. Rape! it is cool! “Young people (My sponsor’s son/relative) can make mistakes!” But, these AIB people! they are young, so they don’t have the right to experiment!

It is a fact! AIB Knockout is one of the extremely successful digital experiments! By removing Roast the legal body paused the Indian Digital Media Industry growth for at-least 10 years! “Today, they are roasting big personalities of Bollywood, tomorrow some other person can roast us”. Look! Buddy… This same kind of content will be on Media again after few years. Now you are just saving your butts. Wait! these people will wake you up from graveyard someday just to make a joke of you. Cause, this has to come! People can travel across countries, can pay multiplexes, can tolerate idiotic programs on television, just for some entertainment! they can’t ignore such source of Entertainment. Indian people missed this world-show! Think once, Indian creative scriptwriter, writing a script and performers delivering it in an International Language keeping in mind the internet population’s choices and preferences! What a third-world country think about one third economy of the world in some third class logic.. Believe me, if my blog page can get a yearly 50 thousand clicks from USA, they care. India just missed a superior business opportunity.

So, people.. wake up! Share your voice against the Indian Media regulations and authorities! Like it! Share it. Be Happy! Absolute free is rare in this world!

Five Ideas for Glass Branding for Your Store

The store window is the first thing that creates an impression to the customer. Therefore, you need to be as innovative and clear in your message for the window as you can. There exist a lot of unique options to brand your glass. We list a few commonly used ways to brand your glass and the materials used in the process. You can use them in isolation or combination for your branding purposes.

1. Color vinyl cutting: Plotter cut self-adhesive vinyl into the shape of letters, logos and messages is an extensively used technique that allows you to deliver your message without obstructing the view inside the store. We have all used these to make sale announcements, advertise new entries and seasons changes. However, it is dull and overused.

Vinyl cut letters on Window glass (Image courtesy: Google images)

2. Translucent prints: Digital printed translucent vinyls can be conveniently pasted on glass. They can also be cut outs as per your creative. The major benefit here is that you can have a large creative, maybe cover the glass edge-to-edge and also allow the passer by to look what’s going on inside your store at the same time. It doesn’t make the glass appear like a wall but an entry into a new dimension of great products.

Translucent vinyl printing on glass (Image source: Google images)

3. Solid prints: While translucent prints are great, it is possible, that they might not make as much impact as a solid opaque print would. The drawback here is that you must keep the size small so that your glass remains a glass and does not become a permanent visual divide. This kind of effect is achieved by printing on opaque self-adhesive vinyl (with our without a cut out) and pasting it directly onto the window.

Opaque vinyl printing on glass

4. Etching Vinyl: Frosted/Etching self-adhesive vinyl was created to give clear glass a etched look. Frosting is a physical process done on glass that makes selected portions rough and opaque. This film provides the same effect quite well. The etching film can be cut into any shape and can be used to represent your brand logo or your branding message. Further, it is also printable and it gives a really unique result in terms of aesthetics.

Frosted vinyl pasted on glas

5. One way vision: This one-way-vision/mesh printed vinyl has a mesh-like structure. The speciality of this material is that from the outside it looks like a solid print (maybe around 75% opacity) but from the inside of the store everything outside is visible. This is a great choice if you want to print large creatives and cover the whole window. If your store is inside a mall or has a good amount of lighting inside, the opacity from outside further reduces (approximately around 50%).

One way vision film (Image source: Google images)

Now that you are aware of the basic techniques to brand your glass, ask your designer to play around with these tips and make something unique to showcase your brand and it’s ideology.

About the author: Maniraj Singh Juneja is the MD at Amitoje India. His company provides shop branding and printing services in Delhi, India to a huge number of retail companies. Feel free to contact them for questions or followups.

Facts, You Should Know about Purulia Arms Drop Case Before Watching it on #TimesNow

Times Now relaunched it! 


Purulia Arms Drop again on the point of discussion and it took no time for me at least, to remember the incident. In my childhood I had a good habit of reading out the front page and sports page at-least. I recalled the front page of Bartaman with a graphical representation of pursuits landing with boxes of guns and so many things. I am from somewhere nearer to the place, the incident happened actually.

Purulia, the land of weaker transportation system and deep forests was a base of Ananda Marg. and “The arms were intended for the socio-spiritual organization Ananda Marga”. Ananda Marga was working peacefully in Purulia and near about places, by developing the society providing better education and culture. I am talking about the CPM dominated West Bengal period, when Jyoti Bose successfully made the state a dumb-place by alms or arms! I would like to remember you one related incident with this arms drop incident,

“Bijon Setu Massacre”. Let’s check out what Wiki is talking about the incedent,

“Bijon Setu massacre refers to the killing and burning of 16 monks and a nun belonging to Ananda Marga at Bijon Setu, Calcutta in West Bengal, India on April 30, 1982. Despite the attacks being carried out in broad daylight, no arrests were ever made. After repeated calls for a formal judicial investigation, a single-member judicial commission was set up to investigate the killings in 2012. On the morning of April 30, 1982, 17 Ananda Marga renunciates (16 monks and one nun) were dragged out of taxis that were taking them to an educational conference at their headquarters in Tiljala, Kolkata. They were beaten to death and then set on fire simultaneously at three different locations. It was reported that the killings took place in broad daylight and were witnessed by thousands of people, as they were performed in public”. Ananda Marga did not have any flag; the case is just a record now.


After the massacre, the organization focused to be self dependent in-terms of power. Their life was experiencing threats every day and this was something this organization just called for a rain of arms! Unfortunately, the arms reached wrong destination. Accused for the arms drop case, Kim Davy managed a safe escape from India! The upcoming documentary is going to have a better discussion on this escape part definitely. Though this is true, after the drop-case, Mamata Banerjee saved the monks from all type of allegations and legal processes. She was associated with Congress at that time. The escape part of Davy became a series drama over decades. I am just putting directly from wiki on the recent updates of the case:


On 8 October 2008 the extradition of the key accused, Kim Davy, real name Niels Holck, was close to being finalized as the government had, in principle, agreed on giving “sovereign assurance” to the Danish authorities on their conditions, as well as bringing about some changes in the existing extradition law. One of the conditions Denmark had set included the waiving of the death penalty if Davy is convicted by a court for his involvement in the dropping of a huge cache of arms and ammunition from an aircraft in West Bengal in 1995.


On 28 April 2011 Kim Davy came forward and alleged that both the Indian government (congress party) as well as its intelligence agency R&AW were aware of the precise details of the arms drop well in advance, and that the whole operation was conducted with the implicit agreement of the Indian authorities. Both Peter Bleach and Kim Davy claimed that the aim of the arms drop was to help anti Left government dissidents and to create a pretext to impose President’s Rule in West Bengal.


On 29 April 2011 Central Bureau of Investigation denied all allegations of involvement or collusion in the arms drop. Questions have been raised if Kim Davy’s ‘sensational revelation’ was aimed to stall the extradition efforts of India. Some political analysts have also questioned the ‘timing of the revelation’ which may help the Left parties in the ongoing state government assembly elections.


On 30 June 2011 Central Bureau of Investigation has been denied to extradite Kim Davy a.k.a. Niels Holck to India for further proceedings in India. The Danish High Court, after hearing evidence from Peter Bleach who described his personal experiences in jail in Kolkata, dismissed the plea on the grounds of “torture or other inhuman treatment”.


Hope this time, Govt. will take some positive steps to solve the mystery. Enjoy watching the discussion on #TimesNow.

Alia Bhatt: Funny Buzz Continues on Media

She is damn attractive, she is damn successful in her early phase of career and she has a strong family base to get references and recalled among all the Bollywood directors and producers! She is only 21 years old and already she has three consecutive box-office successful movies! Yes! I am talking about Alia Bhatt!

I never wrote blogs on Bollywood personalities. when I watched her reacting on the set of ‘Coffee with Karan’, It seemed immature but not funny. People made fun of her knowledge and the search trend is more in USA than India! really! At-least my blog stats shows the same. About 50% of search engine clicks are from USA.

These jokes will make her matured, frustrated or finished!

Really? She will not be finished. Rather on a good note, this jokes facts will teach her the importance of Education.

Take these discussions aside. Let us find some more latest jokes on Alia Bhatt.

Alia Bhatt on Modi’s Swearing ceremony:



Ok! Ok! making fun of celebrities, is not only USA style! Alia Bhatt too have the responsibilities; she delivers continuous boosters to media, like this one:


Or, she can be sweeter like a passionate french kiss like this one:


Yes! She did it on a Indian Public TV show! An immediate effect of some booster from Kapil Sharma!

I mean we had done enough with her jokes jokes on her. Media will keep talking on her again and again. Fact is, everybody is in love with this baby girl! Stunning Alia! Hot! In Love With Alia! Dating proposals are so many open letter to her.  Really! Wanna check?

Here we go……


Oh Sorry! I tried to pick something good about her. May be next time. Definitely, not on the day she had created a buzz for wardrobe malfunction! Have fun.. Smile and enjoy the day.


So Sorry: Sala Main Toh Sahib Ban Gaya Ft. Modi, Advani

Check out Modi , Advani and BJP leaders celebrating the historic Victory

So Sorry: Meri Maa Ft. Rahul Gandhi

Watch the funny video here. Political news is kind of monotonous if I consider a common people like me, easily get bored with the panel of speakers fighting on baseless points 24 hours. So Sorry, make this more easy, funny and summery based sometimes and make me more attentive towards the current issues.

Check out the latest creative note of Aj Tak(So Sorry) on the great defeat of Congress Party

#AaRahiHaiModiSarkar: A Happy & Hopeful India


16th May 2014. So many good things in India and positive vibes across India. Lets taste some positiveness on the very special day. People are excited and expecting a exponentially positive booster to Indian Economy. Today I noticed all the office boys, data-entry people, managers, executives are happy about the result. Even my mom, who never talked about politics, called me up to express her excitement about the new Govt! The Chayewala near my office building with a smiley face, “Aur Sir, Modi Ji Jeet Gaye Hain”.

Facebook, Twitter are only flashing one name, “Modi”

One of my friend posted, “Har Har Modi.. Ghar Ghar Modi.” another one I liked, “I took an Off to Support My Modi. Go Modi , GO India”


And, What about me? I am very happy. I am feeling like I can see the road to success and I can feel the speed, Modi is going to lead us to reach there. My last request to Modi Ji,

Dear MODI Ji
In your quest and eagerness to replicate Gujarat model….
Please do not make India a dry nation.
I cannot drive to neighboring countries



Funny Jokes on #TigerShroff

Family matters! this was the truth of any Industry. Rajiv Gandhi born and started dreaming to be the future PM of India! Rohan Gavaskar born with a cricket bat! What I am trying to say is, people are considering power and skills to be inherited. Even this has been more specific. People are not going to family, either father or mother, so #FatherMatters.  Look at Nilekani family! A company is supposed to flow within family relations! Now, here we have Tiger Shroff. If Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhat, Shraddha Kapoor is doing great, of-course he can. I don’t know what he did in his movie, Heropanti. I don’t have any interest, even someone offer me a free ticket!


But the fun thing about Tiger Shroff has created a buzz on social media. Now after Alia Bhat, we have a newcomer in Bollywood industry to have some fun. Someone correctly said, three things matter, Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment.

Lets check out the funny tweets on #TigerShroff


Latest One:

On a PETA campaign Alia Bhatt says, “Adopt, never buy an animal”

She is going to adopt Tiger Shroff.

John Oliver On India Election: Three Reasons Why World should Notice

Ahw! John, you made it. You just proved few eternal truths. Media should go with statistics and rich content. Forget what CNN-IBN India mistaken and what Arnab Goswami repeated over and over. International Media, talks a lot of Rape in Indian subcontinent. US Media talks a lot about terrorism and end it with India or as shown. Thanks John Oliver, for taking on this big issue on such an International Platform. Last few Updates on India section of WSJ-US Edition are like, Nokia CEO, Ban over Indian Mango, Molecular Masala etc etc.

John Oliver took up many facts to make Indian Election to be more attractive. Few things, he have missed out:


45% India Depends Upon this Election:

2014 Indian Election is going to decide the future of India. Cause, people of age group between 26-55 years accounts 40.4% of Indian population, after 5 years will become a set of age group of 31-60. In next 5 years, either this 40% population will be in no condition to work or they will face a liner job-growth. A 5% population with age more than 55 years will wait for their death. People within the age bracket of 0-25, mostly will be dependable on the income of this 40.4% Indian. The performance of next Govt. matters! The nation’s ethics, mental health, growth and global relations will depend on this.


By The People for The People:

The most important thing is, Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal these people are chosen by the people months ahead of the election. Modi was not the first preference of UPA/BJP. Kejriwal was just a name and social activist. Public support made these people national leader. Party members were afraid of losing the election to design the campaign focusing on only Modi. It was the million Indians took the ‘Chayewala’ as a major contestant for the PM position.


Election Spending on #2 in the World:

The cost of marketing and promotions for election campaign! World’s second most expensive election is taking place in India. An estimated cost of $5 – $8bn! (Source: Centre for Media Studies). Who says, India is a poor country. John Oliver, you are right! After such kind of investment, Indian election is not able to attract rest of the world!


Watch the media clip of John Oliver


Funny Takes/Jokes on Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt will be surprised: What these people actually want to do?

In Two States, she just acted as an IIM student and people are making jokes of her brain? Industry already started compering her with ‘newcomer’ Kareena Kapoor. Alia Bhatt left her education to make a career in Film Industry. No, I mean she can be a fashion designer any time.

The trending girl of foolishness is effecting the viral wall of social media. Let’s take a look on two-liners and jokes: Image

Fact: if you like comparing yourself to your friends.


I mean wow! stop there. Does she really have a mind to paint?





Really Funny..


A clap for this.


No matter, how many fans and official/unofficial fan pages she has.


Another one with Deepika.


Papa’s Girl factor.


Few days back, she came to ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’. Her childish behavior and a wrong tendency to comment on all situation was just awful. She should learn, where to keep herself quite.

new 1

And when her dumbness is on Coffee With Karan:


new 2


Management Blogger

Enough now…….Image


And take some from Twitter:


For More Alia Bhatt Jokes, Find the link below:

After Alia Bhatt, Social Media is trending the funny series on Tiger Shroff. Check out the trends on another blog: Funny Notes On Tiger Shroff

Shame on You: #Mumbai

Vote 2014

Vote 2014

Unexpected! Anybody can rule Mumbai. Out of 10, 3 people cast their vote. So, go for any two of them and rest 8 people don’t care. Lowest vote percentage among all major cities and Twitter is requesting them to go out and Vote. Mumbaikars had made this a holiday. Funny thing is, few days ago Raj Thackeray came on a news channel and expressed his desire to be the CM of Maharashtra. Don’t worry Mr. Thackeray it is a easy job for you. At least, Mumbai People don’t care, who comes in and who goes out.

Lakme salons offered a 50% off on haircut, for the customers cast their vote. Red FM took the buzz over everything with DDB Mudramax via “Dabaa Ke Bajaa”. Star-Tweets and selfie. Mumbai people proved one more time, they feel more heat in-front of a small screen with a dumb reality show.  Many malls and retail outlets offered discounts on products to encourage Mumbai people to cast their vote. Hopeless!

Check out some funny comments on Mumbai Voting rates..


A city shows guides the country. Towns, small cities follow your trends. Mumbai, you just painted your face with dark black. Use it on your finger.

#FranklySpeaking: Raj Thackeray


What an Interview! Definitely After Frankly Speaking with Rahul Gandhi, I saw an vis-a-vis situation today with Raj Thackeray. Clearly Raj don’t want him outside Maharashtra and he has a fixed follower. He don’t care to be politically correct. When his politics will fail, he can use his power, his followers. Arnab mistaken or wanted to show this point. He don’t need to answer all the questions and he will not reply, if you use the same words in different context.

But it was today’s news maker. It was like a Engineering professor asking a first year student, “What the shit you are talking about?” or “I will throw out of my class, if I see you sleeping one more time”

What ever it is, people know the facts and inner meanings much better. I don’t want to make any comment on Raj and I am sure, people too thought about posting anything on social media. Lets take a look, what people are saying:



Liked it? If you were not busy with IPL, you must have seen the interview. Many people dumped IPL match for this interview like me. If you missed it, check if there is any repeat telecast or Reach YouTube. It will make you to think different about Media, ‘Gundaraaz’ and politics.



Check this out:

Raj Thackrey: ‘sits on a chair’

Arnab: Mr Raj that is my chair

RT: Tujhe chair HOTI samajhlas ka?

Arnab: Theek hai

ZooZoo: Back Again with #IPL7

jaimin-bhagat-zoozoo1Zoozoo is back with IPL and Zoozoo is back with Ogily. On Twitter, it had contributed a huge content to IPL. Lets check out what people are saying.



Now this measures the success of an ad campaign. Positive tone of every message. Clearly IPL-ZooZoo had created a co-branding combination. The return on investment? We will count later.

The visitors on Youtube is lesser than expected. Around 5.5K on first day for ‘ZooZoo Got Talent” and around 3 K YouTube hits for ZooZoo Quiz Show TVC (In One Day). Another reason, for not being shared online: the content is available on TV and maximum people had watched this repeatedly.

Less sharing is definitely a reason. Zoozoo’s Quiz Show got 558 likes and 24 share in first posting on Vodafone Zoozoos’ official Facebook page in first three hours.

Few people disliked the TVCs still everyone is excited for some more creativity upcoming.

If you have missed it, click on…..



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