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Story of an Egg-Cell

You step in..  any city and you meet new people every day, even every moment! You wake up in the morning your milk-man, newspaper man, your maid, the cab you take to reach your office, security guards, your colleagues, bosses and so many. Every day you meet these people on a regular basis if you are building your career in any city across the world. How many times we ever think of this, the people you meet every day, are outsiders! Most of them. They are from small towns or villages around. May be you, left your home so many years ago with a dream of building up a good education and career. We are all like the birds, those left the egg-cell once nature allowed us to know the world better. Like the birds, we never cared about the egg-cells. We are alive, we are moving and the egg-cell is of no use anymore.

I am sure, people who are from a small town far away from where you are living right now, for a better job opportunity, career prospects; have started relating with what I am trying to put in words! Surprisingly, almost 70% of total population of any city is outsiders! The money is centralized, you pay more tax to stay in a city and the city invests back to your lifestyle and facilities! You start feeling, the city is big, developed and definitely the best place to stay! You start loving your city and like so many other people you plan your life. I have seen my grand father, who was a school teacher in a village. He had a king-size life as per his expectations. Respect from people you are living with, handful fixed source of income, some good farming lands. My father never wanted this. He needed a slightly better life, better education, hospitals better roads and other Govt facilities. He moved and started living in a nearby town, where I grown-up! Jhargram! the town has more than 500 students appears for higher secondary exams every year and 90% of them leave the town for higher education as they receive the mark-sheets! Remaining 10% students, drop-offs or stays with town’s only college. Not because of their preferences, this happens when you don’t have other good opportunities! Students who left the town for education, stay there for their job and slowly they start their family.

My old town is like the egg cell! Every year, it is supplying few hundred talents to the world and whenever I visit my town I walk across the old shoddy roads I see students dreaming big to study in other places and aiming to be another city-slicker.

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