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A 9/11 in India..!!

That was another 9/11 when an airbus demolished world trade center and the world went shocked with some serial impacts afterwards. This is now another one in India.


Situation 1: I had my night-shift at office and my boss announced that, INR 500 and 1000 notes has been banned and its all over the news by then. I had a lot of emails pending and clients who had no clue what happening in India. I sent my office boy to exchange few INR 500 notes to convert into INR 100 notes from near-by shops, he came back with a no-hope face and I understood, the news is everywhere now. I only have few 500 notes in my pocket and ATMs are closed for next two days! I used to buy food items from local market and I started thinking, this time I need to travel 3 Km to purchase some over-priced food packets and vegetables from a shopping mall!

Situation 2: My Boss has a D-MAT Account. Next two days is going to be big investment days for him. Less transactions in Market and the stock market is going to start with a lower value. The time I am writing the blog, he might be busy calculating the investment amounts.

Situation 3: As they said, Petrol pumps and Hospitals are accepting 500 and 1K notes! I went to a petrol pump nearby, if they can help me by exchanging some money! they said, for each 500 Rs note, they will return INR 450. A two day’s business with 10% instant profit!!

Situation 4: I denied the offer of the petrol pump guy and started walking towards my home. I badly needed a Cigarette and a cup of tea from the roadside tea vendor. Unfortunately, I had only 500 Rs notes and the tea seller simply said, even if I purchase a cigarette packet, he is not going to do any business with 500 Rs notes. I know only one place where I purchased cigarette via card-payments is Airport! I was wondering, what smokers are doing right now? Do we have any online website to order Cigarettes in India?

Situation 5: I found a tea seller who said, “Give me 500 Rs and Purchase Cigarettes of the amount. I don’t care if this is banned or not. Modi ji used to sell tea and also I am selling now! I will manage this with electric department employees, they are my regular customer! ”

Situation 6: I called up my Fiance and she is so tensed about this change, as there are only a few days left for my marriage in a tire 100 town and 250 KM away from a nearby City, Kolkata. where online payment is just a myth or just online recharge apps like Freecharge/My Airtel App. She is scared how all the arrangements are going to be like when RBI has set a rule on daily withdrawal amount.

Situation 7: I was just crossing the park near my house and a less-known neighbor was paying money to an Auto-driver for his trip from office. The auto driver asked for 350 Rs also the driver has no change as its the day start for him. My semi-rich neighbor preferred to pay him a 500 Rs note. After all 350 Rs in 100 s and 50 s is a big value. The Auto Driver is not just happy, he was delighted with such a good start in the morning.

I am at home now and hungry. Searching a cheaper option to order my breakfast online. Zomato or any other players are not offering any discount on online payment! My Facebook page updates are reflecting a hilarious imbalance on polling result. Hilary Clinton = 131 & Mr Trump = 168. 

9/11 is not a good date for USA.


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