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Babaji ki jai ho!

Baba Ramdev trolled again. As he launched Patanjali atta noodles. Good business sense I would say! People lost the old temperament for Maggi and Maggie is not cold drinks! People have to bring it home before preparing it. Where u have your mom/dad/sister/wife to give you a 5 minutes lecture on why you should not have Maggi.

So Ramdev baba is pushing his brand before the market comes to its original preference. India has a old love for Ayurveda and the world like the word Natural. Baba Ramdev took both the words on his marketing book and see the difference! He is the highest selling Indian brand followed by Kerala, Fortis, Bollywood etc.

Baba has its own ration chain that allows him to reach the rural areas too. 
Fact is HUL even don’t have that strong and dedicated supply channel across the country.
Prime minister Modi also gifted him a full day named Yoga Day. What more we need? Baba, you are a businessman. A seasoned one!
Taking few aspects of India across the world!


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