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Bloglet 1: Globe and Me

Yep! Bloglet is the small blog, those comes from memories and these stories mainly comes with a smile.

We may live in a yellow submarine, but your first knowledge about this globe is not your teacher or your parents. Its the black covered yearly updated diary.

I remember, in my childhood.. the maps on the last page of any diary was a  Wonderland. Like so many children, I use to find places on the map. There was a game even that I used to play with my sister. To find out the name of a city from the map. I don’t know how much time I have spent with those light shaded colorful pages finding a name over it.
This was my first hello to the world.

Today on my corporate diaries, I hardly can find such maps. This generation has Google Maps and Google Earth. The game is definitely tougher today.


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