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Mr. Delhiwal and Business of Politics

aap-supporters-lThe Good News was, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal won the Delhi Election for the second time and got a huge majority, erasing all the past images of U-turn and major failure of the Loksabha Election. We thought it will be far better than the previous. Alteast CM stands for the common man! So we started to look for probable solutions for every problem via a common man’s way and thought, ok! It looks great! Go for Kejriwal.

Dilliwalon! You are just fabulous! People over here have excess money. Most of them donate a thousand bucks weekly to the religious organizations, they pay average two thousand rupees per person just to enter a late night dance bar, purchase an extra BMW/Audi just for show off! So when a highly educated common man begged the chair of CM, they considered it to give it too.

Delhi have an unconditional love for IITians as they have them in very few number. Most of the IITians are in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, USA or they are on YouTube.

Normally a Delhi student, go for a commerce graduation, continue with masters in commerce or MBA and end up with the family business. Their LinkedIn profile subheaders sound like, “International Business Professional”, “CEO of Chopra Group”, ‘MD-Dhingra Properties’ and the very next day of their swearing in the business, they publish an advertisement on Times Classified page, “Personal Assistant needed, Female, Salary 50-70K, Fresher can apply, Candidate must be beautiful and open minded, please send your Full-size photograph, CV and family details to apply at Surprisingly the most part of traditional Delhi business in done by Chartered Accountants. The young and dynamic businessmen need a hot and sexy personal assistant to attend client parties and events or they push the fresher lady for high-end account management. When these people send their PA for account handling, they never forget to leave a personal note, “I am giving you one lakh per month including all the perks, you need to bring the business of min 2 Crores per month, otherwise, we have to go to Manali to meet an old client.”

Rest of the Delhi people complete their B Com and open a franchise, purchase an executive MBA certificate from some high-end premium B-School, on the second header of the LinkedIn profile, they mention, “Entrepreneur”.

My point is, these people; who stand for 75% of our national capital’s financials are getting tripled the return on investment of India’s most premium political drama. They invested heavy on AAP prior to the election and screwed it.

So far, what Mr. Kejriwal gave to Delhi? He made all the policeman and Govt. officials highly tech savvy. Today ever policeman or Govt employees repeatedly check a person, if he is carrying any hidden electronic device, before taking a bribe. No Audio or Video recording is allowed inside or outside the office. They keep ever update on a security camera to Google glasses, and already enrolled for ADT’s Online Security classes and registered for their newsletters.

I wonder, Mr Kejriwal, what might happen if you fight an election from Patna. “Haath Sasura, Eh IIT walon ke vastab gyan nehi hota. Inko sirf computer main kutur kutur karna hi ata hain. Mishra ka bete ko hi dekhlo, saadi bhi kia hain toh ladki ke haat ki nakhun teda hain. Inse raajneeti nehi ho payega.” (Damn the IIT people, they only love to work on computers. See Mishra’s son, he got married a girl with defective nails. They can’t run politics.)

That is a different case, they thought a primary school student can run politics better.

The bad news is, Kejriwal blocked all the possible ways for common people to join politics actively. They just can write a blog.


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