Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying

Reflection, Imitation, Experience

Don’t Leave Your Passion


When I meet up with my old pals, they often ask me, “Are you still writing poems?”

I started writing poems too early in my life, even I was not at an age, where I can tell people the meaning of the word ‘poem’. I kept writing and realized the word, “Surprise”. Cause, I used to surprise myself with some good poems sometimes. I used to run to my neighbor’s house, whenever I wrote a good poem. Cause my neighbor, aunty, always appreciated me to write more. So, no matters it was a good poem I just wrote or published in a new magazine, I had lots of work. To meet every person I know and read out the poem from diary or magazine.

Local magazine publishers used to meet me regularly seeking new poems or short stories. What a celebrity life I had in my childhood! I wish, I had my rest of life like that. Maybe, I have a dependable career now, but nothing can beat the winning taste of reading out your own poem, from a fresh magazine.

I still miss the feeling. After joining an engineering course, followed by an MBA, I might secure my life and balance in salary slip, I lost a major part of my life definitely. Sometimes, when I feel the demand for people, I used to be someday, I still can feel the child, running towards his father with the print out of job vacancy, “Dad, I wish today I had the power to apply for this job.”

I can’t say, “Dad! You ruined my life.”

I destroyed it. Any course or anything can’t stop you to continue your passion. I neglected and now I am regretting it.

So, my suggestion from my experience is simple. If you have a passion for anything, don’t leave it.

All the best!


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