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Rishikesh Diary 8: Fudging Relationship

This is a continuation. Please find the Seventh and Last part here:


Harry joined me in five minutes with two coffee mugs.

‘So it was the end of Issabela part of your life?’ I expected something more.


‘It seems you don’t carry much regrets.’ I teased.

‘Life is too short to carry regrets. You should move-on from everything not with you anymore. Carrying past is put a burden on your future. I know sometimes that’s tough enough. It’s the trick of life, the more successful you are, as soon as you can forget the depressions. Cause, for every misshapen in your life, depression is quite natural.”

The guide is talking like a saint!

The river can create a philosopher inside any formation of human body. Cool!

Harry stood up. “Buddy it’s already late, you must need a sleep.”

3.00 AM!! OMG! I need to sleep now otherwise I will miss the fresh morning of Rishikesh.

“We will meet up here tomorrow morning. You can join us for rest of the day.” Harry just threw few ripe strawberries. I might have a chance to experience the life for one day!

“Us means, your client?”

“Yup! She is in Delhi for last one year.”



As usual I missed the sunrise and was having a late morning walk towards Shivpuri. I found Harry with his client on a bike. They were going towards the falls.

“Why don’t you join us?” asked Harry.

“I guess it’s too early for me.”

“Don’t worry we will be late” It’s not Harry. Invitation from a mid-aged lady.

“Meet Samantha! She stays in Delhi”


I joined them for a falls-bath. Samantha is from London. She had a family connection with India and took the first flight to reach India after her father’s funereal.

“My grand-pa was posted in Delhi.”

Nice! What you do in Delhi?

“I live with a late night CATI centre. Where do you stay?”


“Oh! Too close.” Specific answers!

We travelled about 3 Miles towards the next hill. Peaceful place and naturally beautiful. Samantha took of her outfit apart from bikini.

“Let’s enjoy sunbathe first.”

I smiled and walk towards the fall raising my brand-new Canon! The color of Himalaya greens looks awesome even in automatic mode. I am least interested to have sunbathe but will enjoy a small chat with Samantha.

Came back to the previous point. Harry is helping her to rub creams on her back. Looking happy much expressive and seems enjoying her companion. Or he is just used to be expressive with his client.

I was trying to check my emails on my Smartphone. Harry is preparing joints.

Samantha called my name. ‘What do you do on weekends?’



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