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Rishikesh Diary 7: Ganges and the People

This is a continuation. Please find the sixth and previous part here:


Ganges! The river serving two countries and uncountable people, you can never imagine the number but feel it yourself. Such a refreshing bath, you can never have anywhere in the world. I dipped my bare feet into the chilled water. Best ever foot-message I ever had in my life. Today the world’s population is so high and the river still does magic with us! Indian mythology was majorly based on the River. The water is flowing since the world could figure-out the importance of society. Then people across the world came here, across the bank of the river they realized the importance of civilization. Saints came here to discover the God. Later atheists came to disapprove their realization. Tourists came take the feel of snow-shaded views, so the businessmen. Aged people came in search of good health, so the doctors and Ayurveda-experts! Everyone is connected, everybody came and the river alone served all of them across the documented and non-documented history. Wise people started realizing the importance of the river and announced it Holy River. People started worshiping it. Dear my great grand-grand-grand-grandfather, thanks a lot. Otherwise this river could be a national drainage system. Mental blockage is effective preservation system.

The entire town is sleeping. Only this river never sleeps. When all people are stepping in REM sleep state, the river is rebuilding its way. I wish I could have a bath, but it’s too cold.

I return to the ashram. Harry is instructing a foreigner traveler, how to reach Neelkanth Temple by feet. I had the experience once. No instructions needed actually, even if you don’t know the local languages, some hilly roads will guide you to places.


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