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Rishikesh Diary 6: Isabelle – Coolness Mistaken

This is a continuation. Please find the Fifth Part here:


I had some idea about French girls. Most of them are party freak, adorable and too much proud about their culture, heritage, styles and so many things, even the quality of toilet paper they use. They love India because of cheap marijuana and cigarettes. Romantic type of people but their romance express only via their classic movies and songs.

I took few cigarette packets and an OCB paper as a gift for Isabelle, the new girl from the Paris city.

– Bonjour!

– Bonjour!

– Vous etes Harry?

– Vous me avez reconnu !

I was so well described to her! God also stay confused about women!

Next morning I shifted to Isabelle’s Suite. She was a pure weed-girl and sometimes you need it when you have to adjust yourself with an unexpected pal. I started comparing Isabelle with Sarah.

For every moment I suddenly started remembering Sarah and every moment I stated feeling irritated with Isabelle. I started hating her designer dresses, curly hair and her louder passion of intercourse. May be she was not able to understand my mental state traits. She started continuing her style of life. In mid of our contract, I resigned.”

Harry waved a perfect ring from his Chillam. Waves started playing with the purest land and wind in the world. It seems that somebody pressed the mute button of the entire earth and only the sound of liquid energy is audible across its wires.

“That is the second and last time, I made a mistake in my Job.” Harry put a caps lock on to deliver the word, Job.

“I think this is the coolest job, anybody ever can imagine.” I wanted to tell him so many times before.

“No!” Harry stopped me. “Controlling your brain for a job is like attending a gym and controlling your heart and emotions in a relationship is like Yoga, It looks cool from outside but more tough.”

“Does all these relationships effect you now?” Maybe like the porn-stars, do they feel personal in an on-screen sex?

“I don’t feel anything, but I am supposed to hide that from my partner, otherwise, she can feel dissatisfied. When you are into this life, you have to act like a porn-star on camera every moment, when you are with your client.”

This bastard can read my mind! I stepped towards the Ghat. Badly need some fresh air in my lungs.


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