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Rishikesh Diary 5: Referral Expects you to Smile!

This is a continuation. Please find the 4th part here


Sarah left India to join a Paris based fashion university. The Himalayan Range started hating me. The river suddenly turned into my friend of solitude. My life seems stopped and I stopped meeting people. Life becomes a boar, when you stopped meeting new people. The entire Rishikesh seemed to be some other place, like I was never here.

I wanted to go back to my native place. I still can complete my B E. After a unexpected break-up, boys actually start behaving like an adult. I started feeling the same.

I was about to leave Rishikesh, my old friend Sebastian called me. He had another job for me. Sarah recommended me to some other girl from her university. She is now in India, wanted me as a guide. Grt! Sarah…

Initially I thought not to accept the offer. I need some time to get over the mental accident I was going through.

Sebastian smiled and said that he knows everything about my mental condition as Sarah already said everything to him before leaving India. Sebastian was carrying a note for me left by Sarah.

“Dear Harry,

I guess, I know how you are feeling right now. Life is too small to think about the past days and moving forward is the eternal meaning of it. We cannot stay together for the entire life. I hope you will remember those days as one of your happy days and I expect you to smile remembering every crazy things we have done together.

We will meet someday very soon.

Lots of love… Sarah”

I took the piece of paper and read those lines entire night. Sometimes reading something is more relaxing than just a sleep


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2 responses to “Rishikesh Diary 5: Referral Expects you to Smile!

  1. Mohit Tiwari March 17, 2015 at 9:52 p03

    I have been to this place , it’s wonderfuk and shivpuri is so exciting…


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