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Rishikesh Diary 4: Sarah & The Divine Connections

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Harry paused for a while. He was searching his memory about Sarah. According to him, the most beautiful lady, he had met ever. Romanian girls, resembles some princes of a dreamland.

“Sarah was in India to search the basics of Gita and Hindu culture. She was just too curious. I learnt Gita from her. Probably the only Indian, learnt our about our holy-book from a European. I was aware about Gita, but not in such deep form of it. One day she gifted an Iskcon published copy of the ‘holy Indian Bible’. I started reading it and felt recovered from all my mistakes and losses. Gita has such a divine impact on any life you cannot deny once you will read it.

The best thing about Gita is, no matter who you are, where you are from, you always have many people around you and incidents in your memory. You will start relating to your life.”

“Apart from learning Gita, what else you have done with Sarah?” I asked.

“Sarah was too much moved by the Iskcon logics of life and soul. So, she asked me to travel to Mayapur and Nabadwip, where Sri Chaitanya born.”

“In West Bengal?”

“Yes! That is last time, I visited my village, my villa”

“You took Sarah to your Villa?”

“Yes, after visiting Mayapur. We had our first intercourse there. She was surprised to know I have a Villa.

Suddenly I had so many reasons to marry her.”

“Did you proposed her?”

“She was enough smart to understand the mental condition of a boy with whom she is travelling places for almost one month.”

True! Girls has the power to read a boy’s mind. Especially when the boy close enough like an open book. Sarah was a traveller in India, who came for some reasons and desired her guide’s body to satisfy her need. Now a young Indian has a by-default defect to have initial unconditional love for the lady, with whom he lost his virginity. It might be improper, imperfect, with no satisfaction or full of errors, if you are an Indian boy, you always have a deep respect for that lady.

“Though we had a lot of logical differences, I was madly in love.

I think, Sarah understood that too. She extended her returning ticket one more month, but with a condition, I have to say her good bye after one months. Till the time, let the love to blow across the river Ganges! Less understood but accepted considering a prepaid love card! Sometimes, you don’t need to find logic in a Woman’s desire and understanding.

We came back to Rishikesh and suddenly felt the difference between being and not being in love. I started loving the city completely in a new way. Those green mountains, I used consider my client’s interest, just turned into something to stare at. My whole day was engaged into Sarah’s daily life. I was amazed watching the beautiful sunrise on the way to Neelkanth Temple from where, the town looks like an enlarged google map with greener shades. I was surprised! ‘How did you found this sunrise point?’ She smiled and replied, ‘Apart from you the entire world thinks I am a Hippy.’

I stood confused like a Bengali after ducking Tamil Joke!


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