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Rishikesh Diary 3: Coffee Connects Better

We are on third continuation of a guide’s life-story. Please find the First & Second part of it here:


“Things were not that systematically arranged those days.” Harry passed the hot coffee. He runs a popular café come tea-shop at a walking distance from the Nilkanth Ashram.

“You are here for a longer time period, why you are not into other things, rather than this tea-shop?” I asked. Being a fresh MBA, sometimes I give more importance to prominent profits. But, experience speaks louder than anything.

“My major business is not selling tea, coffee or Hash. My business is all about networking and also people have lesser options to have a fine coffee, specially when you are into Rishikesh. You have only Tea and Coffee.” Harry is a peaceful business mind. Yes! You cannot find a wine shop at Rishikesh. “You don’t need too much money to serve your dollar earning clients.”

“People are now coming at a good number now-a-days. The so called Development took place after Uttaranchal became separate. This place is divine place since the Aryans. An inherited intellectuality and cultural mix is the key-strength of this place.”

I know. I have been in Rishikesh for many times before on personal interest.

Original owner of this location is Gadwals. Rude, when they speak or react verbally. Not at the Jaath Level, but they have a bad tone while communicating. Gadwali music is equally sweet! They can own a villa like any ITC Hotel, where it takes three days of trekking to reach the villa. I wonder, how they transport all the equipment and raw materials!

Why Ganga was so important for Indian civilization, definitely the same condition in today’s scenario, you can feel, while you travel Haridwar and Rishikesh. Uncountable number of people are earning or managing their daily meals, depending upon the river Ganga. May be someday an educated Bengali came over there and found a new source of income. Being a male-guide. Managing client’s all type of requirements to be fulfilled on time. I already said, it is a different kind of job! You have a good income and higher job satisfaction but no pay-slip and tax-submission documents. Income comes as a gift! Even sometimes, gift from past clients as an incentive, you receives late! I am being a bit jealous!

“How you became a guide?”

Harry smiled. “While selling teas and coffee, I met Sebastian, a Romanian doctor. He was working as trip manager for a trekking company. Being a general physician, he got all the advantages for being in demand.

One day Sebastian called me, he was heading a team towards Gomukh Tapovan Trek. With a French Group. He asked me to take care of Sarah, for a month. Sarah was a Romanian too. Blue-eyed, well-shaped body, simply beautiful. She had a Bi-cycle to travel the world near-by. So, I was gifted a bi-cycle too to give her a proper companion. Sarah was in-fact the first girl, I have a regular interaction in my life. The common foreigner concepts doesn’t work for her. I was not that aware about her country, so I started learning her. I think, this is the reason, he started liking about me. I shifted to her hotel room on the very first day. After my mom, the second women in my life, I shared a blanket with.”


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