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Rishikesh Diary 2: Remembering is Rearranging

This is a continuation, find the first part here:


“I told you that I never seen my dad in my life. Not a single memory. Everything I had in my life was my mother. My Dad left nothing but a half-destroyed villa, few jewelleries and a Zaminder logo with us. I grown-up like five other poor child. Mom was a bit educated, so I inherited some good English language from her. I was a bright student at school and started attending classes at Jadavpur University as a Mechanical Engineering student. I have started staying far away from my mom, met new people, pals and professors. Engineering life has so many things to introduce in your life. I have a long list of all these, that stated with Marijuana. I stated taking weeds, alcohol and soon I stated feeling my life so interesting even without my mom. One day I was smoking last joint of weed, Chotu, my neighbour brought me the news.. My mom was no more!!

She kept hiding her physical conditions considering my education could get effected. Suddenly I realized, my life has nothing to live for. I came to Rishikesh and this was my first face to face connection with the Himalaya and closer relation with the river Ganges! I had no money with me, so I stated staying at Nilkanth Ashram. I used to clean the dresses, floors, plates of the foreigners use to stay at that Ashram. A perfectly single person in the world, like me, the amount I used to get as a tip was just more than my expectation. So, I found a source of Income.

As a young Indian from some decent village area of West Bengal, staying with so many foreigners was definitely an excitement. I started learning different languages. Atleast the basics of it. Language as a knowledge is always an advantage, when you have an inadequate source of practicing it.

I shifted myself as a Jugadu Executive over there, you know, who manages their marijuana stock, travel guide, bike driver- specially when your client is well-doped and almost senseless. I opened a small tea-stall inside the Ashram. You can get ample amount of weed, tea and good companion round the clock.

Suddenly, I started loving my life.”

Harry talking keeping his eyes closed. The way someone is taking out few diamonds out digging his memory.

Oops! Remembering is not digging out, it is rearranging the slowed down phases of your life.


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