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Indian People are being so connected to formation of any government! The ‘By the people, for the people” things are now getting prominent in every election. People are not biased, people are not mislead by PR team and even not touched by the factual articles written by any senior journalist! The results are not even imaged by the Exit Poll Surveys. Vote count is not directly proportional to liquor distributed or bribed amount. So, over all we can say, vote bank is not equivalent to party fund! Atleast Delhi Poll proved the changing election-trend of India.

Indian Election Commission is moving to the right direction! You cannot buy vote! You can influence people, but not by your goddam money or foreign liquor.

Expenditure on Delhi Election! Front page of all major dallies turned into saffron! All the Bus-stops, public places, sky-kissing hoardings were either holding a lotus or broom! Sponsored/influenced articles, rallies and what not? In social media, we have learned a new term and kept in our easy-recall dictionary, “Trend”. After Obama’s India visit and successful Modi-Mania in international relations, BJP was definitely the trend. If it was 10 years ago, and Modi was just what he is now, it was very easy to predict the Election is on counting for BJP’s.

Delhi Election proved that like social media, the trend can change over days or even in every six hours. You win a poll, you celebrate and next morning you realize, public had thrown you from the chair. Obviously, not too fast… but much faster than previous days!

Media can find thousand reasons for BJP’s defeat and definitely many of them are true! We cannot ignore the faster change of decision taking traits of masses in a short time period. Definitely that is a very positive sign for a highly populated country like India.

Clear majority! Anyone with few important priorities and steady mentality can achieve that.

‘Jai Ho India!’


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