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Ethnic Tribal culture of India: Palas Parbon – An Initiative

Purulia is a district at south-west corner of West Bengal. A mysterious area, if we try to consider it as its cultural aspects. I hope you have seen the Satyajit Ray movie, Agantuk. A major part of Purulia’s population is ethnic tribal people.

They live in Jungle, they collect their food from Jungle,  their songs are usually on stories on Jungle or their immense love for Jungles. Their Chhau Dance, their Tusu songs are the simplest expressions towards basic love, Kanasai River and nature. Here is a Tusu Song for you:

or, when it about their love for daughters. you can find a conceptual similarity with Durga Puja with Tusu festival. Both are daughters of Bengali culture.

One is rich and famous and another is ladli of a poor farmer. The first Video is all about the mix of tribal music.

If you want to explore most of them, Here is a concept for you: Palas Parban on 5th and 6th March 2014. Don’t forget Odomos and a Torch. Spend full-moon nights in Jungle-Tent House, Have some Mahua and Tadi, lit-up a fag and just say: Incredible India.

palas parbon


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