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Suggestions to Kejriwal

Congratulations from bottom of my heart Mr. Kejriwal. You did it! You proved it! You are the star! You just set a next level of my least understood game of life, Politics! Congratulations!

You came out from a normal family and life back-ground, took few important stands, collected funds, connected people and won the heavy battle against all the odds and experienced politicians! You set an example, if you have guts to point the truth, people will keep you in their hearts!

Politics is not a ‘Babu’s evening special wine or editor’s special column’ any more. Thank you for making this simplified. Politics is an urge to help people, in their need. Politics is something we are aware of it. An IIT student, can make this simpler only. Well done!

BUT!! Defeating Congress(Sinking hand) and defeating BJP(All in all in India) are not the same thing. We know that, you know that. First time in the history of India, two major contenders, were people’s choice and I am sure, People in Delhi gave it a second thought, ‘whom should I vote?’ The one I like more or the second one, whom I admire most? It is definitely a good sign, for Indian political history.

Dear CM-Delhi, don’t forget your promises. Do you think, people voted you cause you have done a lot great things for Delhi in you first 49 days? No, right? It is all your promises from manifesto. It’s time to keep your words! I am scared, how you are going to keep all these actually! God bless your good wishes!

And if not, I have collected a bunch of excuses:



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