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All India Bakchod : When We Will Grow Up? #NoCountryForFunnyMen


Indian Media Rights urgently need an up-gradation!

Dude! Its not your Chacha Nehru period! You only have some black and white papers, one day later actually it was published. You have all India Radio news readers! We only know few national personalities, and rest of the Indian Freedom Fighters!

So many influential politicians could be from that age group (another fading Indian concern!)

All Indian Saints from all possible regions and religions!! I respect your uncultivated mind and thought-process.

Fuck You! Your brain has lesser number of nerves than the total count of my hair!

Few pointless people can break down few cinema theater’s glasses and chairs… most of them never watched the movie PK! Review based provoked country lovers and party workers! I am sure most of them, after the massive PROTEST, watched the movie and clapped for the excellent acting of Amir Khan.

Share pron clips on Whatsapp! Naked women via FB Messenger, cause it is legal and subjected to common interest of two people or a group! This is cool! even an MP can relax with it in the parliament!

Don’t speak about your sexual preferences in public. Rape! it is cool! “Young people (My sponsor’s son/relative) can make mistakes!” But, these AIB people! they are young, so they don’t have the right to experiment!

It is a fact! AIB Knockout is one of the extremely successful digital experiments! By removing Roast the legal body paused the Indian Digital Media Industry growth for at-least 10 years! “Today, they are roasting big personalities of Bollywood, tomorrow some other person can roast us”. Look! Buddy… This same kind of content will be on Media again after few years. Now you are just saving your butts. Wait! these people will wake you up from graveyard someday just to make a joke of you. Cause, this has to come! People can travel across countries, can pay multiplexes, can tolerate idiotic programs on television, just for some entertainment! they can’t ignore such source of Entertainment. Indian people missed this world-show! Think once, Indian creative scriptwriter, writing a script and performers delivering it in an International Language keeping in mind the internet population’s choices and preferences! What a third-world country think about one third economy of the world in some third class logic.. Believe me, if my blog page can get a yearly 50 thousand clicks from USA, they care. India just missed a superior business opportunity.

So, people.. wake up! Share your voice against the Indian Media regulations and authorities! Like it! Share it. Be Happy! Absolute free is rare in this world!


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