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Future With Google: #GooglePlus

ok-google (1)

It was just another morning. I woke up hungry. I was not in a condition to consider my favourite dishes, was just hungry for anything to eat! I took my android phone and just ordered, “Ok Google, I am too hungry, need food immediately.” I checked my wallet, left with 200 bucks only! My concentration returned to my handset, “Ok Google, I have 200 Bucks with me.” 200 bucks are just not anything for two hundred bucks. Rather you can call it a tip for the delivery boy.

Google checked my available balance and asked me, how much you are willing to pay for this breakfast? You have 20K in your account. “Ok Google, make it below 500”

I got a call within 5 minutes from my nearest restaurant, who can deliver me within 10 minutes!

“Sir, now we have these, what you would like to have and here is your google suggestion within your budget. A pasta with a pan pizza and coke.”

“Continue with the suggestion!”

Google knows me better than what I can think about myself!

Within next 10 minutes I opened my door, the delivery boy at my doorstep!

This is what Google is going to change the world!

Nothing new, Google has my account details, my location and sent my message containing my requirement to nearest restaurant, who have promised a 10 minutes delivery, in my living area.

For financial transaction they requested to enter a onetime password to enter on a verification page followed by a security password. The life can be as simple as that!

Few days later, my parents came to my place and I had no time to set up a plan, but I had a budget to spend on their sight-seeing. I took my phone and just ordered, “Ok Google, I need a sightseeing plan for two adult at a budget of 10K. Within next 15 minutes, I had all the best possible plans for my parents in my inbox. I just selected one option and rest of the process was just easier than anything.

Google Plus have the potential to perform all the services where it can use an artificial intelligence for any command from its database. I am waiting for the day when Google is going to offer me these services with an android phone.


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