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10 Things to Do In Engineering Hostel Life

Engineering life is a resourceful time. Especially when you are staying in hostel. You have enough time to apart from classes. Labs, friends and whatever you want to do. Follow up classes regularly and skip, whichever you think, less important. If you currently in such a college it’s a best time to pick up few things. My suggestions only apply for those don’t have a girlfriend outside the college campus.

1: Learn to play a Musical Instrument: Pick up guitar. It will change your life. I bet!


2: Do an out-of-the-box project: Something that even your professor never imagined. It will assure your basic need of doing engineering, store something to discuss with your interviewers to have a detailed discussion.


3: Play a game regularly: Either it is a football or cricket.. no matters! A playground not only keeps you fit, but also help you to interact with your good seniors and professors. Play for the college team.

4: Organize the Annual Festival: You can have lesser chances, don’t worry pick a department you think you are comfortable with and arrange everything your festival need related to the department.


5: Make some good friends: Life is so uncertain and boring after your graduation. So, make sure, in-future you are not standing alone.

6: Go to some un-known dangerous places with your friends: Coz, if you cannot in your hostel life, you will never have the chance.


7: Be master in one computer game: Say it! roger that.


8: Be fan of your college band: Share their pics on social media, attend their practice sessions and clap for their initiatives.

9: Taste every good or bad habits once: Don’t get addicted or don’t be regular. You must experience smokes and drinks atleast!

10: Shoot a video/short film: Never you gonna get so many characters in future around you and neither you will have time to judge them.

11: Study regular: This habit will help you to manage time for the above ten habits.  


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