Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying

Reflection, Imitation, Experience

Felt the Emotion of Writing


Everyone can remember their first essay topic. Already prepared and guided by parents, family members, ref books, TV or blogs! Mostly for the catchy causes. ‘I would like to be a Doctor/Army General/ Policeman and so many cause I want to do any of the social services’

Later we started thinking, realizing the money factor, knowing the film stars and understanding the life factor. We got so busy thinking that we started to hate the initial dreams. It re-builds automatically. I was supposed to be that guy or I wished so.

Once I dreamt to be a poet. Ok! I guess every person is poet by nature. Suddenly I started understanding the worthlessness of a dream and pennilessness of chasing it! I might not land up earning good!

Now when I saw few demands for the life I imagined once. I feel the emotion. I guess, a blog takes birth on that very moment.


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