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The Smallest Coffins Are The Heaviest


Let me tell you a story, please read carefully.

Once upon a time, a king of from Bengal-Bihar border region, thought of having tigers to stop some small scale attacks, used to come from the table-land forest area. These people were normally the tribal people in nearby area. So, the king implemented a natural security system and spread 100 royal Bengal tigers in the outskirt forest areas. The panic spread across, few tribal killed and they usually shifted towards the east.

Not only the tribal, it was impossible for any north Indian force to attack via the jungle root!

So, the king was happy having such a perfect security system with a onetime investment only!!

Everything was going good till the tribal people got back to that idea. They found a suitable place in in south and took all the tribal leaving nearby to that place. The Jungle was now empty and with less food. The tigers came back to the king area to find out easier food and started killing innocent people, living in the king land. Till the king was even aware of it, the tigers killed many people including 145 innocent child!

Now the king wanted to kill the tigers, and invited poachers across India. A very few people approached and died during hunting. The impression spread so badly across the region, no one approached the king with a proper solution. The terror was increasing at a higher rate.

The king was not able to clear the woods, cause it was a natural guard for the state.

Finally he welcomed the tribal people, because he knew that only the people, who know the woods properly, can solve the problem. He declared huge prize money for them and gave them full control over the forest region.

It is the Pakistan, implemented Taliban and terrorists to have control across the border areas. Now when, they found nothing is in Afghanistan and international political force opposing against attacking India, the ‘tigers’ are attacking back Pakistan itself.

Here are some reactions against the barbarian attack on Army School:

Horrific: The Pakistani Taliban has murdered some 126 people, overwhelmingly kids, in an attack on a school in Peshawar. The Taliban attacks schools for a simple reason–education undermines extremism–and I wish for the same reason we would do more to support global education. In the long run, schools do more to undermine terrorists than drones do………….Nicholas Kristof

Justice for #PeshawarAttack outweighs everything else. He was the ‘elected’ PM, now he has our full support, we want justice against terror.

Dear Pakistan,

I believe you have stopped giving birth to Humans anymore. And when I say that please do not misunderstand that I mean you are giving birth to Animals. No you are not. Because I firmly believe that Animals are much better than Humans. You are giving birth to some new category which I am yet to decipher. Will let you know when I will be able to….. Well, till then….. Dunno really…………..Sneha Mukherjee

Thoughts and prayers are with the families that lost their loved ones in the school attack in ‪#‎Peshawar, ‪#‎Pakistan and the siege in ‪#‎Sydney. Rest in Peace. An incredibly sad day for all. An unnecessary loss of innocent lives………..Otara Gunewardene

Deeply hurt about incident happened in ‪#‎Peshawar ‪#‎Pakistan, yesterday, it’s shocking, how can people kill innocent children..

God please help humanity………….. Kumar Taurani


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