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India: Change For A #BetterDemocracy


“Nana Bhasha Nana Mat/ Nana Paridhan/ Bibidher Majhe Dakho/ Milano Mahan.” (“We have diverse languages. We have pluralistic views. We have diverse attires but we offer unity in diversity.”)

Hundred years ago, D L Roy described India and we are still working on that unity. Today we are talking about Better Democracy and for 95% Indian, democracy means only the power of voting. Ask a chayewala, what is democracy? Ask anyone. Ask Google. Your search starts like this, ‘a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives!’ Nice! Now we know enough about Democracy. Otherwise we cannot start talking about better democracy! If Governance is by the people, for the people; until the common people involvement is at a higher rate with more process clarity, the system is not ‘of the people’ any more.

Taking on a current issue: Prime minister quoted, the original list of black money holders was never published anywhere. My bad, this should sounds like, ‘all the previous party representatives published an edited list! Either the previous list was a blunder or this time it will be!’

Exactly where is the problem?

Problem 1: We don’t know what the problem is

We join campaigns, we clap, we vote, we celebrate the results and go to sleep like other days. We don’t know our post-election duties. We don’t know rules, laws and policies! Somebody kept those matters for a particular society and we are blindfolded. An Indian can solve a harder mathematics within 14 seconds but Indian law take 14 months to hang Ajmal Kasab.

Know your rights! India should include law as a compulsory subject even in school-curriculum. What about a new subject like, ‘Indian Law and Policies’? To solve a problem, we need to know the problems.

Problem 2:  We have pluralistic views and 1759 parties

In USA the number is 2! So many representatives and so many type of responses. Sometimes a party can win with 15% of total vote! Think once, with 15% support, a party can win an election! Who cares about those 85% people tried to make #BetterDemocracy or not?

Central Govt should use post offices to expand their reach to common people, so there will be no need of any regional parties to solve issues like Telengana in future or they will not sell their candidates for huge profit margin.

Problem 3: Indian Vote Bank and power of arms, money and liquor

Still in many areas of India, these relations are still strong enough, so that people can’t decide, they will vote for their life, addiction, or #BetterDemocracy! Bahubali and criminal factors are still much prominent in Bihar, UP and many other states.

Problem 4: Media plays

Regional Media is in general a biased medium to communicate people. On different scam and bill issues media just put on few facts and the proper information flow to the readers are missing. India has maximum newspaper reader in the world doesn’t mean ever media will have a different version of a critical coverage.

These are few social issues resulting negatively to democracy. Creating awareness is obviously a good start to transform this system into a bigger and better one. Opinia 360 came up with their innovative opinion sharing mobile app which will definitely help collecting the people’s voice to create a transparent platform for #BetterDemocracy.


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