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#BlackMoneyHolder: ‘Black Money’ is Not ‘Back Money’


Wake up India. Supreme Court, ordered the Modi Govt to disclose all the names in Black Money List! Last night you went to sleep with a doubt, if current govt is going to publish the list or not? If they reveal the full list, what will be the next scenario?

Definitely, there will be people from current Govt and people from past power and super-powers.. dead or alive! Modi Govt will declare the names and it will come as a shock to us! Oh! that man! he too?

Most popular discussions will sound like, ‘Look! I told you na! That lady… Lots of money! all black!’ 

Cartoonists will have a low investment-high profit discussion points, coz these cartoons don’t need color printing! all black! Kejriwal will gear-up for Delhi Election one more time… “BJP koi dudh ka dhula hua party nehi hain (BJP too a corrupted party).. otherwise why Mr. X, Mr. Y ….Mr. Z and Mrs. R are in the cabinet?” 


And BJP can’t claim, can’t blame… If you have dust in your hand, you can not clean a white paper just by rubbing on it! Their PR team will focus more on some other upcoming projects like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan majorly focusing on Narendra Modi! Everybody knows, Modi cannot have a Swiss Account! Gujarati people don’t like that.

Congress! they are in the silent mode for last few months. They have nothing to say actually and will remain silent. Rahul Gandhi! where is Rahul Gandhi? India needs him on TV.. Indian are getting bored with Comedy Nights with Kapil. We really need his exclusive interview on Black Money issues on Frankly Speaking. It will be a really fun!

Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Robert Bhadra everybody with an international account! Rahul Gandhi, it is a fantastic time for you to launch your own party “Chota Bheem Party(CBP)”. Start your own venture! Modi Sarkar is giving you 5 years of tax relief! Best time! Buddy!

Lalu Prasad should be in jail again and Rabri Devi must cry on national TV, “Hamara Paisa, Hamara Paisa sare leke gaye.. Kitne mehanat se kamaya tha Teja ka papa” (Every rupee they took away). 

Mamata Banerjee should focus on Chandan Basu’s account. You don’t know? Chandan Basu..Jyoti Basu’s son. Yes, buddy! A few decades ago, Mamata Banerjee claimed Chandan Basu has a huge black money. Now didi will start tagging people. ‘I said it right. Even Anil Basu. though his name is not on the list, he too has black money.’

I hope Jayalalitha’s name is not on the list. South Indians keeps there money in the form of gold, they don’t prefer it in Dollar or Euros! Secondly, she is already in Jail, what more Indian law and politics can do with her!

Enough of this fun now! If you find, the person you supported in the last election too have a Black Account, what you will do? Do you have a solution for that? If you find, among the people sitting in the cabinet, 50% have black money? Is the to be exploded bomb in a list format can change your perceptions to the Govt? or after reading this blog, you will just realize, “Sab Sala Chor Hain ( Everybody is corrupted)”. India need that amount right? It will reach India shortly. What Govt should do with that? Or what are the steps Govt need to take, to prevent the black money issues?

What about the people from the list? Whatever Court do with them, let them do… Just remember, for last 3 years you are just planning to buy a new Car or a new house, your salary is not enough to lead a happy family and all the financial restrictions you face between a buying decision are for those people, Make a note of that! Promote those names, put their pics and tag their relatives, fans, and followers.

We definitely don’t let our next generation to face the same issue. Right?


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