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Why A Company Should not have a Call-Center

call centre

How it feels, when you dial a customer care number and after spending so many time and money with the repetitive IVRS, a customer care executive unable to solve your problem and request you a ‘call back later’?

A survey shows, 70% customer are normally confident over phone to lodge a complaint with a higher dissatisfaction rate. Keeping in mind the increasing preference of online customer complaint web-pages and social media content analysis over a period of time, we found the customer comfort zone of documenting any complaints and requests. Big players are going heavy on different platforms like WebPages, Email, Web-chat etc services for better customer service satisfaction.

Email Marketing can be an outworn tool of promotion, which doesn’t mean that the advantages of this communication medium can be ignored. You reach office, check your mail-box, sometimes this is so integral part of our corporate daily-life. Emails are more informative and more structured document to get a clear insight of customer complaints. A survey shows the confidence index of customer on this special medium is almost 47% and there is a huge scope to increase the number.

You can’t ignore Email by just stating it’s outdated. The usability and operation can be restructured to make this more interactive, prompt and consumer oriented.

Folks! Do I sound a bit cheesy?  You may think what more we can do with this?

At a glance, Email Tool-Kit as a customer touch point can make a lot of difference:

Email is more informative, documented and not being a real-time solution to the customer, replies can be more specific and appropriate to the issue.

Email is a zero telephone bill solution to both company and the customer

Email can keep the flow of information related to a specific complaint updates regarding all type of steps taken for the issue, which can be considered a key point to have better customer relationship.

Implementing a proper Email based customer care system just need a better workforce with great communication power and few advanced IT services.

Hire People who know where customer will play: To have more satisfied customer, you must hire people, who knows your customer. Set a reply-time target and let them interpret customer invoices. Popular instant messaging clients host as many as 330 million active users per month. Get the cream of it!

Set auto reply of confirmation: Once complaint has been registered, customer can get a reference ID and link to check the update.

Channel your information: Use problem based customer care team and use keyword filter for subject and body-content. Your diversified team can deliver a proper solution to large number of customers.


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