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PHOTOMAN : Desi Superhero of Photographers is Viral Now

Good news! Feel good news for Indian Photographers. A Kolkata based photographer has became super cameraman with a desi dress and slippers, clicking across the city with an awesome outfit. Anish Chakrabory is lucky enough to frame the Truly Indian Superhero. Let’s check out the first look of ‘PHOTOMAN’

Before showcasing, this PHOTOMAN has a thin towel on his back, a red half-pant, ‘P’ on his heart inside a Delta sign and a DSLR. His photography objects are different and he can be anywhere.  This PHOTOMAN can reach you in bathroom, bedroom and smoking room anywhere.

Let’s check out the tribute to a group of photographers, who just enjoy clicking picture and deleting from memory card.



Not just memory cards, sometimes exciting photographer forget about the object-reaction or how the person in frame is feeling.


Looking different way is the best trick to click some awesome pics!



Finding the best of all the shits! open in Picasa and try all the best combinations.


PHOTOMAN on his favorite pose. Filling the circle.


Even animals are so obedient before him.


He even can click the feel of smelly smelly things.



Ooh! He must be tired. Taking a still nap on Taxi.

Anish Chakraborty’s awesome creative work. You can find the album Click here: 

Note: This album is going viral. within 2 days, 2452 likes and 336 comments with 2620 shares! Check this out!




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