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Facts, You Should Know about Purulia Arms Drop Case Before Watching it on #TimesNow

Times Now relaunched it! 


Purulia Arms Drop again on the point of discussion and it took no time for me at least, to remember the incident. In my childhood I had a good habit of reading out the front page and sports page at-least. I recalled the front page of Bartaman with a graphical representation of pursuits landing with boxes of guns and so many things. I am from somewhere nearer to the place, the incident happened actually.

Purulia, the land of weaker transportation system and deep forests was a base of Ananda Marg. and “The arms were intended for the socio-spiritual organization Ananda Marga”. Ananda Marga was working peacefully in Purulia and near about places, by developing the society providing better education and culture. I am talking about the CPM dominated West Bengal period, when Jyoti Bose successfully made the state a dumb-place by alms or arms! I would like to remember you one related incident with this arms drop incident,

“Bijon Setu Massacre”. Let’s check out what Wiki is talking about the incedent,

“Bijon Setu massacre refers to the killing and burning of 16 monks and a nun belonging to Ananda Marga at Bijon Setu, Calcutta in West Bengal, India on April 30, 1982. Despite the attacks being carried out in broad daylight, no arrests were ever made. After repeated calls for a formal judicial investigation, a single-member judicial commission was set up to investigate the killings in 2012. On the morning of April 30, 1982, 17 Ananda Marga renunciates (16 monks and one nun) were dragged out of taxis that were taking them to an educational conference at their headquarters in Tiljala, Kolkata. They were beaten to death and then set on fire simultaneously at three different locations. It was reported that the killings took place in broad daylight and were witnessed by thousands of people, as they were performed in public”. Ananda Marga did not have any flag; the case is just a record now.


After the massacre, the organization focused to be self dependent in-terms of power. Their life was experiencing threats every day and this was something this organization just called for a rain of arms! Unfortunately, the arms reached wrong destination. Accused for the arms drop case, Kim Davy managed a safe escape from India! The upcoming documentary is going to have a better discussion on this escape part definitely. Though this is true, after the drop-case, Mamata Banerjee saved the monks from all type of allegations and legal processes. She was associated with Congress at that time. The escape part of Davy became a series drama over decades. I am just putting directly from wiki on the recent updates of the case:


On 8 October 2008 the extradition of the key accused, Kim Davy, real name Niels Holck, was close to being finalized as the government had, in principle, agreed on giving “sovereign assurance” to the Danish authorities on their conditions, as well as bringing about some changes in the existing extradition law. One of the conditions Denmark had set included the waiving of the death penalty if Davy is convicted by a court for his involvement in the dropping of a huge cache of arms and ammunition from an aircraft in West Bengal in 1995.


On 28 April 2011 Kim Davy came forward and alleged that both the Indian government (congress party) as well as its intelligence agency R&AW were aware of the precise details of the arms drop well in advance, and that the whole operation was conducted with the implicit agreement of the Indian authorities. Both Peter Bleach and Kim Davy claimed that the aim of the arms drop was to help anti Left government dissidents and to create a pretext to impose President’s Rule in West Bengal.


On 29 April 2011 Central Bureau of Investigation denied all allegations of involvement or collusion in the arms drop. Questions have been raised if Kim Davy’s ‘sensational revelation’ was aimed to stall the extradition efforts of India. Some political analysts have also questioned the ‘timing of the revelation’ which may help the Left parties in the ongoing state government assembly elections.


On 30 June 2011 Central Bureau of Investigation has been denied to extradite Kim Davy a.k.a. Niels Holck to India for further proceedings in India. The Danish High Court, after hearing evidence from Peter Bleach who described his personal experiences in jail in Kolkata, dismissed the plea on the grounds of “torture or other inhuman treatment”.


Hope this time, Govt. will take some positive steps to solve the mystery. Enjoy watching the discussion on #TimesNow.


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